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Siemens plm-key ox-industrial-design-cs-z5

  1. 1. NXKeyOxNX ensures innovationIndustry Design and modeling areIndustrial design complementary processes at KeyOx, where NX provides aBusiness challenges complete solution that optimizes creativity – from the definitionAchieve excellence fromthe start of specifications to the documentation needed forNo restrictions in creatingnew shapes manufacturingInteroperability with file Design-engineering partnershipexchange standards; ability to Before founding KeyOx, Mathias Allély, anre-use and adapt files import- industrial designer who graduated fromed from other CAD tools the ENSAAMA (École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d’Arts)Keys to success and Paul Laurens, an INSA engineer (Mechanical Engineering Construction)The combination of design with an advanced diploma in materialsand technical expertise with the game for the competition,” says engineering, had worked together inthe added value of NX Mathias Allély, KeyOx partner. product development since 1998. TheyEasy NX implementation made the following observation from their Their method, a balance betweenAbility to import and easily first collaboration as customer and technological pragmatism, maintainingchange product data regard- supplier: “Too many innovation projects do values, and a culture of well-being, isless of the format not attain the goals assigned to them in based on a preliminary study done with terms of sales, profits, market share, orSynchronous technology their customers’ teams about uses, sales brand recognition.” Their analysis was thatfor fast changes to existing objectives, and technology to be the problems encountered during productdesigns implemented. The end product of this development are usually related to a lackEarly predictions of perfor- study (led by the industrial designer, who of shared vision between the specialists atmance using NX Nastran is an expert in form and use, and the the beginning of the innovation process. engineer who ensures the manufactur- ability) is a shared and dynamic vision of The two entrepreneurs formulated a newResults what the future product will be. This product design approach and startedDevelopment times cut in half shared vision is divided into objectives and their company, KeyOx, with the goal of actions, and the integrity of the whole isOutstanding collaboration providing their customers with a method ensured during the entire project bywith customers aimed at offering different and high- reviewing and updating the intent performance products more rapidly. “An illustrated by the designer. According to innovative product determines the rules of the partners, “During the continuous
  2. 2. Results (continued) how while transparently and rapidlySimplified project integrating into his teams. We were alsomanagement looking for a tool capable of simultane- ously managing simple and complex formsPitfalls avoided during the as well as all the various manufacturingdesign process techniques, which themselves can beProductivity gains of about complicated.” Their search led to the20 percent selection of NX™ software from Siemens PLM Software. process, which is what innovation is, our The NX solution proved its value during company’s mission is to provide our the first project awarded to KeyOx by“NX, a top-of-the-line soft- customers with strategic, creative, and Raisonance, a company in Grenoble, ware, provides us with more development expertise which is indispens- France that specializes in software tools credibility in our process. able to the project’s planning and success.” for onboard systems. Using the NX With NX and its tools, we solution enabled the team to build on its have the means to present Selecting a suitable tool knowledge and create in 15 days: the 3D our ideas to our customers, Being design and modeling experts, the model of the Rlink microcontroller debug- share them, and see them two partners know the computer-aided ger and programmer, the synthesis image evolve.” design/computer-aided manufacturing validated by Raisonance, the model for the (CAD/CAM) market very well. They toolmaker, and the documentation for thePaul Laurens therefore decided to make the rounds of mass production manufacturing lines.Partner the main solution providers, testing at theKeyOx same time. Their basic specification was a To benefit even more from the competitive complete design and manufacturing edge of reducing time to market, KeyOx solution, sufficiently robust and industrial wanted to provide its customers with to adapt to all their needs and all phases of advanced digital prototyping tools. Using the process, from the designer’s creative NX Nastran® software, KeyOx can validate spark to defining the product’s details. and communicate the performance of its designs using digital simulation (finite “We were really looking for a ‘magic’ toolkit element analysis). KeyOx’s customers are that would allow us not only to implement therefore sure of the yield on their our own methods, but also to adapt to all investments. our customers’ requirements, and to all phases of product development,” explains Product development, R&D support, Allély, the team’s industrial designer. “We design services needed to be present from start to finish, Today KeyOx works with companies in a in a project manager role if necessary, variety of ways. For example, KeyOx works providing the customer with all our know- with companies that do not have an engineering and design department (Raisonance, STMicroelectronics, Eliot) to study their expectations, propose a design that takes their use cases and brand image into consideration, realize the develop- ment and follow it down the line, and verify the tooling. With other companies, such as Waterslim, KeyOx leads the development of their products based on market goals, from R&D phases to industri- alization including the identification of product differentiators and technology.
  3. 3. “NX allows us to ensure the finest details “As an industrial designer, of the design,” explains Paul Laurens, I needed a tool that KeyOx partner. “The effectiveness of NX is would let me model what such that it is possible to optimize the I wanted, including product definition at any time during the advanced shapes and collaborative process.” forms, in the easiest way and with a minimum of Project management is even more effec- technical checks in order to tive with NX because the teams, internal design products which can and external, collaborate completely using be manufactured. NX is a base file that is continually updated. the only software that This collaboration process for innovation meets these requirements.” therefore benefits from each person’s Mathias AllélyKeyOx can also provide services on expertise within the scope of the defined Partnerdemand, such as product design or tech- objectives. As Laurens explains, “In this KeyOxnology consulting, for customers who way NX enables us to increase our produc-have mechanical engineering resources, tivity in the range of 20 percent.”such as Coval and Parker Pneumatic.“Finally, we assist companies like Salomon This comes down to a 50 percent savingsor Baccarat in introducing NX into their in product development time and itsproduct development process while adapt- corollary, time-to-market, without havinging it to the techniques of their sector,” to sacrifice either design quality or productAllély adds. cost. A number of elements enable these savings. One is the very powerful, user-One tool from industrial design friendly and robust NX modeler, whichto industrialization allows working without any restrictionsThe NX CAD solution is an integral part of linked to the software. “There are no limitsKeyOx’s operations. NX, a powerful and as to shape, which is essential for aintegrated continuous digital chain, covers designer. We do not have to adapt ourand documents all aspects of industrial design to the tool,” remarks Allély. “NX is robust enough anddevelopment, from exploring concepts to industrial enough to enabletheir validation (analysis of surface and Another time-saving factor is the use of us to effect all changesform quality, and digital simulation using the same data during the entire design very quickly, no matterNX Nastran), including decision-making process. The designer and engineer work what the design phase.”documentation and unequivocal data for with the same NX software, taking the Paul Laurensmanufacturing. design intent and technical limitations into Partner consideration. “It is the mark of the quality KeyOx and robustness of the process,” explains
  4. 4. Solutions/ServicesNXNX’s primary businessKeyOx provides industrialdesign expertise and a uniqueapproach to the innovationprocess, focusing on theconsumer products, high-techand electronics, and special-ized machinery sectors. Laurens. In addition, NX allows certain engineer the ability to intervene tasks to be done in parallel through strict the development even during the late structuring and management of the data phases of the process. Finally, NX design using NX Wave functionality. data is re-used throughout the project toCustomer location document, support, speed up, and ensureGillonnay Digital prototypes created with NX save the reliability of the product’s implement-France time by making it possible to evaluate the ation phases: industrialization (NX models relevance of various technical solutions document the designer’s intent), manu- very early in the process. Simulations using facturing (NX data documents the control,“Our clients choose us for NX Nastran allow mechanical, thermal, assembly, and test phases), and pre-sales our methods and our exper- and fluid validation. NX with synchronous and sales (NX data is used for product tise. And we have chosen technology, as well as the effectiveness documentation such as synthesis images, NX as the backbone of our of the dual surface/volume modeling operational diagrams, and maintenance company.” capability in NX, reduce re-design iterat- diagrams even before finishing thePaul Laurens ions to a minimum. Strong modeling tooling).Partner functionality gives the designer orKeyOxSiemens Industry Software © 2011 Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc. All rights reserved. Siemens and the Siemens logo are registered trademarks of Siemens AG. D-Cubed, Femap, Geolus, GO PLM, I-deas, Insight, JT, NX, Parasolid, Solid Edge, Teamcenter, Tecnomatix and Velocity Series are trademarks or registered trademarks of Siemens Product LifecycleAmericas +1 800 498 5351 Management Software Inc. or its subsidiaries in the United States and in other countries. Nastran is a registered trademarkEurope +44 (0) 1276 702000 of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. All other logos, trademarks, registered trademarks or service marksAsia-Pacific +852 2230 3333 used herein are the property of their respective holders. Z5 25748 9/11