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Week 1, Mass Media and Children

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Week 1, Mass Media and Children

  1. 1. Why Do We Care about Media’s Influence on Children? Paradigms ofEmpowerment and Protection Media and Children Fall 2012 Renee Hobbs
  2. 2. Development Happens: The Whole Human Being• Physical• Cognitive• Emotional• Social• Moral/Ethical
  3. 3. Videos DocumentHuman Development as a Process
  4. 4. Protection - Empowerment: A Two-Sided Coin
  5. 5. Protection
  6. 6. Empowerment
  7. 7. Fool’s Gold• What are the essential ingredients for healthy child development?• What’s wrong with trying to “speed up” the cognitive development of children?• How may early computer use affect the child’s body?• How may computer use affect social and emotional development?• How may computer use affect creativity and intellectual development?
  8. 8. • What is the difference between interactive and non-interactive media? Is it important? Why or why not?• Why is screen media not recommended for children under age 2?• What are examples of “appropriate” and “inappropriate” uses of technology?• What kinds of equity issues exist in children’s use of technology?• What benefits does interactive technology offer to children? How may digital media empower children and families?