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Case study


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just a case study on wtc from the sources of information i got from internet.

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Case study

  1. 1. Case Study------- by Ponmathi.M
  2. 2. Case Study on "World Trade Center TowerCollapse"
  3. 3. Overview Location - New York, USA Date - 11th September 2001 Damage :North Tower (WTC 1) - A Boeing 767-200ER series aircrafthit between the 94th and 98th floors roughly at the centreof the north face at 08:46.South Tower (WTC 2) - A Boeing 767-200ER series aircrafthit between the 78th and 84th floors toward the east sideof the south face at 09:03.
  4. 4.  Construction type - Steel perimeter frame-tube systemcomprising external perimeter columns, central corecolumns and concrete slabs on steel bar trusses. Fire resistance - Passive fire protection. Automaticsprinklers system. Building type - Commercial.North Tower: 417 m (101 storeys)South Tower: 415 m (101 storeys) WTC 1 collapsed at 10:29, 102 minutes after thecrash. WTC 2 collapsed at 09:59, 56 minutes after thecrash.
  5. 5. The Building The twin towers of the World Trade Center (WTC)were among the first skyscrapers built using theframed-tube concept to provide lateral resistance towind loads. The steel framed-tube system comprised four majorstructural components -External wallCentral service coreComposite floor systemHat truss system
  6. 6. Plane Crash and Damage On 11 September 2001, two passenger planes werehijacked by terrorists and crashed into the WorldTrade Center Towers in New York. When the two aircrafts crashed into the towers,fireballs erupted and jet fuel spread across the impactfloors and down internal shafts, igniting multiplefloor fires immediately. The resulting fires spread throughout the upper floorsabove the impact floors of the two towers. The twin towers collapsed shortly afterwards.
  7. 7. Gallary!
  8. 8. Sources of Information BBC News Online / World / America / Americas day ofterror - UK Edition (2001) Federal Emergency Management Agency. (2002). WorldTrade Center Building Performance Study: Data Collection,Preliminary Observations, and Recommendations,Washington, DC. National Institute of Standards and Technology. (2005).Federal Building and Fire Safety Investigation of the WorldTrade Center Disaster: Final Reports of the NationalConstruction Safety Team on the Collapses of the WorldTrade Center Towers (Draft), U.S. Government PrintingOffice, Washington.