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Logo and Title

  1. 1. QuickTime™ and a QuickTime™ and a QuickTime™ and a decompressor decompressor decompressor are needed to see this picture.are needed to see this picture. are needed to see this picture. Logo And Title Research This is a presentation on my research into talent contest television shows logos and titles. This will help me know what conventions to use in a logo and title, and allow me to see the differences a similarities between the two. Also inspire ideas we can use for our logo and title for our talent contest that features in our trailer and what works well and what doesnt work well. QuickTime™ and a QuickTime™ and a decompressor decompressor are needed to see this picture. are needed to see this picture.
  2. 2. Logo Research Looking at different logos for talent contest television shows and talkingabout how these can help use develop our own logo for our talent contestthat feature in the trailer. As this will help us make it look more professional and teach use way we can relate the logo to the title.
  3. 3. QuickTime™ and a QuickTime™ and a QuickTime™ and a decompressor decompressor decompressorare needed to see this picture. are needed to see this picture. are needed to see this picture. Britains Got The Voice The X Factor TalentThere are many similarities between these logos such as they notonly all use the colour red, but they use bold bright colours thismakes it more eye catching and stand out to the rest. They allhave symbols used in there logo the ‘X’ for X Factor also the staruses in ‘BGT’ and the hand making a ‘V’ shape The Voice. Theyall use and effect for the background of the logo for X factor it’s‘lazar beams’ and for BGT its ‘sparkle firework’ effect, and forThe Voice it’s ‘Faded red’ effect. Also they all use short wordsthat are easy to remember.
  4. 4. Evaluation of Logos:Overall I think my group will have to take intoconsideration about what colour scheme we used andhow this will relate to the talent contest . Also anotheraspect we need to think about is the specific symbol touse in our logo that relates to the title and show. Weneed to make the logo memorable and stand out formthe average television talent contest logos we see inthis country. Also we need to think about the effectswe use on the logo and different editing techniques wewant to use.
  5. 5. Title Font Research Using ‘DaFont’ website I have researched and analyzed differentfont types of font that we can use for our title for television talent contest and looking and conventional fonttypes and unconventional font types.
  6. 6. ShowTime Font This is a very typical font used for ‘reality , showbiz’ type of television show. I like the style of the font and feel that it willrepresents a materialistic and stereotypical talent contest. Which fits in with our plot very well and will help convey this to ouraudience. Also we could incorporate more than one color in our talent show title.
  7. 7. Budmo Font This Font is similar to fonts we see on stereotypical talent shows. I like it because it’s simplistic and this means it will stand out if we use bold colors. The circles in the middle ofthe font represent stage lights linking to behind the scenes oftelevision show.Connecting to the narrative of our trailer.
  8. 8. Distracted Music Font This font is symbolizing a music sheet and the font style of the writing simplistic. If I used this for the talent contest title thecolours used ‘black’ and ‘white’. Might represent the dark side toshowbiz and pressure involved with musical success. Relating to our plot for our trailer and helping convey this to our audience,
  9. 9. Tile Evaluation:Overall looking at different font types to use for our talent contest title has really helped me develop my understanding of what it should include. And way we can subtletyconvey aspects of the plot through the title. This then gave me idea of usingthe title of the talent contest maybe as the film as this will relate to the plot of our film.