Magazine anaylisis almost done


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Magazine anaylisis almost done

  1. 1. Magazine Cover Development This is a presentation on the development of my magazine cover development. Using screen shoots of the tools used on Photoshop CS3 to create our magazine cover.
  2. 2. Research Before developing the magazine cover me and Abisola looked into other film magazine covers and the conventions that they used. We looked at Empire magazine and there cover and spread on Inception. This helped us identify the conventions that needed to be included in our magazine. Below is an analysis of inception I conducted to give me a better idea of what our magazine needed to include.Text slanted in towards Big red bold writing for the title ofLeonardo DeCaprio the film. This differs from the rest ofhighlighting him as the main the written text. This highlights it tocharacter. the audience not only making it eye catching, but highlighting this is the‘THE MATRIX MEETS 007 ON main feature in this magazine. AlsoSTERIODS1’ Not only is using the colour red is used emphasisesreference to another successful an occurring theme of the film asfilm. But uses a quote highlighting red symbolises danger .its an un biased opinion. This allwill appeal t the audience enticing Having his image in thethem to see the film. foreground highlights his impotence as the mainTag lines including what else character.features inside the magazineall to in entice the audienceto buy it. Highlighting it inred to make it noticeable.
  3. 3. Originally me and Abidiscussed using this image butwe found the the quality theimage was not a good enoughstandard for use in ourmagazine cover. Therefore weused the image that was takento use for the scene in thevoid. When the Producer islooking of a mood board ofmurders he has committedand is about to commit. Thiswas because of the camerathis was shot was HD thereforemore appropriate for the usein a magazine cover.
  4. 4. Tools usedFirstly using the Magic Wand Tool Ideleted the background of the imagethis just left me with the individualsface to work on darkening and makingmore scary. After this I used the Burn tool to burn the edge of the individuals face to make it darker. This creates a worn out old scary look to the individuals face. This was to highlight the darkness taking over this characters personality. Highlighting our theme of what existent people will go to achieve ‘success’ in ‘Fame’.The next tool used was aconventional Horizontal Type Tool thiswas to add the Title, taglines, Caption, Issue date , Websitedetails.
  5. 5. Too the left is the tools used to editlayers this allows you to hide or addlayers. By selecting this this allowsyou to edit something and place all thelayers on top. You can move one layerbehind the other. Meaning I can have animage in the foreground or bring it tothe front. This tool allows you tolock a layer meaning it cannot beselected or edited in anyway withoutunlocking it. As shown above is the tool used to manipulate the size, font type. This was very helpful as our font for the Magazine title and the font for the films title was different as this is a convention used often in magazines.
  6. 6. This is an image of theblending options that can beused to manipulate a rangeof thing within a layer. Forexample Drop Shadow ,InnerShadow, Outer Glow. Withthese options you can editthe Opacity and Size of theDrop Shadow for example.This allows you tomanipulate any layer addingany of the options shown inthe image to the left.
  7. 7. After using the Magic Tool too select the background and separate the image fromthe background . I then used the Burn Tool to darken and distort his face. Afterthis adding a white rectangle in the foreground of the image. This was to highlightthe importance of this character. And to differentiate the title of the magazine.
  8. 8. Then using the HorizontalType Tool to add text likethe Title and Detailsincluding date, issuenumber , website details.Using the Blendingoptions to blend the titleinto the BlackBackground. Also to addconventions such as BarCode to blend it into thewhite background. Alsoadding black outline tothe red writing.
  9. 9. Then adding taglines using the blending options to make the red outlinethe white writing this is because I wanted it to tie in with the magazinetitle. Also I used the blending options to emphasize the watched byadding Outer Glow and changing Opacity to 100% . The reason behindhaving ‘The Watched’ in was was to highlight it importance in themagazine . For example emphasising this is the main article that featuresin the magazine.
  10. 10. FeedbackAfter completing the magazine cover I was given feed back in lesson to what changes could be made to the magazine cover . For example to change the background colour as she felt there was to much white in the background. Also change the shape of the image as she felt his face was too wide.
  11. 11. Changes made.. Adding white noise into the background to fill some off the white space. But also relate it to the narrative-linking it to television.Selecting the image of thecharacter. Holding downCommand, Shift and ‘T’ down. I added the Magazines tag line ‘Allowed me to manipulate the Enter the world of cinema’ Thisimage of the characters face is because tagline is conventionwith out distorting it in anyway. for all magazines. As it gives a brief description of what genre your magazine is the type ofThe positioning of the articles it prints. It wascover lines were important positioned directly under thebecause I had to insure that masthead as this was the mostthe image was not covered ascetically pleasing .by them in anyway. This willhighlight the importance ofthis character to theaudience. Differentiating the Main Headline from the cover lines because this is they main article inside. The article that going to attract the reader the The positioning of the mos. I did this by making this red barcode as I felt this with black outline this was the was the best possible opposite to the other taglines but position. That would fit kept in with the colour shame. in with the posting of the cover lines.