Ancillary tasks


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Ancillary tasks

  1. 1. ANCILLARY TASKSEmpire Magazine Cover & Nightmare on Elm Street Film Poster
  2. 2. The strapline that reads ‘Movies biggest year ever’ entices people to read it.This button attracts thereaders’ attention as Masthead is shown at thethey use a bold colour top of the page so thatthat stands out from the customers can easilybackground. They are identify what thealso a good way of magazine is when goinginforming the readers of to buy one. Empire is alsoa feature in the a well known and popularmagazine; linking to the magazine, so they arefocal image. able to cover a section of the masthead with the image.For the image they use along shot of the main Cover lines are used tocharacter, which shows notify readers of otherhis power. articles that will be in the issue. They have used a lighter coloured font forThe extra cover lines the text, so that it standsinform the reader of the out against theother articles that will be background.included in the issue.They have used a brightcoloured font so that itstands out from the Barcodebackground; making itclear to read.
  3. 3. I have placed the strapline atthe top following the codesand conventions of Empire I have positioned the masthead atmagazine. Doing this is a the top of the magazine, so thatway to attract the readers to people can easily identify it whenbuy the magazine. they are displayed in shops. For my main image, I have chosen a close up image of the villain to attract the readers attention and to create a connection between the villain and the audience. I have added a button following the conventions Of Empire magazine as it is a good way to attract readers. It has a bold outline so I have placed cover that it really stands out lines to notify readers from the background. what else is included in the magazine. I have created extra cover lines to inform readers of other articles and Just like Empire, I have placed the celebrities that will also barcode at the bottom of the page, so be included in the issue. that it does not get in the way of the main image.
  4. 4. The image is a medium shot of the main villain, where they have half of his face hidden which would frighten the reader because they are unknown to the villains identity. In this poster the image is the focal point.They have credits printedat the bottom of theposter in a very small This tagline contains a briefprint, so it doesn’t draw synopsis of the film and theyaway the attention of use a pun using the wordthe image, but still ‘nightmare’ linking with theinforms the audience of film. They also use the wordthe production team and ‘your’, which makes thecast. audience feel like they are part of the film.Release dates are used to The title is at the bottominform the audience of the poster showingwhen it will be released. that the image is moreThey place it at the important. It is also in redbottom of the poster, so it font linking to horrordoes not take focus away paradigms.from the image.