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Teens and Technology


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A presentation from Natalie Bidnick on popular sites and apps used by teens today. All information copyrighted by Natalie Bidnick and may not be reused without written permission. Questions? Email

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Teens and Technology

  1. 1. Teens & Technology Navigate the digital world & create healthy habits © Natalie Bidnick
  2. 2. About Natalie Bidnick • A decade of experience in digital and social media strategy. Currently Digital Strategist at Elizabeth Christian Public Relations. • Consulted with more than 100 brands and professionals on extending and enhancing their online presence. • B.A. from Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Corporate Communications & Public Affairs. Master's degree from St. Edward's University focusing on Creative Writing. • "Early adopter" and one of the first Facebook users in Texas.
  3. 3. Presentation Overview • The current landscape of teens and technology -"How are teens generally behaving online?" • The three main categories of popular technology applications. -"What's the purpose behind each app or social network?" • A mindful approach to discussing technology with teens. -"How should I approach my teen about their digital footprint?"
  4. 4. Teens & Technology: The current landscape According to a 2013 study by the Pew Research Center, teens engage in the following online behaviors:  92% post their real name to the profile they use most often.  84% post their interests, such as movies, music, or books they like.  82% post their birth date.  62% post their relationship status.  24% post videos of themselves.
  5. 5. Social Media Overview: Three Ways Teens Use Technology 1.The New Yearbook & Magazines: Showcasing a life online. 2.The new way to text: Avoiding data traps and parental monitoring. 3. Secrets and Lies: Disappearing messages and "anonymous" conversations.
  6. 6. The New Yearbook & Magazines
  7. 7. Instagram Celebrities and Product Placement Celebrities such as Taylor Swift and the Kardashian family utilize Instagram to showcase their life and strategically sell products and brands.
  8. 8. Sending Texts "Under The Radar" These apps do use cell phone data, but do not show up on wireless bills or online accounts. Although teens may need to approve users who send them messages, each app appears more private than texting.
  9. 9. Secrets & Lies: The Tale of "Anonymity" in Apps Apps such as SnapChat, Whisper and Yik Yak promise anonymity or "disappearing content." Although many posts are harmless, these apps are opportunities for online gossip, bullying or other behaviors.
  10. 10. Secrets & Lies...continued
  11. 11. A mindful approach to Teens & Technology • When in doubt, use the "front yard test." • Introduce real-life examples (good and bad!). Encourage a positive, engaged digital "footprint." • Ask for your teen's opinion vs. their experience. • Stay informed on the latest trends through blogs such as Mashable, TechCrunch and Social Media Today.
  12. 12. Questions? Twitter: @nataliebid Email: