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  1. 1. Talent Solutions
  2. 2. Phil MogilevEnterprise Account ExecutiveLinkedIn©2012 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. ©2012 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.Profile OverviewHow to Manage your ProfileHow to Improve your LinkedIn PresenceHow your company can improve its PresenceHow can you attract Talent with LinkedIn?Q&AAgenda
  4. 4. LinkedIn: A global pool of talent4Europe, Middle Eastand Africa:50M+North America:80M+Asia Pacific:37M+Latin America andCaribbean:20M+200M+Members worldwide107 M+Monthly unique visitors+3 newMembers per secondMonthly uniques source:Comscore©2013LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.4
  5. 5. Why members come to LinkedIn©2013LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.5EverywhereWork wherever ourmembers workInsightsBe great at whatyou doIdentityConnect, find, andbe found
  6. 6. 6It All Begins with your Profile…
  7. 7. Managing your LinkedIn Profile:Get endorsed and recommended by candidates you haveplaced They will be able to speak first hand of how you supportedtheir job search You only need a few to establish credibility It is best to get a variety and make sure they addressdifferent points
  8. 8. GroupsHelp you identify the experts and become an expert
  9. 9. Your Connections:Thoughtfully Building your Network9PastCompanySchoolCurrentCompanyClientsYouFriends
  10. 10. How can your company use LinkedIn to become moreproductive and successful?
  11. 11. Managing your company’s LinkedIn Profile
  12. 12. Leverage Your Recruiters
  13. 13. http://blog.linkedin.comRecruiting SolutionsResources
  14. 14. Resources
  15. 15. Hire. Market. Sell
  16. 16. Passive and active candidates requiredifferent approachesActive CandidatesWork on their job search- Search job boards- Seek out many opportunitiesPassive CandidatesWork on doing their jobs better- Develop networks- Only listen to the right opportunities1. Talent Pool©2013LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.16
  17. 17. Source automaticallyReach the right candidates for all of your roles1. Talent Pool: The best passive and active candidates2. Targeting:Right opportunity, right candidate, right context3. Results: More great hires, less effort©2013LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.17
  18. 18. Financial AnalystBank of AmericaSr. HR DirectorGap Inc.AmazonSr.LinkedInHR DirectorLinkedInFinance ManagerTechnology DirectorBryanFinance AnalystErica SteveDirector of HRTechnologyDirectorLinkedInTechnology DirectorJOBS YOU MAY BE INTERESTED INJOBS YOU MAY BE INTERESTED IN JOBS YOU MAY BE INTERESTED INTarget every candidate with relevant jobs automaticallyMoreapplications come from LinkedIn recommended jobs than searches2. Targeting©2013LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.18
  19. 19. Members see personalized jobs every time they log inErica RobertsonYour ideal passivecandidateTechnology DirectorLinkedInTechnology DirectorTechnology DirectorJuniper NetworksLiveOpsTechnology DirectorSenior2. Targeting©2013LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.19
  20. 20. Engage them with personalized opportunitiesErica RobertsonYour ideal passivecandidateTechnology DirectorErica RobertsonInformation TechnologyPicture yourself with a career inInformationTechnology atat LinkedInLinkedIn2. Targeting168,588 professionals visit your employees’ profilepages every month©2013LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.20Note: number of professionals visiting reflects unique membersvisiting your employees profiles
  21. 21. Join the team that is transforming the future.We are passionate about what we do.CompaniesHome | LinkedInJobs atAriel HsiaoAmazonABOUT Watch the video for a peek into the fast-paced world at our headquarters. Everyday, our employees are working onexciting projects that make a realdifference for our customers.Plus, we’re really excited to show off ournewly remodeled office space!Check out the links below for more aboutus:Our Career Site ►LinkedIn 287310 followersLinkedInLinkedInTechnology DirectorTodd LoganVP of FinanceEmily MeinhardtAccount ExecutiveHillary CarrollManager of OperationsTechnology DirectorTechnology DirectorTechnology DirectorDirector of Information TechnologyDirector of Information TechnologySenior Technology DirectorSenior Technology DirectorCareersShow relevant opportunities with rich employmentbrandingErica RobertsonYour ideal passivecandidateTechnology Director38,188professionals visit yourcompany page every month2. Targeting©2013LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.21
  22. 22. Influence candidates at every touch pointErica RobertsonYour ideal passive candidateTechnology DirectorHiredNetworkingwith employeesResearchingyour companyFollowingyour companyViewingrelevant jobs2. Targeting©2013LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.22
  23. 23. NovemberErica RobertsonJoinedNew HireLinkedInLinkedInWe can measure LinkedIn’s influence on hiringErica RobertsonACME systems3. ResultsJobs you maybe interested inJulyViewed a job onLinkedInLinkedInInfluencedLinkedInTechnology DirectorTechnology Director Technology Director©2013LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.23
  24. 24. Clients with the LinkedIn Solution influencenearly twice as many hires“LI hire” measured as employees changing their profile from another company to client company from December 2011- May 2012These averages include companies in all regions and account sizes3. Results11%17%34%0%5%10%15%20%25%30%35%40%Seats & Limited Jobs LinkedIn Solution LinkedIn Solution & All JobsAverage % of LinkedIn members hired impacted by LinkedInproducts©2013LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.24
  25. 25. LinkedIn RecruiterIdentify and reach the very best candidatesSource automaticallyLinkedIn SolutionSource strategicallyLinkedIn Recruiter Expand your reach andaccess the entireLinkedIn network Contact candidatesdirectly with InMail Manage your pipelinewith your team©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 25
  26. 26. 3 things our most effective clients do1. Post all professional rolesto LinkedIn2. Own the full candidate experience3. Use Recruiter to find the best candidates©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 26
  27. 27. Questions?