Hospitality, assignment 1, by sherin raj s 2013


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Hospitality, assignment 1, by sherin raj s 2013

  1. 1. I take this humble opportunity to thank our Hospitality Faculty Mr. N. Arun Kumar for the great Knowledge and support he has given through his sessions. He taught us Chain, Classification and Types of Hotels. He also helped us a lot to do this assignment and I’m also thankful to almighty God.
  2. 2. Our society is changing day by day. Hospitality Industry also have an important role in our Country’s Growth. Hospitality Industry is a part of larger enterprise known as travel and tourism industry. We should more aware about Hospitality Industry.
  3. 3. Select two renowned chains of hotels (one domestic & one International) and trace its history right from the time of its inception. Also compare the facilities offered by the hotel chains. Present your findings in power point or with slides. The presentation should not exceed 5-7 minutes per student.
  4. 4. CHAIN HOTELS CHAIN HOTELS Domestic International
  5. 5. Domestic Chain :- International Chain :-
  7. 7. ABOUT THE FOUNDER He served in the Indian National Army under Netaji Subash Chandra Bose. In 1950, he married Leela. Inspired by the high luxury standards of European hotels, he set up the first Leela hotel in Mumbai in 1986 and signed a marketing alliance with Kempinski.
  8. 8. Today, The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts have seven luxury properties in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, GurgaonDelhi N.C.R., Udaipur, Goa and Kovalam; with more hotels opening in Chennai, Agra, Jaipur and Lake Ashtamudi in Kerala. His mission is to delight and exceed his guests.
  9. 9. HISTORY OF THE LEELA GROUP OF HOTELS Hotel Leela, incorporated in 1981, entered into collaboration with Kempinski Hotels, to set up and operate 5-star hotels. The company set up its first 5-star deluxe hotel, Leela Penta, in Bombay in 1986. It was renamed Leela Kempinski in 1988, following the change in its marketing and sales tie-up. The Leela Palace, Goa, started its operation in Sept 1998.
  10. 10. The hotel has been upgraded to a worldclass beach resort and has been acclaimed as one of the finest resorts in the world. The 300-room Bangalore five-star hotel had a soft launch on July 15, 2001. In July 2005, the company acquired majority stake in Kovalam Hotels Ltd. Consequently Kovalam Hotels Ltd became a subsidiary of the company and now is known as 'Leela Kovalam Beach, Kerala'. The company operates four hotels with 985 rooms under the ‘Leela’ brand.
  11. 11. Boardrooms and Meeting rooms ¤ Banquet Facilities WI-Fi internet access ¤ Bar Car Hire Service ¤ Business Center Courier Service ¤ Children welcome Laundry Service ¤ Computer Florist ¤ Doctor On Call Foreign Currency Exchange ¤ Fan Gymnasium ¤ Fax Service Electronic safes ¤ Fire Safeguards Spa ¤ Free Newspaper
  12. 12. !!! UPCOMING HOTELS!!! AGRA Experience a world of grandeur and splendour at The Leela Agra. It will be located at 200 km driving distance from New Delhi. All 140 rooms enjoy the view of the magnificent and historical Taj Mahal. It will have an array of multi cuisine Specialty restaurants, a techno gym, several conferences and meeting room facilities and a Spa by the world renowned spa. Agra Airport is about 12.5 Km from the city centre.
  13. 13. JAIPUR
  14. 14. ASTHAMUDI The Ashtamudi Lake, so named because of its eight 'arms' or channels is the gateway to the backwaters. Located in Kollam district, Ashtamudi will be situated amidst the serene beauty of the coconut groves and palm trees along the banks the lake. All rooms will enjoy a view of the Lake Ashtamudi. It is in close proximity to the "house boats" which are located in the lake.
  15. 15. INTERNATIONAL CHAIN International chain is Foreign Hotels which are working within our country.
  16. 16. Charles Kemmons Wilson Founder of Holiday Inn hotels
  17. 17. Charles Kemmons Wilson Full Name : Born : Birthplace : Osceola, Arkansas, USA Died : February 12, 2003 Occupation : Business Profile : Founder of Holiday Inn hotels. January 5, 1913
  18. 18. Charles Kemmons Wilson was born in Osceola, Arkansas, a son of Kemmons and Ruby “Doll” Wilson. His father was an insurance salesman who died when Kemmons was nine months old. He and his mother, Doll, then moved to Memphis, Tennessee where she took a job as a dental assistant. When his mother lost her job during the Great Depression, Kemmons quit school to sell popcorn at the local cinema – making enough money to buy a house for himself and Doll to live in. He later became a successful homebuilder and was well known for building bigger and better houses at no higher a cost. As he said, “The space in the middle of a house doesn’t cost anything”.
  19. 19. List of Holiday Inn Group of Hotels In India HOLIDAY INN, AGRA HOLIDAY INN JAIPUR HOLIDAY INN BOMBAY HOLIDAY INN GEM PARK OOTY 4 Star 3 Star 5 Star 3 Star Agra 16/2/8 Sanjay Place M.G. Road, Agra Uttar Pradesh Jaipur Plot No. 1 Golimar Garden Scheme Amer Road Jaipur, Rajasthan Mumbai Balraj Sahani Marg Juhu Beach, Mumbai Maharashtra Udagamandalam Sheddon Road Udagamandalam, Tamil Nadu
  20. 20. HISTORY OF HOLIDAY INN THE CHAIN OF HOTELS Kemmons Wilson built the first Holiday Inn in 1952 on Summer Avenue, one of the main approach roads to Memphis, and quickly added others to create an entire hotel chain. By 1959, 100 were in operation. Holiday Inn went international in 1960 and in 1975 there were 1,700 Holiday Inn around the world.
  21. 21. Their main headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee. With over 1,800 locations in the United States alone,
  22. 22. •Room Service •Business Center •H/C running water •Banquet & Conference Facilities •Telephone •Shopping Arcade •Fax •Casino •T.V. •Public Air Conditioning •Safe Deposit •WI-Fi Available •Channel Music •Indoor swimming pool •Tea/Coffee maker •Parking •Satellite Channel •Car rental •IDD •Elevator •Individual A/C Control •Currency exchange
  23. 23. Domestic Chain International Chain Boardrooms and Meeting rooms Business Center Wi-Fi internet access Banquet & Conference Car Hire Service Facilities Courier Service Shopping Arcade Laundry Service Casino Florist Public Air Conditioning Foreign Currency Exchange Wi-Fi Available Gymnasium Indoor swimming pool Electronic safes Parking Spa Car rental
  24. 24.  Playground  Currency exchange  Power Back-Up  Luggage storage  Printer  24-Hour Front Desk  Public Areas A/C  Newspapers/magazines  Public Areas Access  Barber/Beauty Shop  Room Service  Dry cleaning  Safe Deposit  Massage services  Secretarial Services  Laundry  Shopping Arcade  Child care  Squash  Shopping arcade  Tennis  Beauty salon
  25. 25. Laundry Facilities Lift available  Room Service  H/C running water  Telephone Live Entertainment  Fax No pets allowed  Safe Deposit Non Smoking rooms Parking  Channel Music  Tea/Coffee maker  Satellite Channel  IDD  Individual A/C Control  Game Room  Health Club
  26. 26. The range of services provided by the front office department for a specific type of guest (FIT, FFIT, CVGR & CIP) from the time that he has made his booking until he settles his account during departure.
  27. 27. Pre-Arrival Departure Arrival Occupancy
  28. 28. FFIT (Free Foregin Independent Traveller)
  29. 29. Registration form of a Hotel
  30. 30. Reservation Form Name of the Guest : SHERIN RAJ S Address : 4 Windmill Street, London, W1T 2HZ, UK Contact No. : +44 (0)20 1440 4952 No.of Pax : 1 Adult/Child : 1 Adult Date of Arrival : 12/12/212 Date of Departure : 14/12/212 Type of Room or Plan : Rack rate Mode of Payment : Cash Any Special request Name and contact No.of contacted person : No : Shine Raj S, +44 (0)20 3213 5432
  31. 31. Additional Information for FFIT Passport number. Method of guarantees. Visa number. Nationality. Driving license. Gender. Place of issue. Date of expiry. Number of days in country. Purpose of visit. Reservation Transferred to hotel dairy. Updated in density chart. A confirmation voucher issued to guests.
  32. 32. Pre-Arrival Pre-Arrival Take all the document pertaining the foreigner . Check for expected arrival list for the house position. Check foreigner requirement from the voucher or confirmation letter, and note any special rooming requirement. Block room in the room rack and inform housekeeping to make the room ready before the arrival of the foreigner. Ensure that keys of particular rooms are available at the reception. Inform to concerned person to make arrangement for traditional welcome
  33. 33. Inform to barman to keep the welcome drink ready. Take final room clearance from the housekeeping. Have 3 copies of naming list ready and make tentative room allocation on the naming list with pencil. Have 3 copies of the passport list ready. Prepare welcome card along with room keys. Check the amenities provided to be provided in the room. Inform to bell captain the expected time of arrival. Check for any mail or message for the foreigner. Preregister the guest.
  34. 34. ARRIVAL This is the stage where the guest comes to the hotel based on the reservation and Registers himself in a room. If he is a walk-in guest he will directly come to the hotel and Enquire about a room. If he is satisfied he will take a room and register himself. Registration is where the guest makes payment for the room and he handed over the room key from the hotel. He is then given the guest registration card to fill. He is a foreigner he has to produce valid , passport, visa, and foreign currency purchase certificate. The amount he is carrying (1000$) is endorsed on the back side of passport, only if all these documents are clear a room is given to the foreigner.
  35. 35. Post Arrival Procedure  The arrival register has to be updated.  The room chart has to be updated.  Arrival slip is prepared and sent to all Departments to inform the arrival of the guest.
  36. 36. OCCUPANCY This is the stage where the guest is now staying in the hotel. He has provided various services like: Information  Ticket Booking  Message handling  Mail Etc by the front office.
  37. 37. Departure : Departure When a guest arrives, the doorman buzzes the Bell Captain Desk for a bell Boy. The bell boy should wish the guest and collect his baggage and bring it into the lobby via the baggage entrance and place baggage at the bell desk which is located normally opposite the Reception counter. The bell boy should wait for the guest to register at the front office. If the hotel has tags to identify baggage these should be attached to the baggage. Inform scanty baggage to the lobby manager or front office.
  38. 38. The Information counter at the front office will indicate that the guest has been allotted a room by handing over the errand card which mentions the room number. The room key is also handed over with the errand card. Bring to the guest’s attention any baggage damaged to protect the hotel from blame. Guest Arrival Errand Card.
  39. 39. Explain how the Housekeeping department contributes towards earning hotel revenue.
  40. 40. As far as housekeeping is concerned, it is the backbone of a hotel. The housekeeping department is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the entire hotel. One of the first impressions a guest form when he walks into a hotel is a reflection on the housekeeping department - how clean well maintained the surroundings are .
  41. 41. No hotel can function without this department because it oversees everything from guest rooms, public areas, laundry, linen, horticulture and flower arrangement, and maintenance housekeeping machinery which is now becoming increasingly high-tech.
  42. 42. During the guest stay the services provided by the housekeeping department Cleaning of rooms on a daily base and provide second service in case the guest requests They provide laundry services They provide valet service They provide shoe shine service They provide the guest with flowers in case of request They provide evening service Dry cleaning Frowning (laundry)
  43. 43. Layout of Standard Twin Room Connecting Doorway Bath with Shower Trundle Bed W.C Single bed Single bed Basin Window Basin Privacy Curtain T.V
  44. 44. Demonstrate the reservation, check In, during the stay and checkout process using the case study given by your trainer, on the Fidelio Software. Document each process step by step.
  45. 45. Question:- Make a reservation for two peaks on sharing basis in a standard twin Room for two Nights. Mr. Richard their Boss called from England at 2 pm leave a message for the Guest to call back Mr. Richard Immediately. The guest consumed champagne Rs.750/- , Breakfast Rs.450/- , had Lunch in the Golden Nugget for Rs.850/- , Londary Rs.350/- . Post the following charges in their bill and settle the same.
  46. 46. STEP 1:- LOGIN Screen
  47. 47. STEP 2 :Reservations New Reservation { Then click on New and type the required details.}
  48. 48. STEP 3:After filling the form click on the ‘OK’ command button. Then the Guests Reservation no. Will appear......
  49. 49. STEP 4:- Then go to the Home screen and Front Desk Arrivals
  50. 50. STEP 5 :- Then click on the ‘SEARCH’ button and select the guest Click ‘CHECK IN’ button Now the Room No. Will appear.............
  51. 51. STEP 6 :- MESSAGING Then go to the Home screen and Front Desk In House Guests
  52. 52. STEP 7 :- Then select the guest and click ‘OPTION’ button
  53. 53. STEP 8 :- Then click on the ‘MESSAGES’. Then click ‘NEW’.
  54. 54. STEP 9 :- Then create the Message and click ‘SAVE’ and Then click ‘RECEIVE’ button and close.
  55. 55. STEP 10 :- Then go to the Home screen and Front Desk In house Guests Then select the Guest and click on ‘BILLING’ button.
  56. 56. STEP 11 :- Then the ‘LOGIN’ form will appear....... Then login and click ‘POSTINGS’ button.
  57. 57. STEP 12 :- Then post items and close.
  58. 58. STEP 13 :- After posting the items click ‘SETTLEMENT’ button
  59. 59. STEP 14 :- Then click ‘Early departure’
  60. 60. STEP 15 :- Then click ‘CHECK OUT’ and exit.
  61. 61. (M) Apply strategies and come up with appropriate and unique solutions in order to handle different situation which can occur during a guest’s stay. The case-studies can be on any of the following stages of guest stay.     RESERVATION REGISTRATION GUEST STAY DEPARTURE
  62. 62. SITUATION [Departure] Once in a hotel there was a guest want to take a room for two days. After two days he goes. But he forgets to take his mobile . After some times housekeeping peoples went to that room to clean the room . That time they got the mobile of the guest . They gave that mobile to the Front office . The next day the guest came there and ask the front office for his mobile.
  63. 63. SOLUTION Front office manager asks him the identification marks of the mobile . Then the guest has to be given them to the correct details . Then the front office manager gave him the mobile .
  64. 64. (D) You have to be prepared a layout of a standard room as per the current scenario of the hotel industry. After analysing the guest supplies, amenities, decor and cleaning standards, design a standard room for the future. Justify as to how the hotel with updated room facilities can create a niche in the Industry.
  65. 65. Layout of the room Before Update. Connecting Doorway Bath with Shower Trundle Bed W.C Single bed Single bed Basin Window Basin Privacy Curtain T.V
  66. 66. Layout of Standard Twin Room With Updated Room Facilities Connecting Doorway Bath with Shower Trundle Bed Single bed Air Con.. Basin T.V Basin Privacy Curtain Window Single bed Window W.C Fridge Shelf and Hanging Rail
  67. 67.  Mini Fridge Minibar are the one of the products which are environmentally friendly, without fluorine, and cause no pollution to the aerosphere. Minibar without compressor, silent and don’t produce any noise, function stably and soundly. The products can defrost automatically and belong to static-cooling refrigerators. This Facility helps the hotel earn more revenue and this facility makes the guest mind comfort.
  68. 68.  Air Conditioner Air conditioners are an important aspect of our modern world, and can keep the Guest cool during extremely hot months. So whether it's protecting Guest from the summer heat, or relaxing on your days off. This Facility helps the hotel earn more revenue and this facility makes the guest mind comfort.
  69. 69.  Shelf and Hanging Rail Shelf and Hanging Rail help the guest to keep his Stationery items safe and This Facility helps the hotel earn more revenue and this facility makes the guest mind comfort.
  70. 70.  Furniture Sofa Table An Important Furniture Used To Serve Guests. Additional Furniture make the room looks more beautiful. This Facility helps the hotel earn more revenue and this facility makes the guest mind comfort.
  71. 71. By doing this assignment I can understand the duties and responsibilities of front office and also the housekeeping department . This two department mainly housekeeping department was taking the responsibilities of the hotel also food and beverages are one of the important part of a hotel. Once again I really want to my heartily thank to my Hospitality faculty Mr. N. Arun Kumar Sir. Because he gave me a golden opportunity to do this assignment very well . Then I want to thank my friends and parents also to my almighty god .
  72. 72. Hospitality module