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Final adapted storyboard


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Final adapted storyboard

  1. 1. Final Adapted Storyboard This is a presentation on uploaded scans of our final storyboard.That had been adapted to our new plot but still using as many shotsfrom the old storyboard. As the new narrative had related aspects to the old one so therefore made it easier to recreate.
  2. 2. Screen One This is the first part of our storyboard. Basically conveying that itsbased around a talent contest. Also it introduces the characters and gives you an insight into there personalitys
  3. 3. Screen TwoThis is the second screenshot it conveys the main theme in the film. Which is the extents people will go to, to be successful in fame.
  4. 4. Screen ThreeThis is the third section of our storyboard. And it highlights what the contestants are doing to harm themselves. And the disruption in the narrative.
  5. 5. Screen FourThis is screen four of our storyboard. This also conveys the different ways thecontestants are hurting themselves to obtain success in the fame industry.And introduces the villain and the brutal murders.
  6. 6. Screen FiveThis is where the more disruptions happen. And the deathsand strange happenings become more frequent.
  7. 7. Screen SixThis is where you see more of the killer and the murders. And this allowsthe audience to make connections between the motive of the murderer.And how this connects with the contestants personal issues. Alsohighlights the theme of the film again.
  8. 8. Screen SevenThis is the seventh screen shot in the storyboard. It conveys moreabout the plot and about the killer.
  9. 9. Screen EightThis is the last screen shot it convey thecredits and information about the film andthe release date.