Magazine analysis


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Magazine analysis

  1. 1. Total Film Magazine
  2. 2. The masthead is in a The background ofbold white font the main image actsenabling it to stand as the background ofout. The colour of the the magazine. Thismasthead changes allows the magazine to fully promote thewith every issue to fit a main feature. Thenew colour scheme. mise-en-sceneRobert Downey Jr.’s reveals a lot about thehead is covering some film before the readerof the masthead even begins to readlettering. This adds a the feature; thesense of mystery and smoky/out of focuscould therefore relate background connotesto his film/character. mystery as the readerThe anchorage text ispositioned in front of cannot make out thethe main image hidden objects; Theallowing the reader to protagonist’s costume highlights themake a direct and era/setting of the filminstant link between and also fits in withthe two. The the dark colourtypography reflects the scheme; The way ingenre of the film as the which the protagonistplain, traditional font is addressing therelates to the time audience again addsperiod in which the film mystery and also begsis set. the question of should this man be trusted?
  3. 3. The date, price and The secondary coverwebsite are all in a lines are also includedsmall typography on the front cover – thisunderneath the is usually conventionalmasthead. This shows in most magazines.that they are not the The secondary storiesmost important element are listed quickly, givingon the cover. The an idea as to what iswebsite, however, is in inside but not drawinga slightly larger font as attention away from theit is quite important in main feature. The usebroadening the fan of wording for the The smaller images atbase. headings draws the the top of the page give reader in as they want the reader an insight as to know more. to what other films they can expect to read Laura Mulvey’s about. Each picture representation theory of includes a direct ‘The Female Gaze’ address to the relates to the main image audience, drawing the on this front cover, as reader in. This well as the cover of contrasts to ‘Empire’ Empire, as Robert and ‘Glamour’ which Downey Jr. has been don’t include any used as an „object of secondary image on desire‟ in order to attract most of its magazines. a female audience.
  4. 4. Empire Magazine
  5. 5. Similarly to ‘Total Film’ The main imageand ‘Glamour’ the consists only of onemasthead is in a bold, character from the film.eye-catching font in order This shows the readerto attract consumers and that he will be the mainstand out from other character and thereforemagazines. Usually the attracts this actor’s fansmagazine has a red as the main targetmasthead throughout audience. Similarly toeach issue, however in a ‘Total Film,’ thenumber of circumstances, background of the mainincluding this issue, it has image acts as thebeen changed to fit the background of thegenre and colour scheme magazine allowing theof the main feature. This reader to dissect a lotis also a convention of about the film before‘Total Film’ magazine. A reading about it; thefurther convention of use of the Americanmagazines, including flag, along with the‘Total Film’ is to have the repetitive Americanmain image covering colours tells the readersome of the masthead that the film will be verylettering. This shows the patriotic and gives a lotmain image to be the away about the setting;most important thing on the actor’s stance,the cover and immediately shield and facialattracts a target audience. expression highlights the genre of the film (action).
  6. 6. The date and price The selling lineis located just above promotes thethe masthead in a magazine by makingsmall font. This shows it sound morethat it is not overly attractive toimportant information consumers.yet its location makes iteasy for the reader to The anchorage text issee if needs be. positioned in front of the main image, as it is on the cover ofThe secondary ‘Total Film,’ in order tocover lines are create a direct link toplaced in a single list the main image. Theas this allows more typography is a similarroom for the main font the film artworkfeature to be making it easilypromoted. They are recognisable to theshort and catchy to reader. The sub-draw the reader in heading (“Howand expand the summer‟s biggesttarget audience by superhero went toadvertising multiple war”) corroboratesfilms. with the colour scheme and also hints about details of the film and what the article is about.
  7. 7. Rick Altman’sgenre theory relatesto this magazine as Propp’s theory ofsemantic elements, character roles fitssuch as the shield, into this magazine asreveal to the reader it is clear to see thatthat the film being Chris Evans (mainpromoted is action. image) will play the hero in his film and one can therefore inferThe pug is a vibrant that there is likely tocolour to draw the be a villain featuredattention of the inside.reader. It relates tothe main feature andthereby further Similarly to ‘Total Film’promotes it. Laura Mulvey’s representation theoryThe footer bar is of ‘The Female Gaze’included to promote relates to the mainextra features of the image on thismagazine. Usually, magazine as Chrisand in this case, it Evans has beenpromotes a free placed as somethingposter in an attempt to to look at.attract consumers.
  8. 8. Glamour Magazine
  9. 9. The masthead is Unlike ‘Total Film’ andin a bold, eye- ‘Empire’ thecatching font in order background of theto attract consumers. magazine is separate toThe masthead colour the main image as thischanges every issue makes the celebrityto fit a new colour stand out much morescheme. Similarly to and removes‘Total Film’ and distractions. The way in‘Empire’ Beyoncés which Beyoncé ishead is covering posed is a lot moresome of the care free than inmasthead lettering ‘Empire’ and ‘Total Film’showing her as the as this main image ismain feature and the not trying to reflect amost important part particular mood of aof the cover. genre. The clothing of the celebrity is lightly coloured and plain as itThe date and website is in most issues of thisare located underneath magazine. Although thethe masthead in order main image alsoto be noticeable portrays a direct, thewithout removing celebrity featured hereemphasis from the rest appears moreof the magazine. trustworthy than in ‘Total Film’ magazine. This could be due to her posture and the bright colours.
  10. 10. The banner includes the selling The pug also includes line of the magazine. the price of the Like ‘Empire’, this magazine. This makes ensures that it is it more appealing to noticed by the consumers as it gives consumer as it helps the impression of a to promote the sale or extremelyThere are more cheap price. magazine.secondary cover lineson this magazine thanon ‘Total Film’ or The anchorage text‘Empire’. This draws the on this magazine isreader in as they get an located to the side ofinsight as to how much the main image and,they can find in this unlike in ‘Total Film’,magazine and also ‘Empire’ and ‘Cahiersbroadens the fan base du Cinema’ theas it shows a variety of typography is muchdifferent articles. Two of smaller. This goesthe cover lines are in a against conventionslarger typography than and makes it muchthe anchorage text harder to establish ansuggesting they are of immediate linkmore importance. They between the mainare also quite feature and image.misleading as on firstglance, they appear asthe main feature.
  11. 11. Similarly to ‘TotalFilm’ and ‘Empire,’Laura Mulvey’srepresentation theory of‘The Male Gaze’ fitsinto this magazine. Theclothing of the celebrityis minimal revealing herbody and her overallposture hints that shehas been placed as an‘object of desire’. Blulmer and Katz’s ‘Uses and Gratifications Theory’ relates to this magazine as people read ‘gossip’ magazines for reasons such as identity, diversion and education.
  12. 12. Cahiers du Cinema
  13. 13. Unlike in ‘TotalFilm’, ‘Empire’ and As in ‘Total Film’ and‘Glamour’ the ‘Empire’ themasthead is layered background of theover the main image main image acts asand is not in an overly the background ofbold or eye-catching the magazine. Thistypography. This allows the magazinesuggests that what’s to fully promote thein the magazine is main feature andmore important. The makes the covermasthead typography more aestheticallystays the same pleasing. The mainthroughout each issue image relates toof the magazine. Barthes’ representation theory – theThe date, website magazine hasand issue number specifically chosenare all located around an image whichthe masthead as this portrays amakes them easy to mythical/fairytale likespot. The price is representation ofplaced alongside the people. This helps tobarcode showing it to give the audience anbe unimportant. insight into the film without giving anything away.
  14. 14. Unlike ‘Glamour’,‘Total Film’ and‘Empire’ thismagazine has nosecondary coverlines or images onthe cover. Thisshows how importantthe main feature isby removing anyother distractions.The anchorage textis the largest piece oftext on the page andis in a whitetypography in orderto stand out from theimage. This makes iteye-catching. Theway in which it ispositioned coveringthe main imageshows the readerthat the two relate.