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Got a Multi-Cloud Strategy? How RightScale CMP Helps


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Most enterprises already have a multi-cloud strategy. A cloud management platform (CMP) can help you broker cloud services with a single view across both public and private clouds, giving you control over existing cloud usage and enabling you to offer self-service provisioning across all your clouds and virtualized infrastructure.

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Got a Multi-Cloud Strategy? How RightScale CMP Helps

  2. 2. • Mitch Gerdisch • Cloud Solutions Engineer, RightScale Presenter
  3. 3. Enterprises Choose a Multi-Cloud Strategy Multi-Cloud 85% Source: RightScale 2017 State of the Cloud Report
  4. 4. Two Solutions from RightScale RightScale Cloud Management Platform Orchestrate, automate and govern workloads across all your environments. VIRTUAL SERVERS PUBLIC CLOUDS ANY CLOUD SERVICE PRIVATE CLOUDS BARE METAL SERVERS CONTAINER CLUSTERS RightScale Optima Work collaboratively across the organization to manage and optimize clouds costs. Orchestrate Cloud Workflow Plugins Monitoring Govern Accounts/Groups Access/Permissions Tags Optimize Policies Collaboration Utilization RIGHTSCALE CMP ENGINE EXTENSIBLE ORCHESTRATION API
  5. 5. Extensible: Plugins Connect to Any Service 4 Compute Storage Network AWS ELB Built-In Integration Cloud Service Plug-Ins AWS Lambda AWS Cloud Formation Azure Container Service and more… Created by • RightScale • Customer • 3rd party Google Bigtable
  6. 6. Out-of-the-Box Plugins Available in GitHub 5 Use, modify, contribute at github rightscale/rightscale-plugins
  7. 7. DEMO
  8. 8. Contact for more info Q&A 7