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Title and competition logo


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Title and competition logo

  1. 1. Title and Competition LogoThis sis a presentation on the title for ourfilm and the program and effects we usedand the purpose of these effects. And thecompetition logo and the effects used and our reason behind this.
  2. 2. We used the tagline Title “Programmed to function” this relates to the theme. And the plot as it highlights that is based on the extremes Programme we used was people will go to, to Photoshop Adobe this was achieve fame andbecause it has a range of editing fortune. We decided that tool to use. the font used here was to ‘normal’ looking and didnt look very We decided to use this font professional so we have because we thought that it decided to change the represented distorted television. font to this. Fitting in with the theme that we trying to highlight to the audience. That they are being broadcasted on television and linking with the pressures of being watched by thousands. We decided red would be a good colour to us We also used white noise in the because it represented background again to highlight the ‘blood’ another symbol theme of television to the of Horror. Highlighting audience. the genre of our film to its audience.
  3. 3. Evaluation Overall all I think that this title works really well atconveying the main themes that feature in our film,and looks professional. However I think that the font for the tag line need to be changed urgently. And I think when this is done the title will overall be complete to a professional standard
  4. 4. The Competition Logo The background is meant to look like dressing room light• Programme we used was bulbs again relating to Photoshop Adobe this was the ‘glitz and because it has a range of glamour’ of fame. editing tool to use. Also it is relates to the backstage aspect of the show. The star is used because through research into The font used was chosen and analysed in a talent competition Logo’s in a slide share blog a few weeks ago about logo typography. posted on my blog a few weeks ago. That they We decided to use ‘Budmo’ font because it often use a shape of symbol in there logo that represented showbiz well. It relates to makes it recognizable. So we decided a star perceived ‘glitz and glamour’ of the fame could take the place of the ‘a’. So that it industry. related to the name of the show.
  5. 5. Evaluation Overall I think that the competition logo really relates and represents the stereotypical ‘cheesy’ talentcompletion. Through the typography and shapes used are all convention I have seen in other talentcompetitions such as The Voice. The typography used really represents the false glamour of fame well.