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Bashful, Dopey and Doc’s interview with some Romanian teachers


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Achieving an activity entitled “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ Interviews”, in which a group of eight pupils interview the teachers and pupils about the project's impact on them

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Bashful, Dopey and Doc’s interview with some Romanian teachers

  1. 1. Bashful, Dopey and Doc’s Interview with Some Romanian Teachers Bashful: Good afternoon, Mrs. Rădulescu. Have you time to give me an interview about the multilateral Comenius project “The Voices from the Land”? Mrs. Mariana Rădulescu: Yes, I have. It’s a great joy for me to be the teacher selected by you for this interview. I am ready to answer all your questions. Bashful: I know you are an important member of this multilateral Comenius project team in “Liviu Rebreanu” School. What is your main role? Mrs. Mariana Rădulescu: First I am the IT responsible, producing the website project. All the documents of the Romanian activities, as well as those of our partners from Italy, Spain, Turkey, Poland and Latvia are posted there. Dopey: Hello, Mrs. Berechet. May I ask you a short question? Can you tell me a few words about the impact of this Comenius project on “Liviu Rebreanu” School? Mrs. Daniela Berechet: This project helps all the pupils and the teachers in the partner schools to acquire English language competences, to make new European friends, to share each other some information about the daily life school, national customs or traditions and to improve the methods of teaching for a better education. Dopey: Have you participated until now in a mobility of this project? Mrs. Daniela Berechet: Yes, dear Dopey. I took part in the mobility from Turkey and I was very impressed by the nice Turkish school. Doc: I know, Mrs. Rizoaica, you have participated in the mobility from Italy. What did impress you more in the visited partner school? Mrs. Mihaela Rizoaica: First of all I want to mention the way in which the coordinating team cooperated in organizing the activities developed there. I think I will never forget the manner in which the Italians pupils performed the play “Pinocchio”. The dwarfs: We thank you all of you, teachers for giving us the interview. The teachers: Oh, with pleasure, dear dwarfs. The interviewing dwarfs: Andrei Ghinea as Bashful Eduard Enache as Dopey Sebastian Iordache as Doc