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Decision making Game on Thailand's Tourism


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Decision making Game on Thailand's Tourism

  1. 1. To know the trend of the number of international tourists to Thailand each year To understand the reasons that might explain these events and decide which are more serious than others To consider the effectiveness of a group- approach to managing social, economic, environmental and political events To develop communication and group work skills Lesson Objectives
  2. 2. Scenario: You are part of a team of tourism experts invited to the Thai Parliament to help the government manage serious situations developing within their country. Thailand has always been a popular tourist destination. The country now relies on this industry for many jobs and hence most of its GDP. This is important as it is a developing country and hence welcomes all the money it can get! TASK: A helicopter pilot is in the air sending back reports. It is up to your team to collect the reports, map the up-to-date activity and make the crucial decisions required to manage the situation and stop this important industry from failing! However, there have been a number of social, economic, environmental and political events and these all could potentially threaten their tourist industry. If this collapses, people’s livelihoods and the country’s economy, as well as its reputation, could be at risk!
  3. 3. Your Teacher is the president of Thailand and will assess your decisions Each team requires at least 1 of the following members: News Reporter: Your role is to monitor the reports coming in from the helicopter and take them to the rest of the team. You also need to ensure a decision is made in time. Cartographer: Your role is to map out the various events (starting with naming the 7 places), and work with the event planner on a plan for ensuring the safety of the tourists. Event Planner: Your role is to make important decisions to manage the crisis. You have the reports from the helicopter and the advice of the cartographer. After you make a decision your president will give instant feedback. Roles:
  4. 4. Resources:  A3 map of the country for annotation by the Cartographer  Decision-making sheet for the Event Planner  A3 blank graph for part 2 of the task
  5. 5. A critically acclaimed and popular film set in a beautiful, peaceful island is released. Year: 2000
  6. 6. Year: 2003 The virus SARS is spreading globally and is killing many people in Asia, especially in China. The first few cases have been announced in Thailand in the most northerly 2 settlements.
  7. 7. Year: 2004 An earthquake in the Indian Ocean off the western coast of Indonesia triggers a tsunami with waves up to 50 foot high!
  8. 8. Year: 2004 Over 2500 tourists have died in this tsunami and there are still 3700 people missing!
  9. 9. Year: 2005 Much of the western coast still lie flattened by the tsunami – with few tourist facilities – as broadcasted across the world.
  10. 10. Year: 2005 The Thai currency, the Baht, is the strongest it has ever been against the US Dollar and British Pound, meaning you get more for your money in Thailand.
  11. 11. Year: 2006 Six motorcycle bombs explode in Southern Thailand, near a city on the coast, followed by another three in the capital city.
  12. 12. Year: 2008 Global recession strikes, particularly affecting the countries of USA and those in Western Europe.
  13. 13. Year: 2010 Anti-government ‘red shirt’ protestors in the capital city violently riot against the government, setting fire to a shopping mall and vandalising the streets – some were even shot!
  14. 14. Year: 2011 Heavy monsoon rains have led to widespread flooding in the largest city, set to worsen for 6 weeks.
  15. 15. Now would these events have a positive impact or negative effect on Thailand’s tourism? Discuss in your tables and in the year column put a: ‘+’ if you think it would increase the number of tourists ‘-’ if you think it would decrease the number of tourists ‘/’ if you think it wouldn’t affect the number of tourists Now as a class ‘thumbs up/sideways/down’ for each event!
  16. 16. How much would these events have impacted on the number of tourists to Thailand? Using the previous task, on the blank graph plot a line graph of the trend of the number of visitors to Thailand over this time period…
  17. 17. How does yours compare? Think, pair, share… •Why is there an overall increase over time? •Which events had the biggest effects on tourism? Why? •Look at the map – where were the most affected areas? Why? REVIEW – Answer the self-evaluation sheet in silence on your own Word Bank for Q5: Positive trend Negative trend Fluctuating trend No correlation Peak Trough
  18. 18. What you have hopefully learnt Hands-up summary: • Can I describe the trends of tourism for Thailand? • Do I know at least 5 events that have affected Thailand’s tourism? • Can I state which events affect these trends more? • Do you feel that you can comment on the success of your group? • Who thinks their group worked well? • Who thinks their group could have worked better?