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Weather and climate


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Year 8 class introducing weather and climate and weather symbols

Published in: Education
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Weather and climate

  1. 1. Weather and Climate
  2. 2. Climate is the typical pattern of weather. It sums up the average weather conditions recorded over a period of 30 years. For example, Beijing has a temperate and continental monsoon climate Weather is the day to day variation in temperature, precipitation, wind speed, wind direction, cloud cover, humidity and air pressure. What´s the difference between weather and climate? Today is……… Generally summer in Beijing is………. Generally winter in Beijing is………
  3. 3. A B C D E F G H J I 5 Precipitation Temperature Cloud Cover Speed and wind direction
  4. 4. Station Temperature Wind Speed Knots Wind Direction Cloud Cover Oktas Precipitation A 8 5 NW Six Heavy Rain B 8 5 NW Six Heavy Rain C 8 5 NW Six Heavy Rain D 8 5 NW Two Showers E 12 10 NW Two Showers F 12 15 SW Three Showers G 12 15 SW Three Showers H 12 15 SW Three Showers I 20 Calm SE Clear Snow J 12 15 SW Three Showers Task 1. Using the table, draw the appropriate weather symbols next to the stations on the map. 2. Cut out your map and weather symbol table and stick it into your book. 3. Make sure that your work has an appropriate title, which is underlined. 4. Look carefully at your map, which station seems to be malfunctioning? How do you know?