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Grooming presentation

  1. 1. Grooming AssignmentSubmitted by, Submitted to,Ponmathi.M Mrs.Jyothi ThomasBatch M2 Grooming facultyFIAT Trivandum
  2. 2. Acknowledgment I am very thankful to Mrs.JyothiThomas, our grooming faculty forguiding me in a right way and myparents and friends for the strong support.
  3. 3. Introduction Grooming is an important factor to become successful in a service industry .It gives confidence to the person and this assignment is to give some information about grooming.
  4. 4. Task 1 LO1 P1bPersonal qualities required to work in aviation and hospitality industries Patience Grooming Confidence Good communication skills Physical fitness
  5. 5. Task 1 LO2 P2aTechniques to improve and maintain the condition of skinThere are four types of skin, Normal Dry Oily Combination
  6. 6. I have a normal skino I use face wash followed by toner and then by moisturizero I use face pack once in a montho I follow some home remedies to, Reduce pimples Improve complexion Remove marks and scars
  7. 7. Techniques to improve and maintain condition of hairThere are three types of hair, Normal Dry Oily
  8. 8. I have a dry hair  I use henna  I use shampoo followed by conditioner  I wash hair always under running water  I use black tea to give more shine to hair  I do oil massage to reduce dandruff
  9. 9. Products I use
  10. 10. Task 1 LO2 P2bBody mass indexMy height –163cmsMy weight – 54 kgsBMI –20.95 I have an ideal BMI
  11. 11. 7 Days diet menuI drink 6-7 glasses of water everyday Sunday o Breakfast 2 dosa with chutney a glass of milk o Lunch 1 cup of rice with sambar and pickle o Dinner a fruit
  12. 12. Mondayo Breakfast 2 bananaso Lunch 2 chapatis with vegetable curryo Dinner biscuits and fruit juice
  13. 13. Tuesdayo Breakfast 2 idly with sambaro Lunch a cup of fried rice with salado Dinner 2 slices of wheat bread with butter
  14. 14. Wednesdayo Breakfast 2 chapatis with egg curryo Lunch 1 chapatti with egg curry and a seasonal fruito Dinner 1 cup of oats
  15. 15. Thursdayo Breakfast bread roast with omeleto Lunch noodleso Dinner a glass of milk
  16. 16. Fridayo Breakfast 1 cup of oatso Lunch 2 cups of lemon riceo Dinner a cup of soup
  17. 17. Saturdayo Breakfast 2 puri with potato curryo Lunch a cup of rice with fish curryo Dinner a fruit
  18. 18. Daily exercisesI do exercises daily to make me fit both mentally and physicallyThose are, Walking Skipping Exercises for abs Cycling dancing
  19. 19. Benefits of exercises  It make us fit and qualify me for my job  It gives shape to the body  It makes me healthy  It burns calories and fats  It gives a long life
  20. 20. ConclusionGrooming class helped me to improve my professional look and I thank Jyothi mam for her friendly guidance. I conclude this assignment by saying that grooming is most important aspect to get a job in service industry.
  21. 21. BibliographyGrooming classMagazines and news papers