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There are 30,000,000+ students and new grads on LinkedIn. Click through to learn what this fast growing talent pool is doing on LinkedIn, how you can boost student recruiting efforts, and how Rosetta has successfully streamlined university recruiting with LinkedIn CheckIn.

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University Recruiting: Make Your Company Stand Out | Webcast

  1. 1. University Recruiting: Make Your Company Stand Out ©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. STUDENTS & RECENT GRADUATES 30,000,000 Fastest Growing & Highly Engaged “35% of students plan to use LinkedIn as a primary source for their job hunt, up 700% from two years ago” (Achievers 2012 study) TALENT SOLUTIONS
  3. 3. Lucky or LinkedIn? TALENT SOLUTIONS
  4. 4. Meet Chip…
  5. 5. How is Chip Lucky?
  6. 6. The Club Prep School Chip’s Network InternshipS UNIVERSITY Family
  7. 7. Meet Joe…
  8. 8. Joe’s Network
  9. 9. How Can Joe Create His Own Luck? TALENT SOLUTIONS
  10. 10. University Pages His university is huge TALENT SOLUTIONS
  11. 11. Alumni Tool Austin is his hometown TALENT SOLUTIONS
  12. 12. Alumni Tool Who studied what he studied? TALENT SOLUTIONS
  13. 13. Explore paths, build relationships TALENT SOLUTIONS
  14. 14. Alumni Tool See companies that hired them TALENT SOLUTIONS
  15. 15. Company Pages Career Pages Research companies & careers TALENT SOLUTIONS
  16. 16. Student Jobs Search & apply for jobs TALENT SOLUTIONS
  17. 17. Alumni Tool See Skills he’ll need TALENT SOLUTIONS
  18. 18. Groups Join the experts, learn from the best TALENT SOLUTIONS
  19. 19. Joseph Gala! Profile be found for opportunities TALENT SOLUTIONS
  20. 20. Groups Internships Joe’s Network University The Club Family TALENT SOLUTIONS
  22. 22. Career outcomes of educations worldwide Industry Dates Title & Function Field of Study School Degree Skills Dates School Company Title & Function Company Industry Plus… § Current profile & contact information for our members § Active and engaged members - for the long-term HIGHER EDUCATION INITIATIVE LinkedIn Confidential ©2012 All Rights Reserved
  23. 23. Who needs it? What for? COLLEGES Career Attract Students Showcase strengths and careers of alumni Find opportunities. Best fit for me. Build Brand Start early so the best students know your company Informed decisions to help me succeed. Identity ALUMNI Increase lifetime value of their educations COMPANIES Find Talent Attract, target and hire the best new talent – early! STUDENTS Alumni Relations Engage alumni for gifts, relations Career Centers Prepare students for successful careers Community Insights Streamline Process Improve your reach, efficiency and impact PARENTS Find the right fit – and outcomes – for their children HIGHER EDUCATION INITIATIVE
  24. 24. Help students at every milestone COLLEGE YEARS Choosing College Academic Planning Internships Choosing a Major Graduate School? Finding 1st Job Success at 1st Job Alumni Network Choosing a Direction § What colleges send students to top medical schools? § What are my career options if I major in History? § I didn’t know a sophomores could get internships at SpaceX! Getting There §  Who can give me the scoop on this school? §  Am I keeping up with students in my major? §  What skills do I need to get this job? §  Who has internships for people like me? § Which companies in Chicago hire marketing grads? HIGHER EDUCATION INITIATIVE
  25. 25. Make Linkedin indispensable Students connect for success at every educational and professional milestone" Students discover and prepare for opportunities more intelligently & effectively" LinkedIn is the best place for employers & universities to discover and nurture student talent!
  26. 26. What can LinkedIn do for YOU? TALENT SOLUTIONS
  27. 27. University Pages 1500+ worldwide TALENT SOLUTIONS
  28. 28. Alumni Pages TALENT SOLUTIONS
  29. 29. Talent Pools 1d5d3oA TALENT SOLUTIONS
  30. 30. Career Pages TALENT SOLUTIONS
  31. 31. FREE Student Jobs consumer/students TALENT SOLUTIONS
  32. 32. CheckIn & Recruiter TALENT SOLUTIONS
  33. 33. Rosetta’s success with CheckIn Used CheckIn in the Fall recruiting season •  40 events : career fairs, info sessions, open houses •  2397 checkins (1474 unique candidates) Today’s discussion •  Key benefits •  How we trained our team on CheckIn TALENT SOLUTIONS
  34. 34. Key Benefits : Brand our company TALENT SOLUTIONS
  35. 35. Key Benefits : Instantly follow up with a “Thank you!” 18% Rosetta. Visited our Company & Career Pages Rosetta Rosetta 100% Follow our Company Page 12% Visited Jobs 4% Applied to Jobs TALENT SOLUTIONS
  36. 36. Key Benefits : Manage candidates in Recruiter 1) Rated candidates using Tags 2) Searched for “Interested In: Digital Marketing” 3) Better evaluate School & events TALENT SOLUTIONS
  37. 37. Training our team: CheckIn Process Guide •  Why we’re using CheckIn? •  New process: what to do before/during/after an event •  How to rate students on Recruiter •  Data processing vs. what’s in our ATS TALENT SOLUTIONS
  38. 38. Rosetta’s success with CheckIn Tips §  §  Have a “greeter” at big schools while students are waiting in line Make sure there’s internet access TALENT SOLUTIONS