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  1. 1. Editing Using I MovieHere’s a presentation on the application that was used for editing our footage. I will explain what we tool were used. And evaluate what went well and what did not go well in the editing process.
  2. 2. Here are the range of tool I Movie offersYou can select certain part of the footage and edit this particular selection. Wither that be moving it or cutting it down. By moving the red line to the selected frame you can split the clip in half. This then allows you to freely move the frame into chosen piece of footage. Allows you to perform range of editing options to the split clip.
  3. 3. This tool allows you to add on sound effects from sound effects library. Meaning less likely to need to produce Foley sound and means it’s quicker and easier then hunting the internet for different sound effects to import.This tool allows you to selecta frame and edit the audiofor example bring soundvolume up or down. Orchange the visual setting likecontrast or tone of theimagery . Also allows you tocrop and rotate selectedfootage.
  4. 4. EvaluationOverall because of past experience in using I movie I found using theapplication very easy. Once the footage had finally been transferred to IMovie. Me and Angus made changes to the edit of the trailer such asshortening the clips and relocating the introduction of the song. But MrRosen was not impressed with our work so retuned to original format. Ifeel that the editing process was the most complicated part of the wholeproduction. Because of miss communication and lack of enthusiasm fromother members to stay after school and edit as a group, despite severalattempts by me to make arrangements. Also I felt that lack ofcommunication between the group despite yet again me making severalattempts to help and find out what I could do. Was the root course of theediting process being so long and complicated. I also felt that it beingoriginally on final cut pro meant that it was more complicated for editingprocess. However I felt that we did use our time productively and theoverall outcome of the editing process was good and the outcome wasand ok edited piece of footage.