Connecting the Clouds - RightScale Compute 2013


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Ephraim Baron - Subject Matter Expert, Equinix
Jeff Dickey - Chief Cloud Architect, Redapt

Learn how Redapt and Equinix are working together to provide Cloud 2.0 infrastructure. Learn why, when, and how to securely scale cloud applications from your data center to a public cloud provider, such as AWS or Google. Learn how to overcome the challenges of capital preservation, compliance, security, performance, agility, and time to market of a production private cloud. Industry thought leaders Ephraim Baron of Equinix and Jeff Dickey of Redapt will take you through lessons learned and best practices for building your private cloud infrastructure and scaling it out to exceed the toughest application demands.

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  • IMPLICATIONS: IT departments must juggle multiple priorities with limited resourcesLegal IT departments face a number challenges in service delivery:Legal IT departments must support 24x7 global operations Ensure mission-critical availability, reliability, performance and uptime for critical IT resources globally, including seamless and secure remote access to corporate IT assetsLaw firms face new requirements to handle and provide access too massive data repositories in a secure and reliable mannerLaw firms face new pressures to reduce overall IT spending while shifting historical CAPEX expenditures to incremental OPEX expendituresEliminate CAPEX expenditure related to data center spending. Shift to OPEX through leasing commercial data center spaceReduce CAPEX expenditures on Hardware and Software for On-Premise deployments by leveraging SaaSCloud-based infrastructures and deployments are introducing a new dynamic to legal IT services and deployments (on-demand, utility compute models, with associated incremental OPEX expenditures)Yet, while facing all of these imperatives, IT departments must still find resources to innovate for advantage in a highly competitive market. As a result, IT departments need to look for strategies that will provide across-the-board increases in efficiency, flexibility and time to market, instead of deploying point solutions to solve specific challenges.
  • The National Institute of Standards and Technology has issued an “official” definition of cloud computing. How does this compare with your definition?
  • With low up-front costs, public clouds can be very appealing – especially to developers
  • Cloud does have drawbacks. In particular, it can be very expensive if you find yourself using a lot of it.
  • As illustrated in the previous slide, base costs will be significantly less using private capacity.
  • Redapt is a data center architecture and solutions provider… Supported RightScale CloudsRedapt can offer:Hardware procurement and integration for private/hybrid cloud infrastructures, and/orManaged private/hybrid cloud services
  • Jewel #3: Customer ecosystemsFertile environment for a diverse and interconnected customer baseFocused on 5 industry verticals:Networks: 26% of revenues, the foundation, peer, sell bandwidthContent & Digital Media: 21%, cost, user experienceFinancial Services: 20%, Global information and liquidity hubsCloud Computing: 24%, public, private, hybrid deploymentsEnterprises: 9%, mission critical, latency dependent appsWe possess the know how and critical mass of customers within key verticals to foster the development of interconnected ecosystems
  • Key message: It’s not about one data center. It’s about connected data centers around the globe.We are everywhere you need to be and moving into markets you will need.We have 90+ Data centers worldwide covering 31 strategic global metro markets.By working with one global partner, you simplify vendor management, billing, scoping, etc. We listen to our customers / and use third party data, e.g TeleGeography to pin point new sites where *you* need to be. Supporting message – Global platform for simplicityVendor management, billing, scoping, etc. are simplified when working with one global partnerSupporting message – The right networks in the right places for performanceEquinix has the bandwidth choice and is strategically located to optimize performance Supporting message – Expansion when you need itReduce the geographic diversity demanded of your IT team by leveraging Equinix as a supporting resourceEquinix’s consistent global infrastructure simplifies your growth pathEquinix has teams around the globe to provide on-site support to address issues and solve implementation challenges
  • If the costs of public cloud are getting too burdensome, these are two things you can do to reign them in.
  • This compares Data Transfer Out costs from AWS using Direct Connect ( versus connecting over the Internet. Note: Internet Connect costs do not include network circuit charges, which will add significantly to the total cost.
  • Connecting the Clouds - RightScale Compute 2013

    1. 1. april25-26 sanfranciscocloud success starts hereConnecting the Clouds:Redapt and EquinixJeff Dickey, SVP of Cloud Solutions, RedaptEphraim Baron, Director of Enterprise Cloud Solutions, Equinix
    2. 2. #RightscaleCompute2The Old Way of Delivering ITServing the World from One Central Location12341. Headquarters Experience – Users located in close proximity to whereapplications are hosted experience good application performance2. Branch Office Experience – Still positive end-user experience, butcertain applications may be impacted3. Remote Office Experience – Negative end-user experience becauseof distance from application delivery4. Kill-Me-Now Experience – Users find it very difficult to do their jobs
    3. 3. #RightscaleCompute3Users Want Quality of Experience (QoE)This RequiresFlexible Infrastructure• Fast and Efficient• Cloud-based models• Scale as needed based onusage• Reduce costs associated withon-premise deploymentNetwork Optimization• Guarantee performance forcritical applications• Reduce network TCO• Increase availability andreliabilityBig Data and Analytics• Bring data to the network• Improve performance -enhanced access anddistribution• Increase availability andsecurity• Data-driven businessdecisionsAnytime, Anywhere, on Any Device
    4. 4. #RightscaleCompute4Enter The Cloud“Cloud computing is a model for enablingubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network access to ashared pool of configurable computing resources that canbe rapidly provisioned and released with minimalmanagement effort or service provider interaction.”Essential Characteristics:• On-demand self-service• Broad network access• Resource pooling• Rapid elasticity• Measured service Definition of Cloud Computing
    5. 5. #RightscaleCompute5The Promise of the Public Cloud• Rapid deployment – just swipe your credit card• No up-front CapEx – Pay-as-you-go consumption• Active communities of developers
    6. 6. #RightscaleCompute6The Perils of the Public Cloud• Difficult to control “Shadow IT”• Technology black box• If you use a lot of it, it’s expensive
    7. 7. #RightscaleCompute7Securely scale and manageapplications, from your data center to thecloudAddress the challenges of CapitalPreservation, Compliance, Security, Performance, Agility, and Time to Market of aproduction private cloudDeploy rapidly around the worldWhat if you could…
    8. 8. #RightscaleCompute8While Optimizing Your Use of CloudApplicationWorkloadTimePublic CloudPrivate Cloud
    9. 9. #RightscaleCompute9Introductions
    10. 10. #RightscaleCompute10Who is Redapt?• Agnostic data center focused reseller and solution provider• Founded in 1996• Headquartered in Redmond WA with offices and facilities in AustinTX, Ashburn VA, Los Angeles, CA, Santa Clara CA, Amsterdam and HongKong• National/Global sales footprint• Dell’s largest partner• Cloud, Big Data, Hyper scale and Data center projects
    11. 11. #RightscaleCompute11Redapt and the CloudDatacenter and Managed Cloud ExpertiseRedapt’s reference architecture is purpose built for flexibility and designed toscale in a modular fashion to meet the demands of your businessHybrid capabilityAllows customers to take advantage of public cloud economics while maintainingall of the performance and security benefits of a private cloudCloud RackPackages hardware (servers, networking, storage), software (Citrix cloudorchestration, hypervisor), and Rightscale cloud management for a total cloudsolution. Leverages Equinix for hosting and co-location servicesSingle pane of glass cloud managementManage public clouds (AWS, RAX) and Redapt private/hybrid clouds
    12. 12. #RightscaleCompute12Customer EcosystemsInterconnecting Markets
    13. 13. #RightscaleCompute13Platform Equinix: Global Reach and InterconnectionThe world’s largest provider of carrier-neutral data center servicesThe ChallengeMore, More, More• Users• Apps• Devices• PlacesEquinix AdvantageAsia• 6 metros• 250+ availablenetworksAmericas• 15 metros• 450+ availablenetworksEMEA• 10 Metros• 375+ availablenetworks
    14. 14. #RightscaleCompute14The Epicenter of ConnectivityOver 90% of all Internet routes pass through Equinix data centers.
    15. 15. #RightscaleCompute15Get Close to Your UsersAmsterdam AM3
    16. 16. #RightscaleCompute16Improve Performance While Lowering Costs• Own the Base, Rent the SpikeRun your steady-state loads onowned equipment and burst intothe cloud• Direct ConnectDedicated network connectionbetween your network and a cloudprovider
    17. 17. #RightscaleCompute17Redapt cloud racksSimple, fast, smart cloudsA fully packaged private IAAS cloudsolution based on commodity x86hardware hosted at your co-lo ofchoice:• Customizable to meet your workloadneeds• Highly secure and scalable• Remote monitoring and managementcapabilities built in• Proven ROI over Public Cloud offerings
    18. 18. #RightscaleCompute18Turnkey Hybrid CloudAmazonWebServicesRackspaceAPI APICloud #1 Cloud #2 Cloud #3 Cloud #4RightScale Multi-cloud EngineAutomation EngineConfiguration Asset LibraryMulti-cloud Dashboard, User ManagementCloud
    19. 19. #RightscaleCompute19Makes CentsCompelling Economics
    20. 20. #RightscaleCompute20Benefits of Private/Hybrid CloudAgility: Choose your cloud infrastructure based onApplication requirementsFlexibility: Manage application deployments across publicand private clouds; scale on demandControl: Securely manage your public, hybrid, and privatecloud deployments from a single Pane of GlassProven: Proven Reference Architectures from industryleaders
    21. 21. #RightscaleCompute21PrivateWANProvidersEquinixSwitchingFabricCloudCustomersEquinix Hosted CloudCustomersDirect Connect AdvantagesInternet Avoidance = Performance + SecurityElastic – scale at 1 to 10Gbpseasily, or multi-10Gbps linksInexpensive – large bandwidth atdrastically lower ratesSecure – Private-high bandwidthdedicated network, with noencryption overheadReliable – Direct connectivityprovides a more consistentexperience than Internet-basedconnections. 99.95% SLA whenusing redundant Direct ConnectconnectionsPrivate – You control data flowover the Direct Connect byadvertising specificroutes, guaranteeing full control ofdata flow
    22. 22. #RightscaleCompute22In Addition, Direct Connect Lowers Costs
    23. 23. #RightscaleCompute23Solution Example• Enterprise client deploys private cloud inside Equinix IBX and buys cross connects to:− Cloud providers, WAN carrier (e.g. Verizon)Value Proposition• Enterprise client:− Cost savings in lower IP transit & WAN transport− Secure, high bandwidth, low latency connectivity to cloud services− Maintain control, manage costs, provide application migration platform via private cloud withRightScale managementEquinixIBXCrossConnectsEnterprise Hybrid Cloud via Cross ConnectPrivate CloudCustomer’sBranch Offices
    24. 24. #RightscaleCompute24The Cloud Enabled EnterprisePrivate CloudDeploymentsPublic CloudDeployments900+ NetworkServices ProvidersCustomer’sBranchOfficesCustomer’sMobileDevicesCross ConnectPublic IPMPLSEthernet
    25. 25. #RightscaleCompute25For more information orto schedule a demoRedapt www.redapt.comCloud@redapt.comEquinix www.equinix.comPartnerServices@equinix.comMove Forward. Succeed.
    26. 26. april25-26 sanfranciscocloud success starts hereQuestions?