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Travel assignment

  1. 1. Travel AssignmentSubmitted by,Ponmathi. MM2 batchFIAT TrivandrumSubmitted to,Mrs. Nisha SamrajTravel faculty
  2. 2. AcknowledgmentI would like to thank my family and friends whosupported me and also my travel faculty for herfriendly guidance and I thank God for giving me thisopportunity.
  3. 3. IntroductionI am an agent of Nisha Travels,this is apresentation on one of our tour package whichis selected by our clint Mr. Jack Dsouza.This isto give more information about the tourpackage.
  4. 4. INDIA 2500 B.C-the indus valley civilization develops around thevalley of the indus river. A.D 50-trade flourishes between India and The Romanempire. 1600s-Great britain and france establish key trading postsin India. 1858-the british overthrow the mughals and take control ofIndia. 1947-India gains independence from the British anddivided into two countries, India and Pakistan. 1998-India tests its first nuclear weapon. 2000-Indias population exceeds 1 billion 2004-2005-A series of natural disaster brings distructionto southern coastal communites 2007-Pratiba Patil becomes the first female president ofIndia.
  5. 5. Country facts Country code - IN Capital - New Delhi Capital code - DEL Currency - RUPEE Currency code - INR Important language spoken -Hindi, Punjabi, tamil,telugu,malayalam. Important Airports are inChennai(MAA),Trivandrum(TRV),Delhi(DEL), Mumbai(BOM),Kolkata(CCU)
  6. 6. DelhiIt is Indias capital city.It is known as the microcosm ofIndia.It is leading worlds top globalcities.One of the oldest existing cities inthe world.It is said to have been built anddestroyed 11 times.
  7. 7. Red FortIt is one of Delhis top tourists sights.A brilliant red sandstone fort built by the mughalemperor shah jahan as his ruling palace.
  8. 8. Qutub Minar This complex in Mehrauli,houses structures statingfrom the Slave Dynasty(1206-1290) and is designed as aUNESCO world heritagesite. The gardens are kept inexcellent shape, making this apopular relaxation and picnicspot.
  9. 9. Lotus Temple Shaped like a lotus bud with27 petals, this stunningtemple suspended above milky-blue ponds is surely one ofthe most magnificentmonuments ever made fromconcrete. The lush park outside iswell landscaped. Free entry.
  10. 10. India GateThis monument has beenbuilt as a memorial forthe Indian soldiers whodied in World War I.There is also a fire("eternal flame") burningfor all fallen Indiansoldiers.A central landmark ofDelhi.
  11. 11. Jantar MantarOpen during 0900-1800 hrs.One of five monumental observatories commissionedbySawai Jai Singh II of Jaipur during the 18thcentury.Old structures inside are actually enormous scientificinstruments for measuring the movement of celestialbodies.
  12. 12. Nehru ParkIt is a large park situated in Chanakyapuri, named afterIndias first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru.It is today, one of the city leading green areas, and a venuefor "Morning Ragas and Evening Ragas".
  13. 13. National Museum It is one of the largestmuseum in India. It holds variety of articlesranging from pre-historic tomodern works of art. The museum has 200,000works of art, both of Indianand foreign origin, coveringover 5,000 years.
  14. 14. National Science CentreIt is a must see forscience enthusiasts.A good place to refreshyour basics.Has a recently builtsection on DNA scienceand also has an sectionon Ancient IndianScience and Technology.
  15. 15. DarjeelingHimalayan city in theIndian state of West Bengal.It is internationallyrenowned as a touristsdestination, along with itstea industry and Darjeelinghimalayan railway, aUNESCO world heritagesite.
  16. 16. Himalayan Mountaineering InstituteOne of the most visited spot in Darjeeling.It regularly conducts adventure, basic and advancedmountaineering courses.This institute was created by the late Tenzing Norgay.
  17. 17. Himalayan ZooIt has a good collectionof animals found inHimalayan regions.Animals seem to betreated well.Rs.100 for foreigners andRs.10 per camera forentry.
  18. 18. Mirik I has become a popular touristsdestination for its climate,natural beauty and easyaccessibility. The centre of all attraction isthe sumendu lake surroundedby a garden on one side and pinetrees on the other and linkedtogether by an archingfootbridge called IndreniPull(Rainbow Bridge).
  19. 19. Batasia LoopIt is an engineeringmarvel where the railwaytracks intersects to forma figure of eight.The War Memorial atthe centre of the loophonours those sons ofDarjeeling who died inseveral wars since 1947.
  20. 20. Tiger HillsIdeal to visit early morningwhen the first rays of sunkiss the Mt.Kanchenjungaand give it a golden color.To visit the hills,you need toget up at 0300 hrs in themorning.
  21. 21. Japanese Peace PagodaThis impressing buildingis part of a grid of around30 pagodas spanning thewhole globe.Constructed by theJapanese BuddhistNipponzan-MyohojiOrder.
  22. 22. Rock GardenIts a beautiful placewith a smallwaterfall.This place has gotvarities of flowerslandscaped in therocks.
  23. 23. Nightingale Park It is a beautiful park with apackage of cultural programperformed daily during thetourist season. Its opening time is 4.00 p.m.and closing time is 8.00 p.m. The park has recently beenextensively re-developed.
  24. 24. Australia60,000-40,000 B.C.-People from SoutheastAsia settle in Australia.8000 B.C.-Aborigines invent the boomerang.1770 A.D.-Britain claims Australia.1850s-Gold is found in southern Australia.1927-Canberra officially replaces Melbourneas the nations capital.2000-Sydney hosts the Summer OlympicGames.
  25. 25. Country Facts Country Code - AU Capital - Canberra Capital Code - CBR Currency - Australian Dollar Currency Code - AUD Important Languages Spoken- AustralianEnglish,Arrernte, Fufu,Walmajarri, Warlpiri Important Airport - CanberraInternational Airport(CBR),Ceduna Airport(CED), etc...
  26. 26. MelbourneIt is Australias second largestcity.Melbourne is Australia’s culturalcapital.Its 4-million residents are bothmulticultural and sports-mad.Many UK visitors come toMelbourne for tours of filminglocations of soap operaNeighbours.
  27. 27. PrahranPrahran is a part ofGreater Melbourne, withmany shops, restaurantsand cafes.The area of Prahran,centred along CommercialRoad is one ofMelbournes gay villages.
  28. 28. Brighton BeachBrighton is a suburbof Melbourne,VictoriaOne of Melbournesfavoured beaches.Beach Road is apopular cycling route.
  29. 29. Melbourne ZooUsual assortment of zooanimals in a natural-likesetting with lots ofAustralian native species.Jazz at the Zoo is a popularweekend evening function overthe summer months for apicnic, music and eveningstroll around the animalenclosures.
  30. 30. St Kilda Botanical Gardens The gates were installed onTennyson, Dickens and HerbertStreets. They were designed and sculptedby designer/blacksmith DavidWood of Bent Metal. With the first trees planted in1859, the Botanical Gardens are asprawling oasis of tranquility andgreenery.
  31. 31. Jewish Museum of AustraliaDepicts the history of theJewish community inAustralia.The museum haspresented over forty wide-ranging exhibitions.And won severalprestigious industryawards.
  32. 32. Royal Botanic GardensFeatures nice old trees,drought tolerantdisplays, a cafe andgrassy places to lollabout.In summer you can seeoutdoor movies andShakespeare plays.
  33. 33. Old Melbourne GaolDaily from 9:30am to5:00pm.A 1900s era gaol (jail)that held many famouscriminals of the era.The tour mainly consistsof informational signs ineach cell along withsome videos and artifacts.
  34. 34. Carlton GardensIt is a World HeritageSite.Royal ExhibitionBuildings and CarltonGardens are "ofhistorical, architectural,aesthetic, social andscientific (botanical)significance to the Stateof Victoria."
  35. 35. Sydney It is the Harbour City. It is the largest, oldest and mostcosmopolitan city in Australia withan enviable reputation as one ofthe worlds most beautiful andliveable cities. The city is also home to the SydneyOpera House and the SydneyHarbour Bridge, two of the mosticonic structures on the planet.
  36. 36. Harbour BridgeIt is an unmissablelandmark of Sydney.There are many differentexperiences centred aroundthe bridge. You can walk or cycleacross, picnic under, orclimb over the HarbourBridge.
  37. 37. Opera HouseIt is one of the mostfamous structures everbuilt.It is a multi-venueperforming arts centre inSydney.It is one of the 20thcenturys most distinctivebuildings and one of themost famous performingarts centres in the world.
  38. 38. Sydney Olympic ParkHome of the 2000 Olympicsand now parklands andsporting facilities.The Sydney Olympic Parkarea, together with thesurrounding areas on theParramatta River includingthe neighbouring suburb ofNewington, providesnumerous venues forathletic events.
  39. 39. ParramattaIt is the site of many ofSydneys oldest buildingsfrom colonial times.It has a free exhibitionshowing the history ofParramatta fromcolonial to modern times.
  40. 40. Sydney TowerIt also called CentrepointTower or AMP Tower.Sydneys tallest free-standingstructure, and the secondtallest in Australia.It is a member of the WorldFederation of Great Towers.
  41. 41. The RocksIt is sandstone buildings,history, laneways, cultureand Australiana by day,and a busy pub scene bynight.The Rocks is verydifferent in character andatmosphere from theneighbouring commercialand retail centre of Sydney.
  42. 42. Taronga ZooIt is located on theshores of Sydney Harbourin the suburb ofMosman.Divided into eightzoogeographic regions,Taronga Zoo is home toover 2,600 animals on 21hectares.
  43. 43. Koala Park SanctuaryIt is privately ownedand run wildlife park.The park is mostfamous for its collectionof koalas.
  44. 44. Travel Insurance Travel insurance is insurancethat is intended to cover medicalexpenses, financial default oftravel suppliers, and other lossesincurred while traveling, eitherwithin ones own country, orinternationally. Temporary travel insurance canusually be arranged at the time ofthe booking of a trip to coverexactly the duration of that trip,or a "multi-trip" policy can coveran unlimited number of tripswithin a set time frame. Coveragevaries, and can be purchased toinclude higher risk items such as"winter sports".
  45. 45. IndiaPassport - YesVisa - YesType of visa - TouristsvisaHealth,Compulsary - nilRecommended - Malariaprophylaxis
  46. 46. India (Customs)Import allowance -60% if exceeds thelimit.Pets - maximum oftwo pets perpassenger.Prohibited,all kind of birds andbird products.pigs and pig meatproducts.
  47. 47. India(currency)Import allowance - amounts exceeding USD5,000 (or equivalent) must be declaredExport allowance - upto the amount importedand declared.Airport Tax - nil(Re)exchange only through banks andauthorized money exchange points.
  48. 48. AustraliaPassport - YesVisa - YesType of visa - Tourists visaHealth,Compulsary - nilRecommended - nil
  49. 49. Australia (Customs)Import allowance - nilExport allowance - nilProhibited,drugs and medicinesfirearms/weaponsintellectual property
  50. 50. Australia(currency)Import allowance - notesexceeding AUD 10,000 hasto be declared.Export allowance - notesexceeding AUD 10,000 hasto be declared.Airport Tax - nil
  51. 51. Why my itenary is good? I have talked to Mr.JackDsouza and then decided thedestinations. I had a discussion with Mr.JackDsouza and then decided theorder. I have considered the politicalsituation andgeographicallimitations of the country. I have arranged CAB facilities. I have selected excursion farefor Mr.Jack Dsouza. I have suggested travelinsurance. In case, he changes hismind,other itenary is available.
  52. 52. Route MapLON-DEL-*/BOM-*/CCU-IXB-*/DEL-*/CAN-MEL-SYD-*/KUL-LHR
  53. 53. Unlimited Tourism9 Days and 8Nights
  54. 54. From To Departure dateDeparture timeArrivaldateArrivaltimeFlightnumberStops TFTLON DEL 1 dec 2050 2 dec 1040 9W 121 0 8h 20mDEL BOM 3 dec 2045 3 dec 2254 9W 312 0 2h 00mBOM CCU 4 dec 2454 4 dec 0525 9W 2484 0 2h 40mCCU IXB 4 dec 1125 4 dec 1225 9W 651 0 1h 00mIXB DEL 5 dec 1040 5 dec 1250 SG 885 0 2h 10mDEL CAN 6 dec 2320 7 dec 0630 CG 360 0 4h 40mCAN MEL 7 dec 0900 7 dec 2130 CZ 343 0 9h 30mMEL SYD 8 dec 2020 8 dec 2145 JQ 528 0 1h 25mSYD KUL 9 dec 2155 10 dec 0320 MH 140 0 8h 25mKUL LHR 10 dec 1045 10 dec 1615 MH 4 0 13h 30m
  55. 55. Day 1Recieved by Mr.Aditya KashyapTransfered to hotel Taj,Sight seeingRed FortQutub MinarLotus TempleIndia Gate
  56. 56. Day 2Sight SeeingJantar MantarNehru ParkNational MuseumNational ScienceCentreTransport to airportfly to Darjeeling
  57. 57. Day 3Recieved by Mr.Raj MalhotraTransfered to Mayfair Darjeeling,Sight SeeingHimalayan Mountaineering InstituteHimalayan ZooMirikBatasia Loop
  58. 58. Day 4Sight seeingTiger HillsJapanese Peace PagodaRock GardenNightingale ParkTransport to Airport for fly to Melbourne(Australia)
  59. 59. Day 5Recieved by Mr.Karan KundraTransfered to Hotel Windsor MelbourneSight Seeing Prahran Brighton Beach Melbourne Zoo St. Kilda Botanical Gardens
  60. 60. Day 6Sight SeeingJewish Museum of AustraliaRoyal Botanic GardensOld Melbourne GaolCartlon GardensTransfered to Airport for fly to Sydney
  61. 61. Day 7Recieved by Mr.Rishabh Kundra.Transfered to Vulcan HotelSight SeeingHarbour BridgeOpera HouseSydney Olympic ParkParramatta
  62. 62. Day 8Sight SeeingSydney TowerThe RocksTarongo ZooKoala Park SanctuaryTransfered to airportfor fly back to London.
  63. 63. Cost of PackageGBP 777Inclusiveo Air fareso CAB serviceso Visa chargeso Accommodation
  64. 64. IATA(International Air Transport Association)Introduction• It was founded by airlines in 1945 to help meet theproblems anticipated in the expansion of civil air servicesafter the IInd World War.• It is a non-governmental Organization and draws itslegal existence from a special Act of the CanadianParliament.• Closely associated with ICAO.• It is Voluntary, non-exclusive, non-political, anddemocratic.
  65. 65. Aims• TO PROMOTE - Safe, regular and economical airtransport.• TO PROVIDE - Engaged in international air transportservices.• TO CO-OPERATE - with ICAO and other internationalOrganizations.Role In Air Transport• Basic source is the ASnnual General Meeting in whichall the active members take part.• Coordination of fares and rates agreements is entrusted toIATA Tariff Coordination Conferences.
  66. 66. UFTAA(Universal Federation Of Travel AgentsAssociation)Introduction• It was found in 1966.• It represents about 32,000 travel agencies.Aims• To unite and reinforce National Association andOrganization of Travel Agents.• To act as a sole representative of the travel agencyprofession at international.• To ensure the maximum possible cohesion, prestige,protection and development in the economic, juridicialand social sphere for the tourist trade economy.
  67. 67. Activities• It encourages the preparations and publications of legal,economical and social surveys in connection with thetravel agency profession.• In the field of profession training it co-operates in thetraining of executives and employees of the travel agentsby circulating travel study courses and by establishinguniform standards.• It also provides an insurance policy to the travelingpublic, known as "UFTAA EXTRA SURE"
  68. 68. PATA(Pacific Area Travel Association)It was found in the year 1951 to stimulate interest inthe pacific region as a vacationland.Its first Asian office was opened inManila,Philippines in the year 1976.Its underlying philosophy is that the entire travelindustry must work together to develop and ever-increasing flow of pleasure travel from which eachmember will derive a fair share of the total business.It provides up to date information on the field oftourism and the practical and theoretical experiencein the field of tourism.
  69. 69. ICAO(International Civil Aviation Organization)Created as a permanent body on April 4,1947.The agency sets international standards andregulations necessary for the safety, efficiency andregularity of air transport.The agency has been instrumental in improvingmeteorological services, ATC, air to groundcommunications, SAR operations and othermeasures for safe international flight.The fight against hijacking and other terroristattacks and the effects of aircraft noise on theenvironment have also been of special concern to theICAO.
  70. 70. Aims• Ensure the safe.• Encourage the art of the aviation design.• Encourages the development of the railways, airports andnavigation facilities for international civil aviationassociation.• Meets the needs of the people.• Prevents economic waste caused by unreasonablecompetition.• Ensures that the rights of the contracting countries arefull respected.• Avoid discrimination.• Promote safety of flight in international air navigation.• Promote generally the development of all aspects ofinternational civil aeronautics.
  71. 71. The CHICAGO CONVENTIONIn chicago,in the year 1944, in an international meeting, thisconvention was concluded.It governs relation between states on technical as well ascommercial subjects connecting International Air Transportsuch as,• Flying over territory of contracting states• customs• rules of the air speed of disease• Nationality of aircraft• Facilitation• Documents• International standards and practises, including those for carriageof dangerous goods• Statistics, Finance, Technical assistance, etc...
  72. 72. The WARSAW CONVENTIONIn 1929,the Warsaw Convention-anintergovernmental agreement concluded withseveralamendments and additions which includes theliability of airlines for death or injury to passengersand for loss, damage or delay to baggage and cargo inmost international travel.
  73. 73. The MONTREAL CONVENTIONThe maximum baggage liability limit for checkedand unchecked baggage is 1000 SDRs per customerunless a higher value is declared and applicablecharges are paid in advance.Special Drawing Rights is an internationalmonetary fund currency unit.The SDR isConverted to USD for financial settlementpurposes.
  74. 74. MERIT
  75. 75. Freedoms Of AirThe Chicago convention defined "freedoms ofthe air", which are put into practise as a resultof the bilateral agreements between pairs ofcountries. There are six freedoms of air.
  76. 76. First FreedomThe right of an airline of a country to flyacross the territory of another countrywithout landing.
  77. 77. Second FreedomThe right of an airline of a country to land inthe territory of another country for non-traficpurposes, for instance refueling, crew FDTL,Technical malfunctioning etc...
  78. 78. Third FreedomThe right of an airline of a country to setdown in another country passengers, mailand cargo coining from the home countryof the airline.
  79. 79. Fourth FreedomThe right of an airline of a country topick up in another countrypassengers, mail and cargo destinedfor the home country of the airline.
  80. 80. Fifth FreedomThe right of an airline of a country to carrypassengers, mail and cargo from a point oforigin in a foreign country to a point ofdestination in another foreign country.
  81. 81. Sixth FreedomThe passengers, mail and cargo are carriedfrom a point of origin in a foreign country to apoint of destination in another foreigncountry via the home country of the airline.
  82. 82. India needs Fourth freedom with London.From To Dep.time Arr.time Flight no: Stops TFTLON DEL 1 DEC 2050 2 DEC 1040 9W 121 0 8h 20mAirline name - Jet AirwaysNationality - IndiaIndia needs first freedom withThe Netherlands, Germany,Austria, Hungary, Romania,Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran andPakistan.
  83. 83. From To Dep.time Arr.time Flight no: Stops TFTDEL CAN 6 DEC 2320 7 DEC 0630 CZ 360 0 4h 40mChina needs fourth freedom with India.Airline name - China SouthernNationality - ChinaChina needs first freedomwith Nepal.
  84. 84. From To Dep.time Arr.time Flight no: Stops TFTCAN MEL 7 DEC 0900 7 DEC 2130 CZ 343 0 9h 30mChina needs third freedom with Australia.Airline name - China SouthernNationality - ChinaChina needs first freedomwith Laos, Thailand,Combodia, Malaysia andIndonesia.
  85. 85. From To Dep.time Arr.time Flight no: Stops TFTSYD KUL 9 DEC 2155 10 DEC 0320 MH 140 0 8h 25mMalaysia needs fourth freedom with Australia.Airline name - Malaysia AirlineNationality - MalaysiaMalaysia needs firstfreedom with Indonesia.
  86. 86. From To Dep.time Arr.time Flight no: Stops TFTKUL LHR 10 DEC 1045 10 DEC 1615 MH 4 0 13h 30mMalaysia needs third freedom with London.Airline name - Malaysia AirlineNationality - MalaysiaMalaysia needs firstfreedom with India,Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria,Turkey, Bulgaria,Romania, Hungary,Austria, Germany and TheNetherlands.
  87. 87. ConclusionI have studied alot from our travel classes and bydoing this presentation,so I thank our travel facultyMrs. Nisha Samraj from the bottom of my heart forher guidance.
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