Happy’s Interview


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Achieving an activity entitled “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ Interviews”, in which a group of eight pupils interview the teachers and pupils about the project's impact on them

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Happy’s Interview

  1. 1. Happy’s Interview with the Italian Teacher Mrs. Anna Rebecchi Happy: Good Morning, Mrs Rebecchi! May I have an interview with you about your experience in the Comenius Project “the Voices from the Land? Mrs Rebecchi: Of course! I’m happy to share with you my experience. This is not my first Comenius but it is very exciting, full of activities. Happy: What was the busiest activity when all the Comenius partners came to Italy, for you? Mrs.Rebecchi: We had a lot of things to do but I was most involved in the preparation of Pinocchio musical, I hope our Comenius friends liked it! Happy: I’m sure they did. And what about your mobility. Where did you go? what did you like most? Mrs Rebecchi: I went to Spain with the coordinator Raffaela, the headmaster, another teacher, Federica and four students. It was all fantastic, the Spanish team made a really good work. We spent interesting time visiting a lot of places (I loved Toledo!) and learning so much about their traditions and their Educational system. Happy: So in the end has the Project been an enrichment for the school in your opinion? Mrs.Rebecchi: Yes, of course! it has been a great enrichment in many points of view for all teachers, students, parents and all the territory around. Happy: Thanks a lot and have a good day! Mrs.Rebecchi: It has been a pleasure to talk to you about the Comenius Project! The interviewing dwarf: Diego Simbula as Happy