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UI Testing Automation


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Published in: Technology
  • Hi... It was really a very nice presentation and quite helpful... For automation, there is a wonderful tool TestingWhiz... I would suggest you to try once... It does help in Database testing automation and helps you make complex stuff easy to test. To know more features do visit
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  • Hi Alex, I am a fan of yours, I heard about your company from another US based Software Company. I was wondering if it is possible to use the skills of your company for Software Development purposes if the opportunity comes. I would like to have your email address, mine is
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UI Testing Automation

  1. 1. UI Testing Automation
  2. 2. 2CreamTec DO BUGS HURT?
  3. 3. 3CreamTec WHERE TO TEST?
  4. 4. 4CreamTec TEST UI IN A REAL BROWSER • Execute JavaScript and see ALL errors • Load all resources (images, CSS) • Test layouts and CSS properties • Check colors and fonts • Verify quirks of each browser type and version • Is the ONLY way to be sure UI looks and works right
  5. 5. 5CreamTec UI TESTING TOOLS Frameworks • Selenium browser automation through WebDriver API • QUnit unit testing JavaScript inside and outside the browser • CasperJS unit testing JavaScript inside a headless browser • GWTTestCase uses invisible browser to run Java tests Test Case Example public class Example { public static void main(String[] args) { // Create a new instance of the html unit driver WebDriver driver = new HtmlUnitDriver(); // And now use this to visit Google driver.get(""); // Find the text input element by its name WebElement element = driver.findElement("q")); // Enter something to search for element.sendKeys("Cheese!"); // Now submit the form element.submit(); // Verify result assertTrue(selenium.isTextPresent(“Welcome")); } }
  6. 6. 6CreamTec UI TESTING TOOLS Products • QuickTestPro feature rich IDE for functional and regression testing • Rational Test Workbench functional, load and regression testing from IBM • SilkTest suite of testing products targeting simplicity Test Case Example SystemUtil.Run "IEXPLORE.EXE","www." Wait 5 Set myBrowser=Browser("Perfumes-Discount perfume") If myBrowser.Page("Perfumes-Discount perfume").Link("Login").Exist(3) Then Reporter.ReportEvent 0,"Res","Login Link Exists" Else Reporter.ReportEvent 1,"Res","Login Link Not Exists" End If
  9. 9. 9CreamTec UI AUTOMATION CHALLENGES • Requires development skills (HTML/CSS/JavaScript/XPath) • Requires knowledge of UI internals (id, structure, validation) • Test creation takes too long • Tests duplicate app logic • Tests get out of sync and maintenance is tedious • Takes too long to deal with UI changes • Tests development delays releases • Tools are not productive and too complex
  10. 10. 10CreamTec VISUAL TESTING • 10x productivity gain compared to traditional testing • Automation of how you already test instead of learning how to use a tool • Empower non-technical people to build and maintain tests • Full access to Selenium API when needed • Web based shared environment
  11. 11. 11CreamTec GMAIL TEST AUTOMATION
  12. 12. 12CreamTec VISUAL TESTING
  13. 13. 13CreamTec GMAIL TEST AUTOMATION
  14. 14. 14CreamTec WHAT CHANGED?
  15. 15. 15CreamTec GMAIL TEST AUTOMATION
  16. 16. 16CreamTec GMAIL TEST AUTOMATION
  17. 17. 17CreamTec VISUAL DIFF
  18. 18. 18CreamTec CONCLUSIONS • Don’t fall into manual testing trap • Test business logic with API and unit tests in native language (JUnit etc) • Test complex JavaScript logic with JavaScript unit tests (QUnit/CasperJS) • Cover production UI with visual tests (Screenster)