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Evaluation question 2


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Evaluation question 2

  1. 1. How Does Your Main Product and Your Ancillary Texts Link Together?
  2. 2. Magazine Cover.Our 3 texts link together in a combinationof visual synergy. Both our Poster and ourMagazine are raising the brand awarenessof our film. Our Magazine uses the mainimage of our Movie Star, however withthe Magazine we have added a moreprofessional photo shoot feel by takingadditional photographs. Both the posterand the magazine cover tell different parts We used a sepia toneof the story whilst remaining in synergy. throughout our three productsThe poster shows predominantly the to represent the period aspecthorror aspect of the movie, whilst the of our story. With the magazinemagazine is focusing more on the period in particular we used a sepiaside and the idea of the 2 stories that run tone in the background and onthroughout our trailer. We wanted both the image of our main actor atthe past and the present to feature on the the front. However we used acover as this is a big part of our Hybrid colour image of our main actorgenre of “Found-Footage Period Horror”. again in the second image of herAs we used the same actor to play both on the cover to represent thethe main female protagonist of the past time difference between theand the present in our trailer I thought it two characters played by thewould be a unique idea to have them both same actor. The styling of thefeature on the magazine cover, although it two looks also represent theis essentially the same person, we used difference. Rather than use aalternative styling and effects to show the screen shot from the trailer fordifferences between them. the Magazine cover we decided to take a separate photo shoot for the magazine cover to create a more professional feel.
  3. 3. Movie Poster.Our poster continues the synergy and is intheme with our horror genre. The mainimage is different to what we have usedon the magazine but it is a still straight out The colours in the poster are inof the trailer, it is a memorable moment in synergy with the colours on thethe trailer and is one of the last things you magazine cover and the trailer, wesee in the trailer. Having this as the poster have used very subdued tones.ties in well as it means the last thing they Typical of a horror movie we haveremember from the trailer is the first thing used black and red, along with athey see on the poster and this will sepia tone to represent the periodresonate with the audience as it will be a feature of our film. The lighting onrecognizable image stamped into their the face of the main image ismind. The main text for the name of the effective I feel as it casts shadows infilm is in the same font as the trailer her eyes and mouth and so her facialhowever we have changed it from the features aren’t instantlyblood red that it is in the trailer to a more recognizable. The lighting we usedsubdued tone of red, we wanted to was just xenon headlights of my carachieve a mud red to mix in the themes of as we filmed at night, however wethe lane and the blood shed. The poster is feel this has created the perfectcompiling of 3 images which is in synergy desired effect on the image. Thewith the magazine which comprises of 2 strap line at the top of the posterimages on the cover, and unusual “what they saw will cost them theirconvention for a magazine. The poster has lives” comes straight out of thethe mian statement image which draws trailer and so this again showsthe audience in however it then has 2 instant synergy between these twosmaller images at the bottom which aren’t products. We have used the samenoticeable unless looked at closely. 1 is of colour for this strap line as in thethe lane and the other is the flash image trailer and this all adds to theof the killer which appears in the trailer. audiences recognition of the poster being linked to the trailer.
  4. 4. Synergistic Features – Trailer and PosterThe synergy between the fonts used in both the trailer and inthe poster are the same with slight colour difference; the fontin the poster is more of a burnt red whilst the colour of thetrailer text is blood red. This slight difference I feel isimportant asI think that as much as we want synergy we alsowant there to be a difference between each of the productswe have created. The magazine is the most different in style,that is because it would not have been created by the filmsproducers and so therefore it would have its own uniquestyle, in keeping with the synergy but stylistically different.However the synergy between the poster and the trailer isvery high and the two products do become one big package.
  5. 5. Synergistic Features – Magazine and TrailerThe main synergistic features between our trailer andour magazine cover is the feature of the femaleprotagonist. We used one actress to portray both pastand present female roles and so this is a uniquefeature that we carried across to the cover of ourmagazine. We also continued the theme of using asepia tone for the past character however the presentday character is seen in saturated colour. We used thethe same colour scheme in all 3 of our productshowever we chose to use a different font on the coverof the magazine as I felt it would have been producedby the magazine and not the film production companyand so stylistically it would be different as themagazine would be targeting its own reader.
  6. 6. How Does Your Main Product and Your Ancillary Texts Link Together? Overall the strong links between our three media pieces are the font- this has created an identity for our film and is an easy an effective way of linking them all together. The reoccurrence of the main female protagonist- when an audience sees the actress they will instantly know what film she is because of the focus on her throughout. Our female character is perceived in the poster as you would expect from a horror film, she is shown as helpless and in pain. Whereas in the magazine cover we see the story behind the film portrayed in a more artistic way. We could have shown various different characters throughout our cover and poster, such as the killer or the male protagonist but this wouldn’t have been as effective in making a brand. The colour scheme through our trailer and poster is predominately black and red, following in the typical horror genre. The colours can then link the pieces together, however because the colour combination is so popular within horror films the relation may not be that strong. The colour scheme doesn’t appear so predominantly in the magazine front cover and I think to make the correlation stronger we could have used more of the same font and colours within the cover. To make our whole brand stronger I think we could have used a stronger colour scheme and more effectively.