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Snow White s interview with our school headmaster


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Achieving an activity entitled “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ Interviews”, in which a group of eight pupils interview the teachers and pupils about the project's impact on them

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Snow White s interview with our school headmaster

  1. 1. Snow White’s Interview with Our School Headmaster Snow White: Hello, Miss Headmaster. May I take you an interview about the second Comenius multilateral project developed by “Liviu Rebreanu” School Mioveni? School Headmaster: Yes, you may. I am delighted to answer your questions. Talking about a project involving a lot of teachers and pupils is a real pleasure. Snow White: Can you tell me what impact has got the multilateral Comenius project 2012-2014 “The Voices from the Land” on our school? School Headmaster: It helps the pupils and teachers to acquire a lot of basic life skills and competences for their personal development, future employment and active European citizenship. Besides, all the activities we carry out really prove our echo school love for nature and our interest in protecting the environment in our region. I am convinced that, by promoting this Comenius project, we manage to reinforce the prestige of our school. Snow White: Have you participated in a mobility of this project? School Headmaster: Not yet, dear Snow White. But I will take part in the mobility in Latvia at the beginning of April 2014. I am looking forward to know the Latvian partner school. Snow White: I know the last meeting within this project will be in Romania. Have you already started the preparations for it? School Headmaster: Yes, we have. Thus, together the coordinating team of teachers and pupils in our school, we began to achieve a plan of this meeting. We want to show to our Comenius partners from Turkey, Poland, Italy, Latvia and Spain that we deserve the fame of hospitable people. Snow White: Now I want to thank you for giving me this short interview and to wish you good luck in your activity. School Headmaster: It was a pleasure for me to answer you, dear Snow White. You can assure your dwarfs that our school teachers will be happy to talk to them soon about our multilateral Comenius project. The characters of the interview: Tudose Rebeca as Snow White Maria Bădica as School Headmaster