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Frankfinn Anamika travel assignment

  1. 1. Name :Assignment Title : TRAVELMANAGEMENTBatch No. :Center :Assessor Name : SandhyaPendarkar
  2. 2. It is my immense pleasure togreatly thank and show my heartfelt gratitude towards myTRAVEL faculty SandhyaPendarkar for the successfulcompletion of this assignment,Also I would like to thankFrankfinn for providing me this
  3. 3. Travel is defined as the physical transformationof one place to another for tour, business, leisure,excursion and so on.Travel industry is a evergreen industry becausepeople won’t stop travelling as they are intobusiness and tour, thus it becomes thesustainable industry.Now a days lots of travel agencies are availableand even we can plan our itinerary or book aticket by sitting in our home itself throughinternet. Travel includes all sorts of transportationlike aero plane, train, bus, ship and so on.Travelling is the essential segment of people life.
  5. 5. The independent Republic ofKenyawas founded in December 1963.Itwas ruled as a de-facto single-party state by the Kenya AfricanNationalUnion(KANU).Thecountrys geography is as diverseas its multi-ethnic population. Thecountry is named after MountKenya, a significant landmark andsecond among Africa’s highestmountain peak.
  6. 6. Capital NAIROBI – NBO Currency Kenyan shilling – KESNational airline Kenya airways – KQ Area 582.6 Population 30.3 million Literacy rate 81.5 % Language Swahili Famous for wild life & safari
  7. 7. Experience giraffes upclose and personal at thiswonderful centre dedicatedto the preservation of theendangered Rothschildgiraffe. Visitors canexperience the rarepleasure of hand-feedingthese graceful and gentlecreatures, and also enjoythe nature walk with 160species of bird. This is thesingle best attraction forchildren in Nairobi. Bettyand Jock Leslie Melvillefounded the Giraffe Centrein 1979 to preserve theRothschild giraffe of which
  8. 8. Nairobi National Park was established in 1945and is Kenya’s first national park. Uniquelysituated on the capital’s doorstep it is a well-kept, compact and beautiful area of plains andwild bush containing a large number of Africa’sbest-known animals. Large herds of zebra,wildebeest, buffalo and giraffe roam the plainsand black rhino, ostrich, baboons, cheetah andlions are some of the other photogenicinhabitants. In the park is the AnimalOrphanage where sick, wounded andabandoned animals are cared for andrehabilitated into the park, as well as anEducational Centre featuring a Safari Walk.Close by is the Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage,where infant elephant and rhino (orphanedbecause of poaching activities) are cared forand eventually returned to the wild in TsavoNational Park. The centre is open everymorning and visitors can watch the calves
  9. 9. This hugely diverse museumcontains some world-classattractions among its dustyrelics and stuffed animals.The facility is home to thegreat pre-historic finds fromthe Leakey family includingrelics from mankindsearliest ancestors. There arealso fascinating sections onart, geology, wildlife andlocal history. Look out forfossils from Lake Turkanaand an attached snake parkwhere some of the worldlargest and also mostvenomous snakes are
  10. 10. The Mombasa “Tusks” aresymbolic representations ofentrance into the heart of thetown. The tusks were built tocommemorate the visit ofQueen Elizabeth to the townin 1952, as they lay directly onthe path from the port to thetown. Ivory was considered tobe an exquisite commodityduring the time, and inessence the tusks weremeant to embrace the Queenand the British Empire intothe town and within its social
  11. 11. Fort Jesus is Mombasa’s mostpopular tourist attraction. The fort,located along the coastline near theOld Town, is a monumental piece ofarchitecture that was built in the16th century by the Portuguese. Thefort has a museum that displaysvarious artifacts from the era whereMombasa served as a transit pointfor the slave trade andcommodities, and which enjoyedregular visits by seafarers and thelike. Its interior comprises of torturerooms and prison cells whereslaves were kept in captivity beforebeing traded. Weapons such ascanons, which were used to defendthe fort from invading foreigners aswell as rioting locals, can be seenboth inside and outside of the fort.
  12. 12. England took control ofthe islands from France duringthe Napoleonic wars, andMauritius became independentfrom the UK in 1968. Mauritiushas an upper class economy.The countrys populace iscomposed of several ethnicities,including Indian, African,Chinese and French.
  13. 13. Capital PORT LOUIS – MRU Currency Mauritius Rupee – MURNational airline AIR MAURITIUS – MK Area 2 Population 1.2 million Literacy rate 84.2 % Language English Famous for beach
  14. 14. About seven miles (11km) northeast of PortLouis, and easily reached by regular buses,lies the islands premier tourist attraction, thePamplemousses gardens (now officially calledthe Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam BotanicalGardens in honour of the late Prime Minister,but still colloquially referred to by theiroriginal name). The gardens are enclosed bybeautiful wrought iron railings which aretoday in disrepair but when first manufacturedin 1862 won a prize at an internationalexhibition at Crystal Palace in London. Thegardens were first laid out in 1735 around amansion house called Mon Plaisir as avegetable garden to supply ships calling atPort Louis. Later the house was bought byhorticulturalist Pierre Poivre, who introducedplant species from around the worldinterspersed with indigenous species. Thegarden is redolent with the perfume of fruitand spice trees, and the 24 hectares (60 acres)also sport a collection of stately palms, ebony,mahogany, latania and pandanus. A greatattraction is a pond full of the Giant Amazon
  15. 15. The village of Triolet is thelargest in the Pamplemoussesdistrict, and is home to thelargest Hindu temple in Mauritius,the Triolet Shivala. Constructedin 1819 in honour of the GodsShiva, Vishnu, Krishna, Brahma,Ganesha, and Muruga, the templeis an impressive site. The villagehosts a traditional early-morningmarket each Sunday, and theMaha Shivarathri festival iscelebrated here inFebruary/March each year.
  16. 16. The diversity of the Mauritianpopulation is never more obviousthan during a visit to the lively,bustling and colourful Central Marketin Port Louis, accessed fromFarquhar Street, near the harbour.When you enter take note of theintricate ironwork on the gates,erected in 1844, dedicated to QueenVictoria. Inside the market is a whirlof Muslim traders, swarthy Indiantouts, Chinese and Creoles, alldemanding attention as they offertheir wares. It is advisable to visit themarket early, before the heat of theday descends (it opens at 6am everyday including Sundays), and beprepared to have your senses
  17. 17. Description:Founded by the MauritiusCommercial Bank, thismuseum houses items ofhigh national heritageincluding the famousstamps of the "PostOffice" series printed in1847.Attraction Type:History museum,Specialty museum
  18. 18. Description:Founded in 1880, thismuseum features an exhibitof the popular Dodo, theflightless bird that has beenextinct since the end of the17th century, and a vastlibrary collection of more than50,000 books.Attraction Type:Library, History museum,Natural history museum
  19. 19. Description:This modern shoppingand entertainmentcomplex featuresclothing boutiques, finerestaurants, hotels, acasino and live streetentertainment.Attraction Type:Casino, Mall
  20. 20. • GMT of INDIA = +5.30• GMT of KENYA = +3• GMT of MAURITIUS = +4
  21. 21. BOM (Mumbai)MRU (Port Louis)MAHEBOURGMBA (Mombasa)NBO (Nairobi)CCJ (Calicut) (EH – Eastern hemisphere)
  22. 22. DAY 1 (07/01/2012)FROM DAY DATE DEPT FLIGHT CLASS REMARKS/HOTCITY/AIRPORT TIME NO. ELS, CONTACTS, ETCMUMBAI BOM DEP MO 07JAN 0400 AI747 FPORT LOUIS MRU ARR MO 07JAN 0730 AI747 F Le-Palmar• 0900-Breakfast from the airport hotel• 1000-Check in at Le-Palmar-Beach-Resort (5*)• 1230-Lunch at the resort• 1330-Resting• 1500-Beach Activity (leisure time)• 1900-Ala-carte dinner at the resort• 2300-Go to bed
  23. 23. DAY 2 (08/01/2012)• 0500-Wake up call• 0530-Health club• 0600-Pool Time• 0700-Buffet breakfast• 0830-Driving to Mahebourg• 1200-Enroute lunch(st.Hubert)• 1300-Shopping• 1830-Returning to resort• 1930-Candle light dinner• 2030-DJ Party at resort• 0000-Go to bed
  24. 24. DAY 3 (09/01/2012)FROM DAY DATE DEPT CRUISE CLASS REMARKS/HOCITY/SEAPORT TIME NO. TELS, CONTACTS, ETCPORT LOUIS MRU DEP WE 09JAN 1150 RC#3210 DELUXE Le-Palmar CABINMOMBASA MBA ARR WE 09JAN 0030 RC#3210 DELUXE(Killindini Port) CABIN• 0600-Wake up call• 0700-Breakfast at resort• 1000-check out• 1045-Reporting to the Seaport for the check in to the cruise liner
  25. 25. • 1150-Sailing to Killindini Sea Port, MBA (Mombasa) in Kenya• (Cruise liner includes Jacuzzi, spa, gym, bars, swimming pools, restaurants, casino, internet facility, mini-theatre and so on)• 1230-Lunch in the cruise• 1400-Resting (cruise)• 1500-Film from theatre (cruise)• 1900-Dinner in the cruise• 2200-Casino• 2330-Go to bed
  26. 26. DAY 4 (10/01/2012)• 0700-Breakfast in cruise• 0900-Anchoring• 1000-Complete customs & immigration regulations at Killindini Sea Port• 1200-Tourist Volvo bus to a forest inside the MASAI MARA National Reserve• 1330-Enroute lunch• 1830-Wild safari and stay in jungle hut• 2030-Dinner in the jungle• 2355-Camp fire off and go to bed
  27. 27. DAY 5 (11/01/2012)• 0400-Morning Camp Fire (Winter season)• 0630-Pre-arranged fruit and vegetable breakfast in jungle• 0730-Journey to Nairobi(NBO), nicknamed as the Green City in the sun• 1100-Arrival at NBO• 1130-Check-in at Intercontinental Hotel, Nairobi (7*)• 1200-Relax and rest• 1500-Short drive to the Nairobi National Park- one of the city’s famous attractions• 1930-Back to hotel for Gala Dinner
  28. 28. DAY 6 (12/01/2012)• 0600-Wake up call• 0730-English Breakfast at the hotel• 1100-Exploring the Intercontinental (7*)• 1300-Buffet lunch at the hotel• 1600-Check out• 1630-Site seeing• 1930-LIVE BAND show• 2130-Shopping• 2355-Boarding to Nairobi Airport (NBO)
  30. 30. Head Amount Air Fare INR 67,220Accommodation Charge INR 90,000Outside Food Expenses INR 4,500 Cruise Fare INR 14,500 Bus Ticket INR 1,555 Car Rental INR 5,000 Tax 10% TOTAL BUDGET ~INR 2,01,052.5
  32. 32. Passport is a book-type documentwhich serves the purpose ofidentification of an individual. It isalso an evidence of a personhaving entered to another countrylegally.
  33. 33. Visa is a stamp issued by theembassy authority of the countrygiven in the passport of the travelerto enter that particular countryorTo enter any country the personmust have the entry permission tothat country which is known asvisa.
  34. 34. In order to go anywhere abroad, anindividual needs to have a healthcertificate because it is concernedas a vital part to travel to othercountry
  35. 35. -KENYAYellow fever certificate required if aged over 1year and entering this country from an infectedarea.-MAURITIUSYellow fever certificate required if aged over 1year and entering this country from an infectedarea.
  36. 36. -KENYAProhibited Items:Drugs, firearms and ammunition, FruitCustom Limits:For persons of 17 years of age and above:a) 200 cigarettes or 250gr of tobacco, 50 Cigars,b) 1 bottle of wine or 1 bottle of spiritsc) 568ml of perfume
  37. 37. -MAURITIUSProhibited Items:The import of sugar cane is strictly prohibited.Plants, Fruits, Flowers & Pets require clearanceof the Ministry of Agriculture. Firearms &ammunition must be declared to customs onarrivalCustom Limits:For persons of 16 years of age or older:a) 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250gm. oftobaccob) 1 lit of spirits and 2 lit of wine, ale or beerc) 250cl of eau de toilette and 10cl of perfumefor personal use
  38. 38. • IATA was founded in Havana, Cuba, in April 1945. It is the prime vehicle for inter-airline cooperation in promoting safe, reliable, secure and economical air services - for the benefit of the worlds consumers.• The international scheduled air transport industry is now more than 100 times larger than it was in 1945. Few industries can match the dynamism of that growth, which would have been much less spectacular without the standards, practices and procedures developed within IATA.• The modern IATA is the successor to the International Air Traffic Association founded in the Hague in 1919 - the year of the worlds
  39. 39. Definition of IATAs aims than had existed before 1939.• To promote safe, regular and economical air transport for the benefit of the peoples of the world, to foster air commerce, and to study the problems connected therewith;• To provide means for collaboration among the air transport enterprises engaged directly or indirectly in international air transport service;• To cooperate with the newly created International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO - the specialised United Nations agency for civil aviation) and other international organisations.
  40. 40. • Today, that pioneering work is reflected in the currently applicable IATA Resolutions dealing with these and many other subjects. Notable examples are:• The Multilateral Interline Traffic Agreements: These are the basis for the airlines interline network. Close to 300 airlines have signed them, accepting each others tickets and air waybills - and thus their passenger and cargo traffic - on a reciprocal basis.• Passenger and Cargo Services Conference Resolutions: These prescribe a variety of standard formats and technical specifications for tickets and air paybills.• Passenger and Cargo Agency Agreements & Sales Agency Rules: These govern the
  41. 41. • AVIATION SAFETY Aviation safety is a key objective of ICAO and is part of the work in the following Sections and programmes:• Aerodromes, Air Routes and Ground Aids (AGA) Section• Accident Investigation and Prevention (AIG) Section• Flight Safety (FLS) Section• Aviation Medicine (MED) Section• Flight Safety and Human Factors• Safety Management
  42. 42. • The United Federation of Travel Agents’ Associations (UFTAA) emanates from the Universal Federation of Travel Agents’ Associations created in Rome, Italy, on November 22nd, 1966. UFTAA was originally founded as a result of a merger of two large world organisations, FIAV and UOTAA, recognising the need to unify travel agencies and tour-operators into one international federation.• In 1989, coming from Brussels, UFTAA set up its General Secretariat in the Principality of Monaco.•• UFTAA started its operation as a Confederation on January 1st, 2003. It is a non-profit Confederation of international scope, representing Regional
  43. 43. • UFTAA is a world body representing the travel agency and tourism industry.• UFTAA effectively represents Travel Agents and Tour Operators views on both Inbound and Outbound travel by continuous dialogue and consultation with other international organisations such as the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the International Hotel and Restaurant Association (IH&RA) to mention only a few.• UFTAA has consultative status with the UN/NGO/ECOSOC, and works closely with other world bodies such as UNESCO, WHO etc for a sustainable and responsible tourism.• UFTAA is an affiliate member of the World Tourism Organisation (WTO) and its Business Council (WTOBC).).
  44. 44. • Activities• To unite and consolidate the Federations of Travel Agents’ National Associations and to globally enhance the interests of their members ; - To represent the travel agents’ activities before various world- wide bodies, governmental authorities and suppliers ; - To work towards the adoption of measures that will ease travel for the consumer and to offer services to its member federations ; - To be an investigation and information centre supporting the member Federations’ work and to offer information for technological development ; - To offer, as a voluntary mechanism, an arbitration service which assists in solving conflicts resulting from commercial relations for which amicable settlement cannot be reached ; - To organise a world congress of travel agents and other meetings necessary to the exchange and transmission of kno
  45. 45. • Warsaw Convention Bureau was started in October 12, 1929.• It is the first international convention pertaining to liability in international air transportation, the Convention prescribes rules for air carrier liability in case of death or injury to passengers, destruction, loss or damage to baggage, and losses resulting from delay of passengers, baggage and cargo
  46. 46. • Liability limits set by the Convention were raised in 1955 by the Hague Protocol to the Warsaw Convention.• Some Parties to the Warsaw Convention have not ratified the Hague Protocol, which amended the Convention. The U.S. ratified the Warsaw Convention on July 31, 1934.• The U.S. continued to adhere to the Warsaw Convention only after all airlines serving the U.S. agreed to sign an amendment that raised the liability limit to $75,000 and prohibited the use of certain Warsaw defenses.• This Agreement took effect on May 16, 1966. On Sept. 25, 1975, a number of nations, including the U.S., signed four Protocols which amended the Warsaw Convention, and the Hague and Guatemala Protocols• The four Protocols amended the increased liability limit found in the Guatemala Protocol, altered the monetary measurement from gold to Special Drawing Rights, and eliminated outdated documentary requirements with respect to the transport of cargo.• The Guatemala Protocol and the first three Montreal Protocols have not come into force because the terms of entry into force have not been met. The U.S. Government
  47. 47.  The principal purpose of the Warsaw Convention is to determine the liability of air carriers in the case of an accident, both in regards to passengers and also baggage and cargo. Originally signed in 1929 in Warsaw (hence the name), it was amended in 1955 at The Hague and in 1975 in Montreal. United States courts have held that, at least for some purposes, the Warsaw Convention is a different instrument from the Warsaw Convention as Amended by the Hague Protocol.
  48. 48. PATA International
  49. 49. • The Pacific Asia Travel Association, formed over 50 years ago with Headquarters in Bangkok, is an international organization with over 2,500 members made up from the Destinations, Carriers, Hotel Groups, Tour Operators, Ground Handlers and Retail Travel Agents, mainly based in the Pacific Asia Region. Other International members include publications, travel writers and indeed any organization with interests in travel to and within the Region.• In addition to the International Association, there exists a worldwide network of Chapters, 39 in total, Activities in the UK include familiarization visits for our agent and tour operator members, networking opportunities, a regular email newsletter with news of developments within the Region, exposure in and customer referral from this website, an online training programme,
  51. 51. • The Convention on International Civil Aviation, also known as the Chicago Convention, established the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), a specialized agency of the United Nations charged with coordinating and regulating international air travel. The Convention establishes rules of airspace, aircraft registration and safety, and details the rights of the signatories in relation to air travel. The Convention also exempts air fuels from tax.• The document was signed on December 7, 1944 in Chicago, Illinois, by 52 signatory states. It received the requisite 26th ratification on March 5, 1947 and went into effect on April 4, 1947, the same date that ICAO came into being. In October of the same year, ICAO became a specialized agency of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). The Convention has since been revised eight times (in 1959, 1963, 1969, 1975, 1980, 1997, 2000 and 2006). Links to all versions of the document can
  52. 52. will be flying inSrilankan airlines UL 421 from KENYA(NBO-Nairobi) to SRILANKA (CMB-Colombo)over MALDIVES which justifies the firstfreedom of air.i.e. The right of an airline of a country (Sri-Lanka) to fly across the territory ofanother country (Maldives) withoutlanding.
  53. 53. will be flying in Srilankanairlines UL 421 from KENYA (NBO-Nairobi) toSRILANKA (CMB-Colombo) but in between thefleet will have 1 hour stop in MAURITIUS(MRU-Port Louis) for the crew change onlywhich justifies the second freedom of air.i.e. The right of an airline of a country (Sri-Lanka) to land in the territory of anothercountry (Mauritius) for non-traffic purposes,
  54. 54. will be flying in Air India AI747 from INDIA (CCJ-Calicut) to MAURITIUS(MRU-Port Louis) i.e. the flight is flying from itshome country to a foreign country whichjustifies the third freedom of air.i.e. The right of an airline of a country (India)to set down passengers, mail and cargo inanother country (Mauritius) coming from thehome country of the airline (India)
  55. 55. will be flying in Srilankanairlines UL 421 from KENYA (NBO-Nairobi) toSRILANKA (CMB-Colombo) i.e. the flight isflying from a foreign country to the homecountry which justifies the fourth freedom ofair.i.e. The right of an airline of a country (Sri-Lanka) to pick up passengers, mail and cargoin another country (Kenya) coming from the
  56. 56. will be flying inSrilankan airlines (airline of Sri-Lanka)from KENYA (NBO-Nairobi) to INDIA (CCJ-Calicut) which justifies the fifth freedom ofair.i.e. The right of an airline of a country (Sri-Lanka) to carry passengers, mail andcargo from a point of origin in a foreigncountry (Kenya) to a point of destination in
  57. 57. will be flying inSrilankan airlines(airline of Sri-Lanka)from KENYA (NBO-Nairobi) to INDIA (CCJ-Calicut) via SRILANKA(Colombo) to changethe flight which justifies the sixth freedomof air.i.e. A term sometimes applied to the typeof fifth freedom traffic in whichpassengers, mail and cargo are carriedfrom a point of origin in a foreign country(Kenya) to a point of destination in another
  58. 58. BOM (Mumbai)MRU (Port Louis)MAHEBOURGMBA (Mombasa)NBO (Nairobi)BOM (Mumbai)
  59. 59. DAY 1 (07/01/2012)FROM DAY DATE DEPT FLIGHT CLASS REMARKS/HOTCITY/AIRPORT TIME NO. ELS, CONTACTS, ETCMUMBAI BOM DEP MO 07JAN 0600 AI321 FPORT LOUIS MRU ARR MO 07JAN 0930 AI321 F Le Suffren Hotel• 1130-Check in at Le Suffren Hotel• 1230-Resting• 1300-Lunch at the hotel• 1400-Site seeing• 1600-Check out• 1700-Car rental service• 1800-Driving to Mahebourg
  60. 60. DAY 2 (08/01/2012)• 0000-Reaching Mahebourg• 0200-Check in at Preskil Beach Resort• 0230-Food from 24 Hrs Room service• 0330-Go to bed• 0800-Wake up call• 0830-Breakfast• 0900-Pool time• 1230-Buffet lunch• 1330-Rest• 1500-Beach Activity (leisure time)• 1930-Ala-carte Dinner• 2230-Go to bed
  61. 61. DAY 3 (09/01/2012)• 0600-Wake up call• 0700-Breakfast• 1000-Check out• 1030-Driving back to Port Louis (MRU)• 1700-Reach MRU• 1900-Boarding to Port Louis Airport (MRU)FROM DAY DATE DEPT FLIGHT CLASS REMARKS/HOTCITY/AIRPORT TIME NO. ELS, CONTACTS, ETCPORT LOUIS DEP WE 09JAN 2300 KQ721 FMOMBASA ARR TH 10JAN 0400 KQ721 F The Royal Castle Hotel
  62. 62. DAY 4 (10/01/2012)• 0600-Check in at The Royal Castle Hotel• 0700-Breakfast• 0830-Resting• 1230-Buffet Lunch• 1600-Shopping• 1930-Dinner• 2300-Checkout• 2330-Back to Airport
  63. 63. DAY 5 (11/01/2012)FROM DAY DATE DEPT FLIGHT CLASS REMARKS/HOTCITY/AIRPORT TIME NO. ELS, CONTACTS, ETCMOMBASA DEP FR 11JAN 0145 KQ734 F The Royal Castle HotelNAIROBI ARR FR 11JAN 0350 KQ734 F Hilton• 0630-Check in at Hilton• 0700-Breakfast• 0800-Resting• 1000-Site seeing• 1230-Shopping
  64. 64. • 1330-Enroute Lunch• 1600-Back to hotel• 1700-Check out• 1730-Back to airportFROM DAY DATE DEPT FLIGHT CLASS REMARKS/HOTCITY/AIRPORT TIME NO. ELS, CONTACTS, ETCNAIROBI DEP FR 11JAN 1915 AI333 F HiltonMUMBAI ARR FR 11JAN 2325 AI333 F
  65. 65. Head Amount Air Fare INR 99,520 Car Rental INR 10,000Accommodation Charge INR 90,000Outside Food Expenses INR 5,500 Tax 10% TOTAL BUDGET ~INR 2,25,522
  66. 66. OUR PACKAGE COMPETITOR PACKAGEAll the transport ways(Air, Land, Only the Air transport is beenWater) includes in the package to included in the package which willmake it a wonderful experience increase the air fare and thus itthere by the package becomes makes the expense of the packageeconomical as compared to our very highcompetitors packageTourist attractions are included in Tourist attractions are not includedthe package like Masai Mara in the package as compared to ournational reserve (visit & stay), packageNairobi national park(visit) etc.
  67. 67. OUR PACKAGE COMPETITOR PACKAGEOur package is Logical & Properly However our competitors package ismaintained because :- Not logical & Not properly1. We have included road transport maintained because to less the expense. 1. Package includes staying in 42. We have made one night stay in hotels out of 5 days which will jungle which will make the travel increase the budget a memorable experience and 2. They have used only air way as there by reducing the expense. their transport which will So which becomes staying in 3 increase the cost hotels out of 7 daysCheck in check out logically done to Check in check out not logical whichavoid the money loss for example we will result in loss of money forcheck in at 10 in Le-Palmar on 7/1/12 example we check in at 10 in Le-and check out by 10 on 9/1/12 which Suffren hotel on 7/1/12 and checkis exactly 2 nights out by 1600 on the same day which is simply the loss of our money
  68. 68. OUR PACKAGE COMPETITOR PACKAGEAll types of cuisines (English, Cuisines are not mentioned in thecontinental, wild etc.) are included packagein the packageOur package includes a 7 day However our competitors package isexclusive package, where the time is comprised of just 5 days only. Alsonot wasted and properly used. the time is wasted schedule is not correct and schedule is not correctOur package includes Beach activity, Our competitors package onlyDj, site seeing Films, Live band show, includes shopping and site seeingsafari, shopping etcOur flight routing is excellent and Flight routing is very tiring in thetime saving packageFree sight seeing in all destinations In this package Site seeing is notis included in our package their in all destinations
  69. 69. OUR PACKAGE Expense COMPETITOR PACKAGE Chart Expense Chart Head Amount Head Amount Air Fare INR 67,220 Air Fare INR 99,520Accommodatio INR 90,000 n Charge Car Rental INR 10,000Outside Food INR 4,500 Accommodatio INR 90,000 Expenses n Charge Cruise Fare INR 14,500 Outside Food INR 5,500 Bus Ticket INR 1,555 Expenses Car Rental INR 5,000 Tax 10% Tax 10% TOTAL BUDGET ~INR 2,25,522TOTAL BUDGET ~INR 2,01,052.5
  70. 70. Bibliography••••• Travel module
  71. 71. With the help of this assignment, I came toknow about the various countries, cities,attractions, rules, regulations, airlines andso on. This assignment made me to thinkabout the various scopes and possibilitiesof the air-travel industry. I learned how toissue a ticket, about international travelorganizations, freedoms of air, travelitinerary preparation, flight schedule and soon.I hereby declare that this assignment is trueand best of my knowledge.