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Making the Transition from Manual to Automated Testing


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In this webinar we will discuss the key differences between manual and automated testing and provide tips to help you prepare for the transition. We will also show you how QA analysts that are not programmers can build test automation quickly and very easily using the eureQa Testing Platform, and run these tests across browsers and devices on the Sauce Labs’ Cloud. You will see how you can capture the results of these tests and use analytics to provide insights into your software quality.

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Making the Transition from Manual to Automated Testing

  1. 1. Making the Transition: Manual to Automated Testing Tips and Tools to help with the transition to Cross Browser and Cross Device testing with Selenium/ WebDriver
  2. 2. • Co-Founder and CEO eureQa, LLC • 20+ years experience in building, testing and managing Web application projects across multiple industries • • @sayeureqa 08/24/2015 Webinar-MakingtheTransition fromManualtoAutomatedTesting 2
  3. 3. Agenda • Introduction • Making the Transition to Test Automation • Before you begin • Once you have started – Keeping the automation going • Considerations in Tool selection • Demo eureQa® + Sauce Labs • Q & A 08/24/2015 Webinar-MakingtheTransition fromManualtoAutomatedTesting 3
  4. 4. Before you begin - Plan • Scope of Automation – What to automate? • Based on frequency of testing • Business & technical priority • What can be automated (Tool dependent) • Organize – With a focus on Reuse • Common Workflow components • Identify the granularity of reuse that works for your application • Separate Test Data from Workflows/ business logic • Traceability to requirements & changes (content, data etc.) • Team and Tools • Strengths and capabilities of your team • Tool capabilities • What does it take to effectively use/deploy the tool • Using Selenium/WebDriver? – Do you need a Framework? 08/24/2015 Webinar-MakingtheTransition fromManualtoAutomatedTesting 4
  5. 5. Once you have started • Keeping it going • Ease of automation • Keep your tests fresh - Maintenance • Incorporate testing into development process • Integration into DevOps • CI & Issue tracking • Managing Results • Granularity • Structured vs. unstructured • Historical results • Reporting & Analytics • Report Types, frequency and detail • Distribution 08/24/2015 Webinar-MakingtheTransition fromManualtoAutomatedTesting 5
  6. 6. Selecting an Automation Tool 08/24/2015 Webinar-MakingtheTransition fromManualtoAutomatedTesting Selenium/ WebDriver has emerged as the preferred choice test automation of Web applications But building test automation with Selenium requires specialized skills and resources 6
  7. 7. Selenium Infrastructure • You can build your own Selenium & Browser infrastructure • All combinations of Browsers, OS and Devices • It involves time, effort and resources • Hardware and network infrastructure • Upgrade Selenium • Upgrade browser and OS versions • Or you can use the Sauce Labs Cloud 08/24/2015 Webinar-MakingtheTransition fromManualtoAutomatedTesting 7
  8. 8. Selenium on Sauce Labs 08/24/2015 Webinar-MakingtheTransition fromManualtoAutomatedTesting 500 + Combinations Scalable, Secure & Reliable Infrastructure 8
  9. 9. Selenium-on-the-Cloud Project & User Management Reports Notifications Analytics Dashboards CustomBuild w/ Selenium – Phase1 Test Automation Framework Keyword-driven & Data-Driven 08/24/2015 9 Webinar-MakingtheTransition fromManualtoAutomatedTesting Test Script Library Test Authoring Integrations w/ ALM Tools Test Results Local Selenium + Browsers Test Scheduler & Runner TestNG Phase 1 - Custom Programming of: • Test scripts with programming language of choice • Script management • Integrate with Source Code Control • Schedule Test Runs • Run against local Selenium + browsers • Output Test Results and Screenshots – Results Management Programmers Sys Admins
  10. 10. Project & User Management Analytics Dashboards CustomBuild w/ Selenium – Phase2 Test Automation Framework 08/24/2015 10 Webinar-MakingtheTransition fromManualtoAutomatedTesting Test Script Library Test Authoring Integrations w/ ALM Tools Test Results Local Selenium + Browsers Test Scheduler & Runner TestNG Project Management Reports Notifications Keyword-driven & Data-Driven Phase 2 - Custom Programming of: • Keyword and Data Driven Testing • Notifications • Reports on Test Results • Additional ALM Integrations • Integrate with Sauce Labs Cloud for large variety of browser, OS and devices Programmers Sys Admins
  11. 11. Test Script Library Project & User Management Integrations w/ ALM Tools Project Management Programmers Sys Admins Reports Notifications Test Results Analytics Dashboards Test Authoring CustomBuild w/ Selenium – Phase3 Test Automation Framework Private Cloud Keyword-driven & Data-Driven Test Scheduler & Runner TestNG 08/24/2015 11 Webinar-MakingtheTransition fromManualtoAutomatedTesting Phase 3: • Project & User Management • Analytics & Dashboards
  12. 12. 08/24/2015 Webinar-MakingtheTransition fromManualtoAutomatedTesting 12 Full Featured Framework + Scalable Selenium Infrastructure Here is an example of what it can look like.
  13. 13. Introducing eureQa® + Sauce Labs 08/24/2015 Webinar-MakingtheTransition fromManualtoAutomatedTesting 13
  14. 14. QaSCRIBE Test Script Test Authoring in eureQa® 08/24/2015 Webinar-MakingtheTransition fromManualtoAutomatedTesting Script Library 14
  15. 15. Test ScenarioScript Library Test Script A Test Script B Test Script C Test Script D Test Script E Test Script F Test Script G Test Script H Test Script I Test Script J Test Script K Test Script L Test Script M Test Script NTest Script M Test Script D Test Script L Test Script F Test Script C Test Script G 08/24/2015 Webinar-MakingtheTransition fromManualtoAutomatedTesting 15
  16. 16. Test Scenario Test Script C Test Script G Test Script F Test Script L Test Script D Test Script M 08/24/2015 Webinar-MakingtheTransition fromManualtoAutomatedTesting CI Support 16
  17. 17. eureQa® + Sauce Labs Demo 08/24/2015 Webinar-MakingtheTransition fromManualtoAutomatedTesting Watch the eureQa® Testing Platform & Sauce Labs Cloud in action! We will cover: • First automation scenario • Search for a book on • Verify attributes (ISBN #, Author etc.) • Add Book to Cart • Verify that book has been added to cart • Delete book from Cart • Data Driven Testing • Automated Cross Browser & Cross Device Testing • Reports and Analytics 17
  18. 18. DEMO 08/24/2015 Webinar-MakingtheTransition fromManualtoAutomatedTesting 18
  19. 19. Next Steps • More information on eureQa • • More information on Sauce Labs • • Free Trial of eureQa • • Sign up before 8/31/2015 and enter promo code “WEBINAR” to get a One Month Free Trial. • Free Trial of Sauce Labs • 08/24/2015 Webinar-MakingtheTransition fromManualtoAutomatedTesting 19
  20. 20. Webinar-MakingtheTransition fromManualtoAutomatedTesting 08/24/2015 20
  21. 21. SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS More information that was not covered in the Webinar 08/24/2015 Webinar-MakingtheTransition fromManualtoAutomatedTesting 21
  22. 22. eureQa® Features Webinar-MakingtheTransition fromManualtoAutomatedTesting 08/24/2015 22
  23. 23. INTEGRATE REST Services Selenium-on- the-Cloud Issue TrackingCI Tools CONTINUOUS REAL TIME ANALYTICS Intelligent Actions Data Visual Analytics BUSINESS DASHBOARDS & CONTROL PANEL Proactive AlertsReports EXECUTE Test Scheduler Test Engine Test Results PLAN Project/ User Definition Assignments Test Cases AUTOMATE Test Authoring Test Assembly Keyword/ Data Driven Testing 08/24/2015 Webinar-MakingtheTransition fromManualtoAutomatedTesting eureQa® Testing Platform 23
  24. 24. Easy Test Automation • Build Test Automation without programming • Automation by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), not programmers • Support for advanced automation constructs without programming • Conditional Logic and Nested Loops • Keyword & Data driven testing • Smart locator identification • System and user defined parameters • Ease of maintenance and built-in change/version control of test scripts and test data • Increased automation efficiency through reuse • Assemble unlimited Test Scenarios from existing Test Scripts • Group multiple test scenarios for execution using Run Definitions • Validate Test Scenarios using real data with any device-OS-browser • Support for Automation of Rich Internet Applications • Test Cases that require File Uploads into Applications Webinar-MakingtheTransition fromManualtoAutomatedTesting 08/24/2015 24
  25. 25. Test Management • Traceability and test coverage • Eliminate ‘broken tests’ with Change Impact Analysis • Organize test objects just the way you want to • Powerful search helps you find test objects faster and easier • Manage data definitions and test data files • Manage test results • Test Automation Versioning & Smart Dependencies Migration • Tagging & Labeling (Google Style) • Audit Trial / Change Log • Project & Product level access control & visibility • Reporting on Project and User level activities Webinar-MakingtheTransition fromManualtoAutomatedTesting 08/24/2015 25
  26. 26. Test Execution • Cloud based => No infrastructure required • Test cloud based, SaaS, Public facing and internal applications • Cross-Browser & Cross-Device execution of automated tests • Support for test execution on Sauce Labs Cloud • Support for Testing Contexts to control test execution • Unlimited parallel/concurrent execution of tests • Unmanned/Remote Executions from your ALM CI tools • Screenshots, Videos of application response during test execution • Data Driven Testing supported by Excel (CSV) files that contain test inputs and expected outputs Webinar-MakingtheTransition fromManualtoAutomatedTesting 08/24/2015 26
  27. 27. Insightful Reporting and Analytics • Planning • Traceability Reports • Coverage Reports • Operations • Summary and detail test results • Standard and Custom PDF & Excel reports • Screenshots and Videos of test runs • Downloadable results • User & Project Activity • Quality Improvement • Quality Trending • Impact Analysis • Automatic notifications of test progress. • Project and user-level control of notifications Webinar-MakingtheTransition fromManualtoAutomatedTesting 08/24/2015 27
  28. 28. ALM Integration • Support for Agile Development Processes • Integration with CI Tools • Jenkins • Bamboo • Maven • Bi-directional integration with Atlassian JIRA • Log issues automatically • Import application feature and module information from JIRA to build traceability • REST Services API • Initiate test execution • Query on progress of test execution • Download Test Results Webinar-MakingtheTransition fromManualtoAutomatedTesting 08/24/2015 28