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Closer To the Metal - Why and How We Use XCTest and Espresso by Mario Negro Ponzi


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In this SauceCon 2019 presentation, Mario describes the practices that ABN AMRO adopted in mobile teams when it comes to testing native applications on real devices. Since using Espresso and XCUITest is still relatively uncommon for large apps and there are various unique challenges due to being in an EU-regulated industry with various security restrictions, Mario will share the ABN AMRO team’s experiences, including:

- A brief architectural overview of the Mobile Banking app: why it is all native (Objective-C/Swift and Java/Kotlin), how it communicates with other apps and websites
- Why ABN AMRO choose to adopt Espresso and XCUITest: the advantages and the limitations of this choice
- How ABN AMRO runs their test pipelines to spread them across time and devices and prevent teams from being blocked

Published in: Software
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Closer To the Metal - Why and How We Use XCTest and Espresso by Mario Negro Ponzi

  1. 1. CLOSE TO THE METAL WHY AND HOW WE USE XCTEST & ESPRESSO Mario Negro Ponzi – CoE Software Development and Tooling
  2. 2. THE APPS Mobile Banking Grip Tikkie &Meer
  3. 3. PlanPrinciples SUMMARY Execution
  4. 4. PlanPrinciples SUMMARY Execution
  5. 5. GITFLOW PROBLEMSTHE PRINCIPLES 1. Anytime releases 2. DevOps teams 3. Infrastructure
  6. 6. Release as often as possible ANYTIME RELEASES
  7. 7. Teams must be fully autonomous DEVOPS TEAMS
  8. 8. GITFLOW PROBLEMSINFRASTRUCTURE Building infrastructure is not our core competence
  10. 10. PlanPrinciples SUMMARY Execution
  11. 11. GITFLOW PROBLEMSTHE PLAN 1. What we tried 2. Tooling 3. CI/CD
  12. 12. • We did build a dedicated test automation team • Get the business people write the tests • Aim at cross-platform compatibility WHAT WE TRIED
  13. 13. WHAT WE TRIED – GHERKIN Feature: Google Searching As a web surfer, I want to search Google, so that I can learn new things. Scenario: Simple Google search Given a web browser is on the Google page When the search phrase "ABN AMRO" is entered Then results for "ABN AMRO" are shown
  14. 14. 15 TOOLING
  15. 15. 16 TOOLING What do we lose?
  16. 16. 17 CI/CD Automation also means unessential custom steps (tools) must be avoided to reduce the complexity of the pipeline
  17. 17. PlanPrinciples SUMMARY Execution
  18. 18. 1. A third party must manage the devices 2. User management per team and individual developers and testers allowing for DevOps 3. Support for XCtest and Espresso WE USE SAUCE LABS BECAUSE…
  19. 19. Web testing… 😀 BONUS POINTS
  20. 20. • UI Tests • E2E tests KIND OF TESTS
  21. 21. THE PIPELINES Main runs unit and smoke tests (on every commit) UI runs UI tests (hourly) E2E runs E2E tests (nightly)
  22. 22. It does everything you would expect from a ‘normal’ pipeline • It builds the apps • It runs unit tests • It performs a number of quality and security checks • It runs smoke tests* • It notifies via Slack MAIN PIPELINE * Some parts are still not completed
  23. 23. It checks that the UI looks right on multiple devices • It runs hourly • It runs UI tests on multiple random devices (4 + reference device) • It notifies via Slack • It does not require a server • It will not require a Mac to run (even for iOS) UI TESTS PIPELINE * * Currently implemented only on Android
  25. 25. The real deal • It runs nightly • It runs E2E tests against a mock server • The mock server runs on AWS Lambda and emulates Wiremock • It notifies via Slack • It will not require a Mac to run (even for iOS) • If successful it will re-run the tests against our test environment E2E TESTS PIPELINE * * Not fully working, yet
  27. 27. java -jar runner.jar android --test <test.apk> --app <app.apk> --apikey <my project API key> --datacenter EU --device Samsung_Galaxy_Note8_ab A SIMPLE COMMAND
  28. 28. Photos by various authors on Unsplash