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Tecnomatix 11 para Gerencimanento do Processo de Manufatura


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Descubra como o Tecnomatix 11 pode te apoiar a ter uma manufatura mais inteligente e enxuta!

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Tecnomatix 11 para Gerencimanento do Processo de Manufatura

  1. 1. SummaryYou can implement Tecnomatix® digitalmanufacturing solutions from Siemens PLMSoftware and leverage a single source ofproduct and process information acrossyour enterprise, resulting in effective col-laborative product and processdevelopment.Manufacturing process management is anessential part of any PLM strategy. Itenables you to connect your product designactivities to your manufacturing planningactivities, ensuring that products aredesigned for manufacturability. Key driversthat cause leading manufacturers to lookfor a comprehensive process managementsolution include the complexity and chal-lenges of bringing products to marketfaster while ensuring that are aligned with aggressive prod-uct launch goals.As part of the Tecnomatix 11 release, thesemanufacturing process managementsolutions enable smart, fast, lean manufac-turing through capabilities for processplanning and work instruction develop-ment. In addition, key enhancements inlayout planning and dimensional variationanalysis allow you to boost your manufac-turing process efficiency.Process planningManufacturing Process Planner (MPP)enables you to initiate manufacturing feasi-bility while creating production plans fromthe earliest phase of design through manu-facturing handoff to production facilities bydelivering work instructions directly to theshop floor.Answers for industry.What’s new for Tecnomatix 11 –Manufacturing Process ManagementSmart, fast, lean manufacturing with Tecnomatix 11Benefits• Increase planning efficiency• Validate manufacturingfeasibility earlier• Improve search and usability• Reduce delays and improveoperator safety• Reduce tooling design effort• Communicate processesmore effectively• Improve factory objectcreation• Improve operator walk pathreporting• Improve dimensional quality
  2. 2. Store structure search criteria and resultsProcess planners can store and share searchqueries for re-use with or without resultssets. This helps improve usability and main-tain a consistent knowledge context forre-use and collaboration with other plan-ning engineers.Switch perspectivesNew out-of-the-box perspectives help directspecific work tasks such as BOM reconcilia-tion, process constraints, consumption andline balancing.Spatial search usabilityA new dialog box for spatial searchesincludes editing with sliders that providefiner control of the bounding box. Thisincludes search configurations that provide-fully contained or cross-box intersectionresults for richer search capabilities andimproved usability.FeaturesManufacturing processplanner• Store, re-use and sharestructure queries• New out-of-the-boxperspectives• Greater spatial searchcontrol• Usability enhancements• Multi-CAD weld datamanagement• Process context for NX toolbuildersWork instructions• Standard text and 2D PDFview improvements• Rich text editing highlightssafety concerns• PLM to MES integrationAdvanced assembly planner• Greater efficiency inplanning mixed-model,mixed-plant operations• Perform earlymanufacturing feasibility• Compare plant-to-plantprocesses• Mixed-model line balancing• Weighted average and min/max overlayFactory products• Improved XML object dialogbuilder• Enhanced object librarymanagement• Operator walk path timeand distance export• Improved attribute supportand logistics data exchangeNew, event-based data objectsFurther expansion of the ManufacturingProcess Planner solution for the body-in-white workflow allows you to manageevent-based objects within the bill-of-pro-cess. These data objects store the logicnecessary for simulation and virtual com-missioning of manufacturing componentssuch as robots, sensors, clamps andswitches, within Process Simulate.Copy object from graphics contextThis enhancement enables you to selectobjects in the 3D graphics window througha new context menu for copy/paste assign-ment of parts to assemblies.Weld import enhancementsMulti-CAD weld point import enables youto define different weld representationsaccording to weld type and targeted weldcontainer, which does not affect othermanufacturing feature groups within thescope. An automated process helps createa revision of the weld container in case themanufacturing feature group was createdor deleted.Tool designs in NXYou can now receive a scoped context ofprocess information that enables you to seerequirements in the context of the intendedmanufacturing process for performing tooldesign in NX™ software.What’s new for Tecnomatix 11 – ManufacturingProcess ManagementTECNOMATIX
  3. 3. Work instructionsElectronic Work Instruction (EWI) enablesweb-based communication of all manufac-turing process information from planningand simulation to the shop floor.Improved text and visual elementsYou can embed standard text elements inyour PDF work instructions, formalizing thepropagation of standard text libraries.Improvements to 2D visual representationshelp you enrich the interactive capabilitieswith zoom to part, smooth transition andlinkage from parts in graphics to the parts/tools table.PLM to MES integration for work plansThe connection from ManufacturingProcess Planner to Simatic MES assurescomplex assembly operations are per-formed with the most up-to-dateinformation. This integration enables workinstruction details to be pulled from or sentto the shop floor. A new command buttonenables you to send details of the workpackage directly to the execution system.The software tracks success or failure andallows you to input build event parametersfor compliance and traceability. You nowhave an automated process for deliveringthe work package to the execution system,which translates and integrates all neces-sary components to automatically createthe work plan.Advanced assembly planningThe Advanced Assembly Planner is an add-on solution to the Manufacturing ProcessPlanner, which provides additional infra-structure and capabilities that support thegeneration of global mixed-model, mixed-plant processes. It includes line balancingcapability that helps the process engineerunderstand and optimize global productionstrategies for mixed-model assembly lines.Enterprise bill of processThe latest enhancements to enterprise billof process help simplify the complexity ofglobal production so you can achieve theefficiencies of mixed-model manufacturingfrom platform-based architectures. You canperform feasibility studies well before com-mitting investments and resources tospecific plants, automatically propagateassembly items to plant-specific processstructures and perform plant-to-plant com-parisons to maximize the spread of bestpractices.Line balancingThe line balancing function helps you opti-mize mixed-model production lines byviewing each instance as a production pro-gram. These enhancements streamline theintroduction of a new model or variant to aplant and provide visibility into the impacton the existing workload. This is accom-plished through a weighted average ofoperations and minimum/maximum over-lay, which gives the planner insight intopotential problem areas.TECNOMATIXVariation analysis• Expanded Sigma tolerancerange• Enhanced float operationsfor assembly analysis• Hold tolerance to nominalon selected parts• Enhanced linear andangular plus/minus support• Click measurement pointsto generate model features• Supports MIMIC (JT) filestructure
  4. 4. Layout planning and managementIn this release, FactoryCAD™, FactoryFLOW™and In Context Editor (ICE) all supportAutocad 2014 and Teamcenter® 10.x soft-ware versions.FactoryCAD sofware enables you to createdetailed, intelligent factory models. Insteadof having to draw lines, arcs and circles,FactoryCAD enables you to work with“smart objects” that represent virtually allof the resources used in a factory – fromfloor and overhead conveyors, mezzaninesand cranes to material handling containersand operators.XML object/dialog toolkit enhancementsThese enhancements improve usability ofthe FactoryCAD core dialog toolkits andenable you to more easily create dialogs foryour custom objects through drag and droppositioning of parameter input fields, multi-ple tab support, slider input for variables,integer increment/decrement input and2D/3D view control on the preview window.Library manager enhancementsThese enhancements enable you to moreeasily store, manage and access customFactoryCAD XML objects. You can add mul-tiple libraries at once, perform librarysequencing, preview all library content inthe factory explorer and export all filesassociated with a library.FactoryFLOW™ software enables industrialengineers to optimize a factory layoutbased on material flow distances, fre-quency and cost. You can do this byevaluating and analyzing part routing,material storage, material handling specifi-cations and part packaging against thefactory layout.Operator walk path time and distanceexportYou can export FactoryFLOW calculatedoperator walk times and distances, withappropriate units, to a Microsoft Excelreport. You can separate and show multiplewalking operations for each operator.Generic attributes and logistics dataexchangeYou are now able to define default objectattributes from the settings dialog for eachobject type. These user-defined attributescan be stored, maintained and readily syn-chronized with other applications, such aslogistics databases that are used toexchange data to and from FactoryFLOW.Dimensional qualityVariation Analysis is a Teamcenter visualiza-tion add-on that enables you to analyze theimpact of manufacturing processes ondesign features and tolerances highlightingthe sources and amount of dimensionalvariation. It helps improve design qualityand eliminate costly prototypes whilereducing labor, tooling and metrology costson the shop floor.Enhanced Sigma tolerance rangeYou can now set Sigma tolerance range toinclude a 2 Sigma distribution (about 95percent) for simulation results. This enablesa better understanding of less capable pro-cesses which may be valuable forsimulating and analyzing different suppliercapabilities for smarter cost/benefit deci-sions when outsourcing components.Float distribution enhancements for as-sembly operationsThe extreme float operation provides amore conservative analysis by allowing themodel to simulate random contact pointsagainst measurement operations versussimply applying tolerance variation values.You can apply this information globally tothe entire model or allow the override ofglobal parameters to specific assemblyoperations.Inactivate tolerances to improve trade-off analysisYou can essentially turn off the tolerancevalues for a part in an assembly during thesimulation run. This improves your abilityto validate trade-off decisions whenTECNOMATIX
  5. 5. analyzing various designs or supplier com-ponents and aids in debugging a complexmodel. For example if a particular part isgiving you erratic results, you can see howmuch variation goes away if the part is heldto nominal values.Enhanced linear plus/minus supportIn addition to location tolerances, orienta-tion and form tolerance attributes havebeen added to linear plus/minus attributes.This also enables GD&T orientation andform refinements of linear plus/minustolerances.Angular plus/minusAdding additional support for plus/minusschemas allows you to apply angular plus/minus tolerance to a plane or hole/pinfeature.Point creation enhancementsThe 3D measurement module inTeamcenter visualization gives you an easyway to generate measurements from CADgeometry. Now, with a simple click on ameasurement point, you can use variationanalysis to create a feature point for analy-sis in the simulation model.Enhanced feature properties dialogThe addition of navigation buttons to thefeature properties dialog box improves nav-igation for faster feature creation andmodification of existing features withina part.Improved structure alignmentThe CAD structure import process now sup-ports the MIMIC (JT™) file structure.Dimensional Planning and Validation (DPV)enables you to plan and synchronizeinspection routines and production equip-ment for synchronizing measurementoperations and automating data collection,organization and reporting.Simplified bill of resource (bill of equip-ment) and bill of process developmentThis enables you to use the Teamcenter cli-ent user interface to manage plant, deviceand routine planning and setup for produc-tion operations. It includes the ability toadjust shift times automatically based on afacility’s time zone.TECNOMATIXContactSiemens Industry SoftwareAmericas +1 314-264-8499Europe +44 (0) 1276 413200Asia-Pacific +852 2230© 2013 Siemens Product LifecycleManagement Software Inc. Siemensand the Siemens logo are registeredtrademarks of Siemens AG. D-Cubed,Femap, Geolus, GO PLM, I-deas,Insight, JT, NX, Parasolid, Solid Edge,Teamcenter, Tecnomatix and VelocitySeries are trademarks or registeredtrademarks of Siemens ProductLifecycle Management Software Inc.or its subsidiaries in the United Statesand in other countries. All otherlogos, trademarks, registered trade-marks or service marks used hereinare the property of their respectiveholders.Y6 33832 4/13 B