Visão Geral do NX


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Veja aqui as capacidades do NX para desenvolvimento de produto, partindo do desenho conceito, passando pelo projeto, analise e manufatura do produto, assim como a programação da inspeção de qualidade. Todo o ciclo em único produto!

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Visão Geral do NX

  1. 1. the entire product development process with high-performance,integrated solutions for design, simulation and manufacturingAnswers for industry.
  2. 2. 2NX™, the product development solutionfrom Siemens PLM Software, delivers theadvanced performance and leading-edgetechnologies you need to mastercomplexity and compete globally.Supporting every aspect of productdevelopment, from concept designthrough engineering and manufacturing,NX gives you an integrated toolset thatcoordinates disciplines, preserves dataintegrity and design intent, and stream-lines the entire process.With the broadest, most powerful andbest integrated suite of applications,NX boosts productivity to help you makesmarter decisions and deliver betterproducts faster and more efficiently.More than a toolset for computer-aideddesign, engineering and manufacturing(CAD/CAM/CAE), NX also enablescollaboration between designers,engineers and the broader organizationthrough integrated data management,process automation, decision supportand other tools that help you refineyour development processes.Companies worldwide are realizing thedistinct benefits of NX product develop-ment solutions. You can see immediateand long-term business results as oursolutions enable you to:Transform your product developmentprocess so you work smarter, not harder,finding new efficiencies to drive innova-tion and capitalize on marketopportunities.Make smarter decisions faster by pro-viding up-to-date product informationand analytics to better address engineer-ing, design and manufacturing problems.Develop products “right the first time”by using virtual models and simulation toaccurately evaluate product performanceand manufacturability, and by continu-ously validating designs for compliancewith industry, company and customerrequirements.Collaborate effectively with partnersand suppliers with technologies forsharing, communicating and protectingproduct and manufacturing processinformation throughout the value chain.Support development from conceptthrough manufacturing, with acomprehensive, integrated toolset thatstreamlines the entire process withseamless data sharing betweendesigners, product and manufacturingengineers to enable greater innovation.Introducing NX2“ NX is very powerful.It gives us tools that moveseamlessly between thedifferent phases of designand manufacturing, and itintegrates the whole cycle.”Ivor McDonnellSenior Mechanical EngineerUniversity of LeicesterSpace Research Centre“ Using NX is a huge strengthfor us. It supports decision-making early on in thedevelopment process, takesus from concept to produc-tion tools within a singleenvironment, and avoidslong revision loops. Itenables us to retain orderlyand timely responsibilityfor our design.”Andrew FayleDesignerThe Alloy
  3. 3. 3Unmatched capabilitiesNo other solution offers a morecomprehensive or powerfultoolset for product development.NX delivers:• Advanced solutions for conceptualdesign, 3D modeling anddocumentation• Multidiscipline simulation forstructural, motion, thermal, flow,multiphysics and optimizationapplications• Complete part manufacturingsolutions for tooling, machiningand quality inspectionFully integrated productdevelopmentNX brings together the tools forevery development task in a unifiedsolution. All technical domains workconcurrently from the same productmodel data. The seamless integrationenables you to rapidly propagateinformation and process changesacross all development disciplines.NX leverages Teamcenter® software,a collaborative product developmentmanagement (cPDM) solution fromSiemens PLM Software, to establisha single source of product and processknowledge that coordinates all phasesof development, standardizes yourprocesses and accelerates decisionmaking.Superior productivityNX uses high-performance tools andleading-edge technology to addressextremely complex problems. NXdesign tools easily tackle complexgeometry and massive assemblies.The advanced simulation capabilitiesin NX handle the most demandingCAE challenges, significantly reducingphysical prototyping. NX also enablesyou to improve your manufacturingby taking advantage of the mostadvanced tooling and machiningtechnologies.Open environmentThe open architecture in NX enablesyou to protect your existing ITinvestments by readily incorporatingsolutions from other vendors in thedigital product development process.Proven resultsNX has enabled customers to increasethe number of new products; reducedevelopment time by more than 30percent; shorten design-analysisiterations by more than 70 percent andreduce computer numerical control(CNC) programming time by up to90 percent.The NX advantageNX provides a unified platform for product development with advanced solutions for design, simulation and manufacturing.
  4. 4. 4High performance product designNX can help you deliver greater innovationat higher quality and lower cost withcomprehensive 3D product design.With unmatched power, versatility andflexibility, NX gives your design teamsthe freedom to use the most productiveapproach for the task at hand. Designerscan select wireframe, surface, solidparametric or direct modeling techniqueswith seamless interchange.With the synchronous technology in NX,you can create and edit geometry withunparalleled speed and ease, even usingmodels created on other otherCAD systems.NX includes powerful assembly designtools with performance and capacity thatenable you to work interactively in thefull assembly context, even with the mostcomplex models. Assembly navigation,multi-CAD mockup, interference analysis,path planning and other engineeringtools accelerate assembly design andimprove quality.For specialized design tasks, NX offersprocess-specific modeling tools thatoutperform general purpose CAD for sheetmetal design, weld design and electricaland mechanical routing.NX also offers design templates that helpyou accelerate design and standardizeengineering processes. You can quicklycreate templates from existing modelsand easily re-use them for new designs.Templates can also include simulation,drafting, validation and other engineeringbest practices.NX for designAdvantages• Reduce design time by morethan 30 percent• Increase the number of newproduct introductions• Improve team productivitythrough re-use• Work seamlessly with data fromother CAD systems• Validate designs againstproduct requirements• Make smarter design decisionswith visual analytics“ NX is the most powerfuldesign software I’ve ever used.The solid models, the assem-blies, all of the things thatcome together in the modelingaspect produce better results.”Chad SchwartzLead Design EngineerWright Medical Technology
  5. 5. 5Integrated industrial designWith advanced freeform modeling, shapeanalysis, rendering and visualization tools,NX delivers all the capabilities of dedicatedindustrial design systems, and also offerscomplete integration with NX design,simulation and manufacturing.NX freeform modeling gives you thepower and creative flexibility to explorealternative design concepts quickly. Aversatile, integrated toolset combines 2D,3D, curve, surface, solid, parametric andsynchronous modeling for fast and easyshape creation and editing. You can easilysculpt from basic shapes, or use reverseengineering to create concept models fromphysical objects.Shape analysis and validation tools inNX help ensure the integrity, quality andmanufacturability of your designs.Electromechanical designNX integrates mechanical, electronic andelectrical designs and processes in a unifiedsolution for electromechanical productdesign.From printed circuit board design tomechanical packaging and electrical wiringand harness design, NX gives you tools thatsupport collaboration among disciplines.Mechanical, electrical, and control systemsdesigners can use a concurrent process todeliver high-quality products.To optimize product performance, NXincludes simulation solutions that addressall major causes of electromechanicalproduct failure.Advantages• Optimize form, fit and function• Create freeform shapes anditerate concepts faster• Preserve design intent fromconcept through production• Integrate mechanical andelectrical disciplines andprocesses• Improve ECAD/MCADinformation exchange• Accelerate development andachieve lower costs withconcurrent developmentprocesses
  6. 6. 6Drafting and documentationNX includes powerful capabilities for 2Ddesign, layout, drafting, annotation anddocumentation.You can quickly and efficiently create 2Dlayouts and engineering drawings withhighly productive tools that are optimizedfor 2D and hybrid 2D/3D workflows.Built-in drafting standards ensure thatyour drawings comply with national andinternational drafting standards.With NX, you can fully document designswith 3D annotation on your CAD models.You can re-use the product and manufac-turing information in drawings, validation,manufacturing and other applications.Visual analytics and validationWith the visual product analytics anddesign validation tools in NX, you canquickly synthesize information, checkdesigns for compliance to requirementsand make better informed decisions.NX brings critical product, business andprogram information to 3D design. Withhigh-definition visual reporting, you canreadily answer questions about projectstatus, design changes, team responsibili-ties, issues, problems, cost, suppliers andother attributes.Automated validation in NX continuouslymonitors your designs for adherence tostandards and requirements. NX validationchecking helps to ensure product quality,eliminate errors and optimize designs forperformance and manufacturability.Advantages• Accelerate drawing creationand maintenance• Ensure accuracy of drawings andcompliance with standards• Increase productivity and qualitywith 3D annotation• Enhance design with visualreporting of critical information• Interpret data quickly andaccurately• Improve decision-making• Automatically monitor designsfor compliance with standardsand requirements“ We have no limitation on shape,which is vital to a designer.We are not forced to adapt ourdesign to the tool. We canvisualize what the final productcould be and have it validatedby all the groups involved in thedevelopment process, frommarketing to manufacturing.”Mathias AllélyFounderKeyox
  7. 7. 7Knowledge re-use capabilitiesWith NX, you can meet higher cost-cuttingtargets and time-to-market deadlinesthrough re-use. NX helps you capture,manage, locate and re-use a broad rangeof design information.A built-in library serves as a centralizedrepository for models, templates, standardparts, features and other design elements.Designers can quickly locate what theyneed and use simple drag-and-drop tech-niques to include objects in new designs.NX also integrates with Teamcenter andGeolus® Search software to rapidly locateand re-use 3D data. Designers can navigatethrough classification hierarchies andsearch for re-usable design information byattribute or shape.Design productivity toolsNX augments design with tools andtechnologies that help you maximize speed,productivity and efficiency in productdevelopment.Communication, collaboration and dataexchange capabilities help you shareproduct information with customers andsuppliers, even if they are using differentCAD systems.NX also offers NX Open programming andcustomization tools to help you extend andtailor software capabilities to your specificneeds.When you move to NX, you can use robustcontent migration tools to quickly andefficiently leverage your investment inlegacy product data, while reducing thetime, effort and risk required to re-useinformation from other systems.Advantages• Quickly and easily capture,manage, find and re-use designinformation• Dramatically reducedevelopment time, costand effort• Reduce time to market forproduct variations• Easily communicate andcollaborate with partners,customers and suppliers• Automate processes and extendcapabilities with programmingand customization
  8. 8. 8Smarter engineering decisionsToday’s companies want to accelerateinnovation by using simulation to evaluatedifferent design alternatives, conductexperiments and gain new insights intoproduct performance. However, somecompanies are unable to realize the fullpotential of their simulation investmentsbecause simulation continues to bedisconnected from mainstream productdevelopment. The comprehensive setof NX simulation tools enables you tointegrate performance simulation earlierin the development process so you caninvestigate more design options and makesmarter product decisions.A modern CAE environmentNX CAE is a modern, multi-disciplineenvironment for advanced analysts,workgroups and designers who need todeliver high quality performance insightsin a timely fashion to drive smarterproduct decisions. Unlike disconnected,single-discipline CAE tools, NX CAEintegrates best-in-class analysis modelingwith simulation solutions for structural,thermal, flow, motion, multiphysics andoptimization into a single environment. Italso seamlessly integrates simulation datamanagement into an analyst’s workflowso that information is no longer lostwithin some obscure hard drive. Finally,NX CAE enables simulation-driven designby giving companies the ability to expandsimulation to the design community andincrease collaboration between analystsand designers.NX for simulationAdvantages• Reduce model preparation timeby 70 percent• Shorten design-analysisiterations• Improve team productivitythrough capture and re-use ofCAE best practices• Evaluate design trade-offsacross multiple disciplines• Validate and track performanceagainst product requirements
  9. 9. 9Best-in-class analysis modelingNX CAE drastically reduces the timeengineers spend preparing simulationmodels. It delivers all the advancedmeshing, boundary conditions and solverinterfaces that are needed to conducthigh-end analysis. What makes NX CAEdifferent from all other preprocessors is itssuperior geometry foundation, includingsynchronous technology, which enablesintuitive, direct geometry editing. Couplingthat with an analysis model to designgeometry associativity means that analysismodels immediately update to the latestdesign variant with little to no reworkrequired by the analyst. The tight integra-tion of a powerful geometry engine withrobust analysis modeling commands is thekey to reducing modeling time by up to70 percent compared to traditional finiteelement (FE) modeling tools.Multidiscipline simulation andoptimizationNX CAE delivers breadth and depth ofanalysis capabilities through a single,advanced simulation environment. Simula-tion solutions available include structural,thermal, flow, motion, optimization andmultiphysics analyses. The benefit ofintegrating all these solutions is that engi-neering departments can standardize theirtools on a single platform, which lowerstraining costs and streamlines coupled andmultiphysics analysis workflows. Since allthe data is internal, there are no error-prone and time-consuming data transfersbetween software tools.NX CAE supports other well-known solversso you can still leverage existing simulationinvestments.Advantages• Defeature and preparegeometry faster• Quick, intuitive direct geometryediting using synchronoustechnology• Comprehensive automatic andmanual meshing for 0D, 1D, 2Dand 3D elements• Associate analysis model withdesign geometry for rapidupdates• Supports third-party solversAbaqus, ANSYS, MSC Nastranand LS-Dyna• Simulation solutions forstructural, thermal, flow,motion, optimization andmultiphysics analyses“ We can take our 3D model,basically use that exact same 3Dmodel, just click a button on theNX screen and we’re in stressand strain analysis. Click anoth-er button and we’re in a deflec-tion analysis. Click anotherbutton and we’re running flowsimulations. So being able tointegrate all those differentanalysis tools right into our 3Dmodeling software has benefitedus greatly as well.”Jeff AlbertsenDesign EngineerAdams Golf
  10. 10. 10Systems-level modeling and simulationEngineers are continually seeking to betterunderstand product performance at thewhole system level, and NX CAE deliversmethods that enable easier systemssimulation.NX CAE is unique in the way it manageslarge FE models. NX CAE uses a multi-level,hierarchical structure, very similar to howa CAD assembly is managed, to efficientlybuild and manage large analysis modelassemblies. This allows engineers torapidly build FE assembly models simplyby referencing and instancing separate FEcomponents.For mechatronic systems, NX CAE canco-simulate mechanical systems combinedwith control systems designed in Matlab/Simulink.Simulation data and processmanagementNX CAE seamlessly integrates withthe simulation process managementmodule of Teamcenter. Simulation datamanagement capabilities can be used out-of-the-box, and companies can implementa complete environment for managingCAE data, processes and workflow aspart of a wider product developmentenvironment. This reduces wasted time bypromoting re-use of existing designs andengineering knowledge. Simulation datamanagement also synchronizes simula-tion with design and makes simulationresults readily accessible for data mining,visualization and reporting.NX Open, the common foundation forautomation and programming in NX,can be used to create and automatecustomized CAE processes to increaseproductivity.Advantages• Efficiently build and manage FEassemblies through a unique,multilevel approach• Speed solution times throughparallel processing• Simulate mechatronic systems• Simulation data and processmanagement• Out-of-the-box integration withTeamcenter• Capture and automate repetitivesimulation processes“ Our analysts are very excitedabout being able to use synchro-nous technology to defeaturemodels and get the geometrydown to what they need to builda finite element model, a CFDmodel or a thermal model.”Nathan ChristensenSenior Manager, EngineeringTools & AnalysisATK
  11. 11. 11Simulation-driven designSimulation has proven to be a time- andcost-effective alternative to physicaltesting – allowing more design optionsto be considered in shorter time frames.Today, companies are seeking to furtherexpand the use of simulation by bringing itforward even earlier in the design process.However, the challenge of implementing asimulation-based design strategy includesthe absence of an engineering environ-ment and process that can keep pace withthe design team.NX CAE helps facilitate simulation-drivendesign. Since NX CAE is based on the sameplatform as NX CAD, simulation capabilitieseasily scale to a designer’s environmentand expertise level, while still providing thesame trusted simulation technology usedby expert analysts.CAE vision and heritageOur vision is to deliver engineeringsimulation solutions that drive productperformance decisions across the completeproduct lifecycle.Siemens PLM Software executes on thisvision by building upon our simulationheritage that spans 40 years and encom-passes well known industry brands, suchas Nastran for finite element analysisand I-deas for integrated CAD and CAE. Siemens PLM Software continues to investin advancing simulation technology andtoday delivers NX CAE, a modern simula-tion environment.Advantages• Same scalable technologyused by expert analysts anddesigners• Perform basic analysis withindesigner’s CAD environment• Make smarter engineeringdecisions earlier
  12. 12. 12A single system for manufacturingengineeringNX provides a complete set of numericalcontrol (NC) programming capabilitiesin a single CAM system as well asan integrated set of manufacturingsoftware applications.These powerful applications facilitatepart modeling, tool design and inspec-tion programming – all based on theproven, future-proof architectureof NX.NX allows the use of a common 3Dmodel from part design to production.Advanced model editing, tool andfixture design, part and inspectionprogramming are all associative,enabling fast, easy changes.Data and process managementTeamcenter provides data and processmanagement for the NX applications.Each piece of information is intelligentlyconnected to form a manufacturingplan.This helps you to eliminate the needfor multiple databases, re-use provenmethods, manage tooling and connectthe work package directly to the shopfloor.A scalable solutionFrom individual applications, such asCAM, NX can be expanded to establisha complete part manufacturing solutionthat includes a connection to the shopfloor systems and equipment. NX isused for manufacturing engineeringin a wide range of industries globally,from the smallest shops to the largestcorporations.NX for manufacturingPart modelpreparationCMMprogrammingProcessplanningToollibrariesShop floordata accessToolmanagementCMM inspectionexecutionTooling andfixture designShop floorprogram validationCAMData and process managementDNC CNC
  13. 13. 13CAMAdvanced programming capabilitiesNX CAM provides a wide range offunctionality, from simple NC program-ming to high-speed cutting and multi-axismachining, enabling you to address manytasks using one system.Improve your productivity further withapplication-specific programming, such asthe volume-based milling used for fasterprogramming of prismatic parts.Programming automationWith feature-based machining, program-ming time can be reduced by as much as90 percent.Wizards and templates streamline typicalprogramming processes.Postprocessing and simulationNX CAM has a tightly integrated post-processing system.The integrated G-code-driven simulationeliminates the need for separate simulationpackages.Ease of useFor maximum productivity, you can workon the system graphically. For example,selecting and moving the 3D model ofthe tool to create a tool path is a fast andintuitive way to drive the system.CAD for the NC programmerRapidly prepare any part model for NCprogramming with the latest CADtechnology in NX.Advantages• Take advantage of the latestmachine tool technologies andmanufacturing processes• Save up to 90 percent onprogramming time byautomating routine tasks• Get it right the first time on theshop floor by simulating andvalidating NC programs in thecontext of the machinetool process“ With NX, we are reducingour programming time bymore than 50 percent.”Rajiv KapoorManaging DirectorRasandik EngineeringIndustries India Ltd.
  14. 14. 14Tooling and fixture designNX Mold Design automates the entireprocess of designing the parting lineand surfaces, core and cavity, and moldbase directly from the part model. Checkdesigns and evaluate design alternativeswith the integrated mold flow simulation.NX Progressive Die Design includes expertdie-making capabilities that enable theautomation of the design process.NX Stamping Die Design providesadvanced capabilities for formabilityanalysis, die planning, die face design anddie structure design.NX Electrode Design incorporatesnumerous industry best practices into astep-by-step approach that automates thedesign of electrodes.Fixture design includes fully associativecomponent design, assembly positioningand mating, kinematic simulation andperformance validation capabilities.CMM inspection programmingNX coordinate measuring machines(CMM) Inspection Programmingstreamlines the entire inspection programdevelopment process.Use product and manufacturing informa-tion (PMI) on the model (including GD&Tand 3D annotation) to automaticallygenerate programs.Generate postprocessed output, includingthe DMIS standard and machine-specificformats.With the integrated inspection analysisyou can read back measured data forcomparison and study.AdvantagesTooling and fixture design• Automate your tool and fixturedesign process• Capture tooling designknowledge and re-use provendesigns• Virtually prototype functionaloperation of tooling and fixturesCMM inspection programming• Reduce CMM programming timeby up to 80 percent• Ensure all part requirements areinspected according to companystandards• Facilitate fast and efficientdesign change propagationacross entire processTooling and fixture design, quality inspection
  15. 15. 15Shop Floor Connect for TeamcenterShop Floor Connect (SFC) for Teamcenteris an add-on for Teamcenter.With SFC for Teamcenter you can accessand view work package data on anybrowser-enabled device connected to thenetwork. This could include a wide rangeof manufacturing information, includingshop documentation, tool lists, setupsheets, pictures and drawings.Also, SFC for Teamcenter allows deliveryof CNC program files from Teamcenterdirectly into the machine controller withno local data storage.More than just a traditional direct numeri-cal control (DNC) system, the connectionto the secure Teamcenter database avoidsdata duplication and manages revisions tomake sure the correct manufacturing datais used on the shop floor.NX for Siemens Sinumerik controllersNX CAM provides optimized output forSinumerik controllers. You can select arange of special Sinumerik functions orcycle commands with the correct param-eters in order to maximize machine toolperformance.The PostBuilder application that comes withNX CAM includes advanced templates fromwhich comprehensive postprocessors forSinumerik controllers can be developed.In some cases, advanced postprocessorsand simulation kits have been developed byworking with the machine tool builders.Connecting planning to production“ Due to the direct access toPLM information on theshop floor, our machines’idle times are significantlyreduced.”Hans-Juergen SteebManager of IT and OrganizationANDRITZ Ritz
  16. 16. About Siemens PLM SoftwareSiemens PLM Software, a business unit of the SiemensIndustry Automation Division, is a leading global providerof product lifecycle management (PLM) software andservices with 7 million licensed seats and 71,000customers worldwide. Headquartered in Plano, Texas,Siemens PLM Software works collaboratively withcompanies to deliver open solutions that help themturn more ideas into successful products. For moreinformation on Siemens PLM Software products andservices, visit© 2013 Siemens Product LifecycleManagement Software Inc. Siemensand the Siemens logo are registeredtrademarks of Siemens AG. D-Cubed,Femap, Geolus, GO PLM, I-deas,Insight, JT, NX, Parasolid, Solid Edge,Teamcenter, Tecnomatix and VelocitySeries are trademarks or registeredtrademarks of Siemens ProductLifecycle Management Software Inc.or its subsidiaries in the United Statesand in other countries. All otherlogos, trademarks, registered trade-marks or service marks used hereinare the property of their respectiveholders.4639-X47 5/13 ASiemens Industry SoftwareHeadquartersGranite Park One5800 Granite ParkwaySuite 600Plano, TX 75024USA+1 972 987 3000AmericasGranite Park One5800 Granite ParkwaySuite 600Plano, TX 75024USA+1 314 264 8499EuropeStephenson HouseSir William Siemens SquareFrimley, CamberleySurrey, GU16 8QD+44 (0) 1276 413200Asia-PacificSuites 4301-4302, 43/FAIA Kowloon Tower, Landmark East100 How Ming StreetKwun Tong, KowloonHong Kong+852 2230 3308