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Comenius Project

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. THE STUDENTS OF “A. LEONORI” INSTITUTE IN ROMECLASSES IIB ,IIIA(SECONDARy SCHOOL),IV (PRIMARy SCHOOL)Present:“The misadventuresof the puppetPinocchio”A musical comedy, loosely based on CarloCollodi’s book “Le avventure di Pinocchio”Actors:Pinocchio (P.)Geppetto (G.)The Talking Cricket (T.C.)The Cat (C.)The Fox (F.)Carabiniere one (C.1)Carabiniere two (C.2)Blue Fairy (B.F.)Fire-Eater, the Puppeteer (F.E.)Lucignolo (L.)
  2. 2. The Little Snail (L.S.)ChoirScene I: opening ballet with primary school children arranged below thestage.Music 1: Hello(A dark backcloth, a spotlight on a room divider, then a cloud of dust fromwhich Pinocchio tumbles off)Music 2: FavolaAnticaPinocchio: Oh, my God! How much dust in this garret. Ouch, it hurts!The talking Cricket: Pinocchio, Pinocchio, what are you doing?Pinocchio: But… Who’s there?The talking Cricket: I’m the Talking Cricket, your conscience. Don’t youremember me anymore?P.: No.T.C.: Well, what are you doing here?P.: I don’t want to stay here anymore, forgotten by them all. Childrenonce used to read my adventures. I was a hero with my lies. Nowadayschildren don’t read anymore. I want to be famous again!T.C.: I’m afraid you can’t.P.: Why?T.C.: You’ll get into a mess, as usual.P.: I made up my mind. I’ll go. Shall you come?T.C.: Ok!
  3. 3. Scene IIGeppetto: What a wonderful piece of wood! I’ll made a puppet of it. I’llgive you a name: Pinocchio, ‘cause you have been made of pinewood.Pinocchio: Hello, hello! I am Pinocchio. I have two hands, I have two feet,I have two arms, I have two legs, I have two eyes, I have two ears, I haveone mouth, I have one nose!G:Be a good boy. Take this book and go to school.P: Thank you, Daddy, goodbyeScene IIIP.: Finally free to play, not to study. Do you hear how good I talk? I’ll packmy suitcase and leave! If I stay here, I’ll have to go to school, to obey theteachers, to do my homework.On the contrary, I want to eat, drink, sleep, have fun and go out walkingin my neighbourhood.CARABINIERE 1: Is it you Pinocchio?P.: Yes, it’s me!CARABINIERE 2: Your dad is desperately looking for you!CARABINIERI 1 & 2: Follow us!P.: Nothing doing.T.C.: The Carabinieri take Pinocchiohome. Geppetto comes back homeand finds Pinocchio crying. He tells him his bad experience with the twoCarabinieri and promises not to escape anymore.
  4. 4. P.: From today I’ll be good and I’ll go to school.G.: Ok, I forgive you.T.C.:Geppetto gives Pinocchio his spelling-book back. What do you think?Did he keep his promise?P.: Today I’m learning to read, tomorrow to write.Music 3: Nel Paese Dei balocchiBut… What’s this music?... Ok, I’m going to see what happens…Scene IVC.&F.: Hello!P.:What are your names?F.: My name is Mr FoxC.: My name is Mr Cat. What is yours?P. : PinocchioV.: Pinocchio, play with us!P.: No, thanks. I must go to school.C.:There’s no hurry….Music 4: Il gatto e la Volpe(cat and fox)Scene VT.C.: My dear pupils, it’s always the same old story… Pinocchio is playingwith fire… to be precise… with Fire-Eater, the puppeteer. Ok, in the end,he’s moved and let him go…
  5. 5. P.: What a fright! Two thieves wanted me hanging from that tree… but Iescaped… Daddy, where are you? Help me!Music 6T.C.: The blue Fairy saves Pinocchio, takes him home, cures him and sothe puppet goes back to Geppetto and starts to attend school. The storycould have a happy ending… but… how unlucky… Pinocchio meetsLucignolo and together they go to the PaesedeiBalocchi, a place whereone lives in complete freedom only playing and having fun.P.: Hello Boy,what’s your name?L.:Hi! I’mLucignoloP.:My name’s Pinocchio. Where are you going in such a rush?L.: To the most fantastic country in the world… where you can dance,play, eat from morning till night and… you never go to school…P.: Never?!?L.: Never! You have my guarantee! Why don’t you come with me?P.: I’d like to, but I can’t… Daddy… The Blue Fairy… the schoolL.: I’m sorry! Well, now I go! Goodbye, Pinocchio!P.: Wow, it’s such a wonderful place!MUSIC 7: Ciao, Mamma Guarda Come Mi Diverto!Scene VIL.: Was I Right?P.: Oh, yes. I’m so happy to be here!L.: But… Today… I feel so strange…
  6. 6. P.: Me too!L.S.: What’s the matter with you, guys?P.: I don’t know. Maybe I’m ill…L.S.: A little bit…P.: Do I have a flu?L.S.: I’m sorry, but….P.: But?!?L.S.: You have a terrible disease.P.: What is it?L.S.: The donkey fever!P.: I don’t understand…L.S.: In two hours you won’t be a puppet anymore.P.: What will I be?L.S.: A little donkey.P.: Oh, poor me! Poor me!L.S.: All the children hating school and going to the Paese of Balocchi…become donkeys.P.: I only wanted to be a good boy.L.S.: Why did you go with Lucignolo?P.: Because… because… I’m just a woodenhead puppet… Hee Haw… HeeHaw…L.: I’ve got the same diseaseP.: You too…
  7. 7. L.: I really think so.P.: Ok, Lucignolo. Let’s take off our hats! One…. Two…. And three…L.: I can’t stand up… Help!P.: Neither do I.T.C.: You already know the rest of the story… Pinocchio, helped by theBlue Fairy, became again a puppet; he looked for his father, he found himin the stomach of a whale and together they went back home. Pinocchiowent to school and he didn’t tell lies anymore. One day he woke up andrealized to be a boy.You’re right, Pinocchio. Fairy tales are still useful. They can be moreeffective and involving than our parents and teachers’ advice…sometimes…P.: Now I’d like to know all the characters of this small theatreI’m really satisfied! Children didn’t forget me…