BlogWell San Francisco Case Study: Farmers Insurance Group, presented by Ryon Harms


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In his presentation, Farmers Insurance Group's Director of Social Media, Ryon Harms, shares how they measure ROI in the social media space.

Ryon talks about how they are increasing revenue by leading with their local insurance agents on Facebook instead of their logo.

Watch the video of this presentation here:

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BlogWell San Francisco Case Study: Farmers Insurance Group, presented by Ryon Harms

  1. 1. Video Case Studies This video is from Case Studies BlogWell San Francisco June 20, 2011This presentation is from Ryon Harms San Francisco March 27, 2012 Journey to Social Media ROI
  2. 2. Journey to Social Media ROIRyon Harms, Director of Social Media Farmers Insurance Group #blogwell
  3. 3. #blogwell
  4. 4. Joel McKinnon, OH “I use Facebook to show people who I am, not to talk about what I sell.”#blogwell
  5. 5. What if? Your marketing efforts focused more on the people who deliver your product and less on the product itself.#blogwell
  6. 6. #blogwell
  7. 7. #blogwell
  8. 8. #blogwell
  9. 9. #blogwell
  10. 10. Fish for them or teach them how to fish? 9
  11. 11. Checking In With Agents#blogwell
  12. 12. James Peregrino, CA “I sold over 200 policies from my marketing efforts on Facebook.”#blogwell
  13. 13. What if? Instead of marketing the features and benefits of your products, you focused on why your company exists?#blogwell
  14. 14. #blogwell
  15. 15. #blogwell
  16. 16. #blogwell
  17. 17. #blogwell
  18. 18. #blogwell
  19. 19. To Achieve ROI: • Move towards a human-centric brand message • Find the answers inside the people at the edges of your org • Open up the lines of communications • Provide them with the tools to scale • Let go a little bit!#blogwell
  20. 20. Renee Corwin-Rey, WA “I encourage my staff to be on Facebook throughout the day.”#blogwell
  21. 21. What if? Social media could help you scale the reach of your marketing by 100, 1,000, or 10,000 fold.#blogwell
  22. 22. Commodity | Agents| Community#blogwell
  23. 23. Farmers Insurance Mass Early Adoption Adopters Agents Best Helping Practices Agents#blogwell
  24. 24. #blogwell
  25. 25. Lessons Learned • Don’t give up on using social media to generate revenues • Do reach out to your stakeholders, especially out in the field • Don’t be afraid of your own people, let them show you the way • To achieve social media ROI, lead with people, not your logos • Don’t get stuck on what the marketing department thinks#blogwell
  26. 26. Mike Schmisek, CO “I’ve never lost a customer that was also a Fan of my Facebook Page.”#blogwell
  27. 27. Ryon HarmsDirector of Social Media Farmers Insurance @thesocialexec
  28. 28. This video is from Case Studies Learn more about past and BlogWell San Francisco June 20, 2011 upcoming BlogWellsThis presentation is from San Fracisco March 27, 2012