Citrix CloudStack - Build Your Own Scalable Infrastructure Cloud with CloudStack


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RightScale Conference Santa Clara 2011: Many companies move to the cloud before they fully understand the complexities of a solid implementation strategy. Public and private clouds each have their benefits and limitations, and it’s imperative to develop a clear roadmap for success that incorporates a best-practices reference architecture. In this session, we’ll share how to architect a hybrid cloud environment as part of your overall cloud strategy, how to achieve multi-cloud interoperability, and how to proactively plan to survive cloud infrastructure outages.

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Citrix CloudStack - Build Your Own Scalable Infrastructure Cloud with CloudStack

  1. 1. Shannon WilliamsVP Market Development, Cloud PlatformsRightScale User ConferenceWatch the video of this presentation
  2. 2. • Market-leading provider of cloud orchestration software – Platform designed from ground up for cloud – Proven in 60+ major cloud providers – Seasoned team with deep cloud expertise• Builds on strong footprint in cloud with Xen and NetScaler• Dramatically accelerates customer ability to deploy cloud infrastructures today
  3. 3. Service Aggregation Portal Applications SaaS DaaS Cloud Management PaaSIaaSHypervisorHardware
  4. 4. 1. Automated management of physical infrastructure2. On-demand provisioning of virtual infrastructure 1. Virtual Machine 2. Virtual Network 3. Virtual Disk3. API access to manage infrastructure4. Multi-Site Scalability5. Isolation of environments and Multitennancy
  5. 5. Iaas Cloud Define target customer use casesDetermine a set of required functionality Develop your technical architecture Implement a test environment
  6. 6. • Application Delivery• Software Development, Testing and Maintenance• SMB IT Services• High Performance Computing• Batch processing• Media Distribution• Disaster Recovery• Scale testing 7
  7. 7. Networking Storage Template Management VM Features Features Features Management Features• Resizing • Dedicated user • Persistent • Master • Delegated• High Availabity networks Storage Template Administration• Cloning • Integrated • Ephemeral Library • Live Migration• Monitoring Firewall Disk • User Template of VMs• Windows • Integrated • Automated upload • Live Migration Support Load Disk • User ISO of Storage• Linux Support Balancing Snapshots upload • Usage • IP Address • Cloud Storage • Blank VM Metering• Naming Management access creation • User Interface• Grouping • Multiple Guest • Disk • Private • Console• Security Networks Monitoring templates Access • VPN • Encryption • Template • Multi- Termination migration Hypervisor • Intrusion • Open-Source Prevention • Multi- Datacenter
  8. 8. Workload/Performance Requirements Hypervisor Virtualization LayerXen Server ESX Hyper-V KVM Networking/ Network Virtualization Gigabit 10G VLAN Flat Storage Platform (Block & Object)Local Disk ISCSI NFS Fiber Chanel
  9. 9. Availability Zone VMOps VMOps VMOps Pod CloudStack Pod Pod PodCloudStack Pod CloudStack Pod CloudStack Pod
  10. 10. CloudStack Management ClusterSan Jose Barcelona Miami Private Dehli Tokyo Private Rio
  11. 11. • Secure, multi-tenant cloud orchestration platform – Turnkey platform for delivering IaaS clouds – Hypervisor agnostic – Massively scalable, secure and open – Complete Self-service portal – Open source, open standards – Deploys on premise or as a hosted solution
  12. 12. (OSS/BSS, Monitoring, Identity Management , Etc) User Interface Developer API Open Administer End User Console Amazon StackOperational Integration Availability and Security Image Libraries Integration API Backup LB HA Monitor Application Catalog Dynamic Workload Management Custom Templates Resource Management Operating System ISOs Servers Storage Network Service Management (Billing, Metering, Accounts, etc.) Virtualization Layer Servers Network Storage
  13. 13. Extending Your Cloud Public Clouds Users Admins Management Server Zone 2 Zone 3 Private Cloud Hosted Private Cloud Zone 1 Private Cloud 14 14
  14. 14. Application Management: RightScale • Unified Hybrid-Cloud UI and API – Multi-Cloud Servers/Arrays – Multi-Cloud Server Templates – Multi-Cloud Images • Security, transparency and control II 1:1 ServerTemplate 1:N I Server Image IIrunnable abstraction software config runtime config cloud resources
  15. 15. 16
  16. 16.