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Managing Your Cloud Spend With PlanForCloud - RightScale Compute 2013


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Speaker: Hassan Khajeh-Hosseini - PlanForCloud Product Lead, RightScale

Learn the ins and outs of cloud cost management, including forecasting, comparisons, scenario modeling, and cost reporting. We will demonstrate how to use PlanForCloud and RightScale reporting to improve the cost information you have about your cloud applications.

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Managing Your Cloud Spend With PlanForCloud - RightScale Compute 2013

  1. 1. april25-26sanfranciscocloud success starts hereManaging Your Cloud SpendHassan Khajeh-Hosseini, Product ManagerRonnie Regev, Product Manager
  2. 2. #2#2#RightscaleComputeAgenda• Change to the Cloud – The Mind Shift• Phases of Cost Management• 1. Investigation and Planning• 2. Deploying and Monitoring• 3. Optimization• Note: We drink our own Champaign
  3. 3. #3#3#RightscaleComputeThe Cloud Mind ShiftVS
  4. 4. #4#4#RightscaleComputeMind Shift = Confusion = Slipping on CostsNo help from Cloud Providers … I want a serverCloud ProviderCloud (region)Server TypeOperating SystemPurchase Option- On-Demand- Reserved- 1 Year, 3 Year- Light, Medium, Heavy- Spot Currency14 months, 29 price changes
  5. 5. #5#5#RightscaleComputeHow complex can public cloud price be?12,000 Price Points!
  6. 6. #6#rightscalecomputePhases of Cost ManagementInvestigation and Planning
  7. 7. #7#7#RightscaleComputeInvestigation• Proof Of Concept (POC) projects• Architect the application• Think about services (compute, storage)• Think about workloads (temporary, permanent)• Think about cloud providers• Cloud Provider Features• Feature Matrix• Cloud Provider Performance• Some tools available• Might not be required at this stage
  8. 8. #8#8#RightscaleComputeCloud Providers – Cost• Things to note at this stage:• Server costs will be 80-95% of your costs, however, do not look past othercosts• You pay for the amount of storage you provision, not the amount you use• Look at different regions• Pay attention to currencies• Specific resources for specific use cases• If you terminate a server with a volume attached, you will still be charged forthe volume
  9. 9. #9#rightscalecomputePhases of Cost ManagementDeploying and Monitoring
  10. 10. #10#10#RightscaleComputeDeploying Cost Effective Infrastructure• Location, location, location !• Multi-region hosting ->• Can you do it?• Should you do it?• Account & deployment structures• Per Business Unit Line of Business Service• Or ….SDLC• Understand your license costs• Autoscale
  11. 11. #11#11#RightscaleComputeMonitoring Costs - Demo• Enterprise Manager Accounts• Account Quotas• Deployment Budget Estimate Widget• Report Manager Demo
  12. 12. #12#rightscalecomputePhases of Cost ManagementOptimization
  13. 13. #13#13#RightscaleComputeOptimization techniques• Resource Optimization• Using your existing resource more optimally• Looking at monitoring metrics & assess usage of resources (CPU,Memory etc)• Setting procedures in place• Using the correct resources for each job• Cost Optimization• Require business decisions to be made• Usually cloud provider specific – Purchase Options
  14. 14. #14#14#RightscaleComputeCost Optimization - Purchase Options• Commitment for a period of time, discounted rate• How do you want to pay?• AWS and Azure• Can you commit for a period of time?• Limited by a few factors. OS, Zone, Instance Type.• Drive behavior• Upfront vs Monthly costs• How do your budgets work for the upfront?• Monthly budget or one off upfront• Break even points• Historic usage vs Future Usage• Note: Next year, the same will maintain costs
  15. 15. #15#15#RightscaleComputeScenario Building• Import into PlanForCloud• Different Purchase Options• Different Regions• Different Resources
  16. 16. april25-26sanfranciscocloud success starts hereQuestions?