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Rivers introduction


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Introducing rivers to Year 6 - images and ideas link to worksheet found on

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Rivers introduction

  1. 1. Yr 6 GeographyYr 6 Geography RiversRivers
  2. 2. Watershed River basin Confluence Source Mouth Channel Tributaries continue
  3. 3. Back to intro diagram Watershed River basin The Watershed is the highest point between two adjoining river basins. A river basin is the area drained by one river and its tributaries
  4. 4. Source Confluence Channel Tributary Mouth A map of the river Wear showing the two major tributaries, the Deerness and the Browney Deerness Browney Springs source tributary confluence mouth channelsprings
  5. 5. Back to map The source of a river is the place where the river starts
  6. 6. Back to map Springs are often the source of rivers
  7. 7. Back to map A tributary is a small river that flows into the main river
  8. 8. Back to map A channel is where the river actually flows
  9. 9. Back to map The place where two rivers meet is called the confluence
  10. 10. Back to map The river enters the sea at its mouth. This is sometimes called an estuary
  11. 11. A river estuary- where the river reaches the sea. This river system is in an area of the world where few people live
  12. 12. Rivers sometimes have large waterfalls across them