Digital stratedgy


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Digital stratedgy

  1. 1. Digital strategy This is a presentation on the digital strategy that we created. In previousblogs I have talked about the benefits of having a digital strategy.
  2. 2. Evaluation• Twitter allows followers to ‘follow’ our Films Page keeping them up to date with latest press and advertisement changes. Also allowing them to comment and hash tag our film in tweets meaning their friends will see the film page too.• It also allows us to promote other promotional tools such as Facebook Page, news articles written on the film. Also the trailer and links to where people can see the film and any merchandise that has been crated can be promoted on here.• It allows for the opportunity for it to reach the top ten trends meaning thousands of people that use twitter and look at the top ten trending list that twitter supplies will see our films hash tag #The Watched• Overall I feel twitter offers grate potential for advertisement reaching millions world wide. And can be used to promote a wide range of promotional tools used or associated with our film.
  3. 3. Evaluation• Allows for people to ‘like’ page meaning this will show up on there friends newsfeed. Meaning it will reach vast amount of people in a short space of time.• People can ‘share’ the page meaning it will come up as a status. Meaning more people will see it and this works as a cheap and quick promotional tool.• People can comment and like posts made by ‘The Watched’ facebook page. Giving there feedback and opinion on particular posts.• Images can be uploaded to the facebook page that will come up in the ‘Newsfeed’ of those who have liked the page.• Overall I feel facebook works as a really good digital strategy because its able to promote an number of things related with the film in a short space of time. And can get fans to interact vertically with a number of aspects making them feel more involved. Thus making them more dedicated to seeing the film