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Finding Balance in Blended Learning: Teaching Large Lecture Courses in Hybrid Format


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In this presentation, I try to make the case for using the term hybrid rather than blended or flipped to describe the combination of online learning with classroom instruction, especially as it applies to large lecture classes in higher education. I present a very simple model for thinking about how to achieve balance in a hybrid course, briefly describe my experiences in hybrid course development, provide some specific examples, and offer some suggestions for making the most of a hybrid course.

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Finding Balance in Blended Learning: Teaching Large Lecture Courses in Hybrid Format

  1. 1. Finding balance in blended learning: Reflections on teaching large lecture courses in the hybrid format Philip A. Thompsen, Ph.D. Department of Communication Studies West Chester University of Pennsylvania
  2. 2. Preview Why hybrid? A model for balance A few examples A few suggestions
  3. 3. Blended? Hybrid? Flipped?
  4. 4. Blended?
  5. 5. Flipped?
  6. 6. Hybrid?
  7. 7. Hybrid? Classroom Instruction Online Learning
  8. 8. Classroom Lectures Clickers Exams Online Video Modules Quizzes Outside Textbook Projects
  9. 9. A brief sample video clip
  10. 10. Online Learning Modules feature a series of short videos
  11. 11. Each video is presented on a separate page with questions. As with clicker questions in a lecture hall, students respond after each video in the sequence.
  12. 12. Disciplined Asynchronous Delivery Students have a clearly defined time for completing an online learning module (typically a week) but they may do it as many times as they wish while it’s available.
  13. 13. Build content that is Short videos are better Be sensitive to audio Devote class time to A  few  sugges�ons
  14. 14. Continue the conversation? Philip A. Thompsen, Ph.D. email: web: blog: twitter: pthompsen