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Uncovering New Opportunities With HP Public Cloud - RightScale Compute 2013


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Speaker: Dan Baigent - Sr. Director, HP Cloud Services

HP’s Converged Cloud strategy promises a revolution in how customers deliver and deploy applications in the cloud leveraging open standards like OpenStack and a rich ecosystem of partners like RightScale. In this session you will become versed in how HP’s public cloud and its ecosystem address a variety of customer needs/use cases.

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Uncovering New Opportunities With HP Public Cloud - RightScale Compute 2013

  1. 1. april25-26sanfranciscocloud success starts hereUncoveringNew Opportunities with theHP Public CloudDan Baigent, Senior Director, HP Cloud
  2. 2. 2UncoveringNew Opportunities with theHP Public CloudDan Baigent, Senior Director, HP CloudApril 26, 2013
  3. 3. #3#3#RightscaleComputeBuildCloud servicesConsumeCloud servicesPrivate Cloud Managed Cloud Public CloudTraditionalSLAsavailability, security, performance, compliance,costHP Converged Cloud: the cloud enterprises rely on
  4. 4. #4#4#RightscaleComputeDelivering enterprise grade cloud servicesHP’s Public CloudHP Cloud Marketplace *HP Cloud Infrastructure Services (IaaS)InteroperabilityPlatform Services (PaaS) SaaS/ISVs hostingPublicPrivateManagedPartner Ecosystem…* Coming soonPublic
  5. 5. #5#5#RightscaleComputehpcloud.comHP’s Public CloudPublic• Operates one of the largest public clouds basedupon OpenStack™– Thousands of compute nodes, multiple petabytes of storage– Hardened deployment with ArcSight, Fortify, and Tipping Point– Developer tools including Command Line Interfaces, language bindings– Integrated operational systems for usage, key management, monitoring• Leading OpenStack contributor– HP Cloud Services is one of the leading contributors to OpenStack™ with the 2nd largestnumber of employees contributing– Continuous integration, testing, and deployment lead of OpenStack commits– Proven, reference architecture and operational systems for scale
  6. 6. #6#6#RightscaleComputeOn-Demand, Pay-as-you-GoHP Public Cloud PortfolioOn demand compute instances as well as custom instances tohandle unique workloadsOn-demand scalable storage capacity for archiving and databackupDelivery of cached content to end users powered by theAkamai Intelligent Platform™Move data from one compute instance to another with a high-performance, highly available storage solutionOn-demand, scalable access to application dataAutomated configuration, deployment, and management ofapplications written in a variety of languages
  7. 7. #7#7#RightscaleComputeWhat’s New on HP Public Cloud?HP’s Public Cloud Programfor Global System Integrators• Enables consulting services, referring or reselling HP’s public cloud• Engage through test environments, go-to-market, sales/technicalresources to transition customers with speed, agility, reliability• Leverage HP’s extensive, long-standing enterprise relationships andexpand cloud practice– easier• Translates domain names to IPaddresses using global servernetwork• Quick and reliable routing• Saves developer timeHP Cloud DNSHP Cloud Load Balancer• Distributes web traffic acrossmultiple services• Improves performance andscalability• Optimizes application responsetimes and reduces IT mgmt costHP Cloud Monitoring• Provides infrastructure metrics, alerts,notification tools• Increased confidence in workloadperformance• Helps users identify potential issues beforeimpacts to productionPortfolio Expansion(private beta) “as a service” offerings speed time to value and simplify development of cloud applications• Provides referral framework for HP’s public cloud, reseller program(summer 2013)• Capture new markets and customers with training, co-branding,marketing tools• Rewards long-term relationships with annuity based commissionHP’s Public Cloud Programfor Value Added Resellers
  8. 8. #8#8#RightscaleComputeHP Public Cloud Data Center Strategy• Regional Architecture• Designed with N+1 power redundancy made up of threeindependent power systems• Contains a minimum of 3 physically separateavailability zones (AZ)• Each Availability zone …• Is fed by two independent power feeds from separatesubstations• Has a minimum of two network drops at separate endsof the facility• Contains redundant power to each rack and diversecabling to eliminate any single points of failureAZ1AZ2AZ3AZ1AZ2AZ3EastWestPublic cloud durability
  9. 9. 9Uncovering NewOpportunities
  10. 10. #10#10#RightscaleComputeBackup andArchiveDev/Test CloudBig DataAnalyticsApplicationTransformationFile Sharing andCollaboration• Capacity ondemand• Offsitedurability withinstant recall• Eliminate Tape• Deliver appsfaster• Lowerdevelopmentcosts• Agility andelasticity• Scale out dataarchitectures• Compute ondemand• Pay for use, nocommitments• Enhancedefficiency• Lower costs• Migration ofexistingworkloads• Multi-siteaccessibility• Global FileSystem• PC and Mobiledata accessCommon use cases on the journey to the cloud
  11. 11. #11#11#RightscaleComputeUse cases supported with world-class Solution
  12. 12. #12#12#RightscaleComputeRightscaleAboutRightscale’s cloud management platform enables HPCS users to manage theirdeployments with a single, integrated solution for efficiency, speed, and control.Primary Use Case• Management Automation: Make your operations scalable, eliminateredundant tasks, automate disaster response, and more• Marketplace: offers pre-built, fully customizable cloud server templates,scripts, and architectures providing the building blocks necessary for mostcloud deployments• Governance Controls: Securely manage all your cloud accounts, users,and access in one place for easy auditingDev/Test CloudBig DataAnalytics ApplicationTransformationHow to Add HP Cloud to a Rightscale Account:
  13. 13. #13#13#RightscaleComputeRiverbedAboutRiverbed’s Whitewater cloud storage gateways help with data protection andDR for SMB/SME organizations when combined with HP Cloud StoragePrimary Use Case• Cloud backup: eliminate tape, tape vaulting, management burdens andstorage costs with cloud storage• Tiering: old data to cloud storage to reduce storage costs and extend thelife of on premise storage investments• Disaster Recovery: Improve DR readiness with secure, off-site cloudstorageBackup andArchive
  14. 14. #14#14#RightscaleComputeGladinetAboutGladinet Cloud provides simple online collaboration, online file storage, offsitebackup and team workspaces based on HP Cloud Storage.Primary Use Case• File sharing and collaboration: seamlessly integrate cloud and localstorage to create a hybrid cloud solution with centrally managed, unifiedaccess• Cloud backup: immediate migration of existing folders and file shares tothe cloud• File server replacement with AD integration: automatic unification of cloudand local file shares using existing Active Directory identitiesFile Sharing andCollaboration
  15. 15. #15#15#RightscaleComputeActiveStateAboutStackato is ActiveState’s groundbreaking private platform as a service (PaaS),and is the cost-effective, secure, and portable way to develop and deploy appsto the cloud.Primary Use Case• Setup & scale: Create an auto-configuring private PaaS on top of privatecloud or IaaS in minutes• Develop & deploy: Deploy new, migrate existing applications to the cloudin 3 simple steps• Manage & monitor: Manage updates, upgrades, Monitor applicationperformanceDev/test Cloud
  16. 16. #16#16#RightscaleComputeAppZeroAboutAppZero helps move existing server applications to and from any cloud - with no lock-in.Primary Use Case• On-boarding: migrate existing applications to the cloud• Hybrid cloud: continuous/incremental on-boarding or cloudbursting for applications• Enterprise app store: for instant provisioning of complex, multi-tiered enterprise applicationsApplicationTransformation
  17. 17. #17#17#RightscaleComputeDataStaxBig DataAnalytics• About• DataStax Enterprise is a complete big data platform, built on Apache Cassandra™, architected tomanage real-time, analytic, and enterprise search data in the same database cluster.• Primary Use Case• Big Data Analytics: Big data platform that enables real-time/online datato be managed alongside analytic and search data, with everythingbeing stored in the same database cluster• Enterprise Search: Robust full-text search, hit highlighting, facetedsearch, rich document (e.g., PDF, Microsoft Word, etc.) handling, andgeospatial search
  18. 18. #18#18#RightscaleComputeTo learn more: (408) 921-1329
  19. 19. april25-26sanfranciscocloud success starts hereQuestions?