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  1. 1. THUMBELINAContent SummaryAct 1Scene 1In the LibraryA famous fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen is sitting in the library surrounded bychildren and telling them about the world which opens for you when you are reading books.Children want to act out a fairy-tale together and play a part in it. The writer agrees to tell them afairy-tale about a tiny girl Thumbelina.Scene 2The Fairy’s HouseA Fairy can more than others, she can even do magic. One day a woman came to her house tosee if she could help to have a child. The fairy took pity on the woman and gave her a seed toplant. When it blossoms there will be a tiny girl inside. But the Fairy warned the woman that herdreams would come true only if she wishes it very much.Scene 3Mother’s GardenMother’s garden is full of sun, floral scents and wonderful colours. But Mother’s most beautifulflower is her daughter Thumbelina who is grows and recieves Mother’s love. However,Thumbelina become more and more curious as she is growing. What is there beyond thegarden’s gates? She wants to explore the world. Mother doesn’t want to understand the girl. Oneday Swallow landed in the garden and in a song tells the dwellers of the garden about its long-distance journeys full of adventures. Thumbelina is very excited with Swallow’s song. Swallowflew off but Thumbelina hurried after the bird, leaving her Mother’s gardenAct 2Scene 5Above the groundThumbelina decided to stay with her Mother, but invisible ties will connect her with Swallow forall her life, because the girl’s heart got to know love.
  2. 2. Scene 2The Fairy’s HouseFairy SongFairyTo add some magic every dayIs easy, yet it’s not enoughAnd everything will be in vainWithout the touch of loveEvery little manWho comes on the EarthCarries a peace of sunFrom the day of his birthSo each of us should learn one dayTo conjure up and see the starsDistinguish good from badAnd never hide from love.Mother’s PrayerMotherOh! Fairy! You can everythingYou are so wise and kindBut all I want is –A small kidThat’s what on my mind.I want so muchTo swing the cradleCaress and cuddleMy little darling.FairyYour girl can emerge from the flower,It will be hiden inside.You girl is a gift from the sun,Hiden in the sunlight.MotherOh! Fairy! You can everythingYou are so wise and kindBut all I want is –A daughterI could care about.I want so muchTo swing the cradleCaress and cuddleMy little darling.
  3. 3. FairyAt night I will cast for youTake the seed and plant itWhen it blossomsYou dream will come trueIf you want it so muchFairyYou only wish, you just desire,Let magic power burn like fireAnd if your dream is very strongA Flower child will be bornChildrenAnd let life blossom like a flowerAnd reaches for the sunA Flower kid from flower budInhales the smell of dawn.You’ve got a name, and also flowerYour star’s up there in the skyYou have a lot of days and nightsBut what is more – a loving mother.EverybodyYou only wish, you just desire,You only wish, you just desire.Scene 3Mother’s GardenThumbelineGrasshoppers jump highLittle violets bloomIn tender rose petalsLike a bee I can hide.How big is a windowsill!I open the window wide…How beautiful is the world!Flowers are in the sight!My dreams are like birdsHigh in the blue sky,My thoughts are like butterfliesOver the summer meadow.The window opensThumbelineThe window opens, mom,The meadow in full bloomI want to jump, to play,Throw summersaults and run!
  4. 4. MotherThe window opens, but do not rushThe wind is blowing very nearThe wind will break the flowers, my dear.ThumbelineMom, the window opensAnd birds are singingI want to join themOh, let me go outside.MotherThe window opens and thunder’s sonthrows lightening sharp and fearsomeswallows fly low to the ground, my child.ThumbelineThe window opens, mom -the world is just awesome!Oh, let me go outside!MotherIn our house and gardenYou are always safeOn any path you goWith every flower playSwallow’s SongSwallowLike wind, like snow or blizzardI never settle down and calmMy flight, my way is like a capeFor this world and heaven.In Paris, Athens or RomeLooking down from the cloudsI see the ocean stretches outAnd the white iceberg floatsTo see it, to know itis never too muchWhile you are flying –you live and grow.What is good or bad – how to define?It’s clear when you’re flying high.There is a freedom like a flightLike sailing on a starry night.
  5. 5. Scene 5Above the groundHappy LandMotherThe dew drops on the leaves –Like early morning showerSoon will come the first sun raysWhich will open the flowerFairyLike a little golden seedHidden from viewA tiny girl or boy insideWill drink the drops of dewEverybodyThis land is just for usThis land aloneThe happy landWhere I found home.This land is just for usThis happy landThe meadows and the skyAnd birds which fly so high.ThumbelineJust like little birdsFlower kids can fly.We can give you the wingsIf you strive for the skyHans Christian AndersenAll our dreams and thoughts,Which only heart can see,May God let them flyAnd wings will never break.