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Question 1 mag


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Question 1 mag

  1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop and orchallenge forms and conventions of real media products? Magazine.
  2. 2. Research on existingmagazines.Here I have done some research on well known magazinecompanies and I looked at some products these companies haveproduced. These companies are Empire, Entertainment Weeklyand Film. I did this because I wanted my own products to look asprofessional as they could. I then decide to place pictures ofexisting magazines in Microsoft publisher and analysis each ofthe pictures. This system will help me to decide whichtechniques to use on my own magazine.
  3. 3. Empire magazine.
  4. 4. It’s good that they added reviews such as ultimate review and the I chose this magazine cover Oscars special, this helps to promote the magazines. It is also under because it stands out from their the masthead which tells people that this is a good magazine and it usual designs. The masthead is worth reading. not on full display, this might be because it’s a well-known title. It also ties in with the theme of the The bar code is placed film i.e. the film is the iron man neatly in the corner. It and the masthead is featured as also ties in with the electric. colour scheme as the background of the bar code is white and so is some of the text on the I also like how they have played magazine. on the word Clooney. Clooney is an actor and obviously features in this magazine. I think this is I like how they have cleverly done as it fits up the top added other shows at of the magazine but still gives the bottom of the the information. magazine and how they have emphasised them stating they are ‘THREE AMAZING EXCLUSIVES’.They also comment on when the I feel this makes thefilm is debuted however I feel this magazine complete as ifcould be done in a more clear way they didn’t have theas it just says ‘ALL HAIL THE KING extra picture at theOF 2010’. bottom then the bottom of the magazine would look empty.
  5. 5. Entertainment Weeklymagazine.
  6. 6. I like how the masthead has a separate piece of text at the end. It informs the reader that the magazine does a weekly edition. It also stands out because it is a different colour and different font from the main masthead.There is a clear colour On this magazinescheme that is used on this cover the main imagemagazine cover. The colour is Johnny Depp’sscheme also ties in with the character. This imagefilm. We can tell what genre sets the whole scenethe film might be because of up for the magazine.the colours for example I feel This image alsothat this film will be quite suggests that thedark because they have used genre is a horror. Thisa dark red. They have also is because theused white and light blue photograph is awhich are cold colours. This stereotypical one of aties in with the image as the horror genre.character looks cold anddark. We can clearly see a known actors name inI like the different font big bold letters. Thisstyles because it makes catches our eyethe magazine look more because of the fontprofessional and colour. There are alsointeresting. I also how the other actor’s names innumber is in big bold bold to help advertisewriting. the film. The layout of the magazine is neat and condense. The text layout of the text is in the bottom and top corners opposite one another.
  7. 7. Total Film magazine.
  8. 8. Here we have the usual totalHere is a magazine film mast head. Again thewhich is covering the mast head is behind theTOTAL FILM people. The mast headMAGAZINE. As we can takes up quarter of thesee it is an unusual magazine cover. The titlemagazine cover but the above also reflects thetheme fit in well with magazine theme as it saysthe theme of the film. THE MODERN GUIDE TOThe whole of the cover MOVIES. This reflects theis made up of people’s magazine cover because itfaces. Again this fits in is a new style. THEwell with the theme of MODERN GUIDE TOthe film. This magazine MOVIES title is in front ofwould also stand out on the people. It also standsthe shelf because it’s out more because it’s inso different to others. front of the people.Here we can see the The text at the bottom alsomain character that is in is in front of the people. Thethe film. He is behind all text also plays on word as itof the individual people. states Get Connected. ThisThe picture looks quite is a play on words as Thewashed out however Social Network is on thethat doesn’t matter internet. People might findbecause of strange this quite amusing. It alsotheme throughout the gives us an idea the socialmagazine. network is specified on facebook.
  9. 9. Masthead.When looking at all of the magazinemastheads I noticed that the majority of themastheads were placed in front of mainpicture. I have also decided to use thisconvention and have done the same on myown magazine. I also used a similar colour ofEntertainment Weekly for my mastheadbecause it was the most appealing colour outof all the magazine mastheads. The colouralso went well with the theme of themagazine because the blue could be seen asa cold colour. The colour also goes really wellwith the mood of the picture.
  10. 10. Background.When looking at the backgrounds of magazines I noticed thatthe covers that has a lot of information on had plainbackgrounds i.e a picture whereas magazine covers with a lot ofdetail on the picture such as Total Film Social network editionhad less information on than others. I didn’t want anydistraction on my magazine so I decide that the whole of mymagazine background would be the main picture. I decided thisbecause the picture was black and white which means that anycolour scheme would go with it. This also meant that I could addon more information on my own cover.
  11. 11. Colours match the font onprevious slide. Forexample pink arrows = barcode.
  12. 12. Conventions.I looked at the cover stories on Empires Harry Potter edition and used the layout on my own magazine. I chosethis edition because I felt that the cover looked organised and neat. The individual stories are easy to read andthe magazine looks interesting. Each of these points below are featured on Empire’s Harry Potter edition andmy on magazine product.•Empire have put an award on their magazine cover I have decided to use this on my own magazine so I haveadded the an award from the previous year so my target audience would know that this is a good magazine toread. I also put it under the masthead so the award would be associated with this magazine.•Empire has put in a MASSIVE PREVIEW SPECIAL on their cover. I have decided to use this and have also usedthe MASSIVE PREVIEW SPECIAL because I thought it was a great item for people to spot when its on the shelf.•Empire has put in cover other stories such as 45 films you need to know about. I have developed this andhave included the extra information about 35 new films that you need to know about. I added this in because Ithought that this would encourage more people to pick up the magazine and buy it.•Empire has also included films down the side of the magazine. I have decided to use this and have included alist of other films that viewers might be interested in. This could also help sell my magazine.•Empire has more films at the bottom of the cover. I have used this and added some more film names at thebottom of the magazine. This helps make the cover look more packed which is what I was going for. I alsoadded the lines that helped me separate the films up, the lines also helped the colour scheme carry onthroughout my magazine.•Empire has placed their mast head in front of their image. I have used this and have placed my masthead infront of my picture. I did this because I wanted my masthead to be in the fore ground so nothing obstructed theview.•Empire have placed a website on their magazine. I have used this and I have added my own website. I haveplaced the website for my magazine under the mast head on the right. This is because there was enough roomunder the masthead and it can also be seen easily .•Empire have added the characters name and a quote from the film. I have developed this and I have added aquote under the title. The quote says ‘ The best horror film in years’. I have done this again to help advertise myfilm. I have also placed the title above it just to remind people what my film is called and the title will beassociated with the character.•Empire have place the bar code in the bottom right. I have used this and I have also placed the bar code in thebottom right of the magazine. I did this because the bar code is place neatly out the way but when taken to thetill it can easily be scanned. Empire did the same with there edition of Harry Potter.