Industrialize your developments with Tuleap Open ALM


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Tuleap, Open ALM, the industrial solution for software development

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Industrialize your developments with Tuleap Open ALM

  1. 1. Software is at the heart of the development 5 Main Benefits of innovative products  Automate steps of development, test, deployment and maintenance  Enable your teams to be really more productive The quality of your  Match surety and robustness development is critical customer’s requirements  Favour collaboration between distributed teams  Facilitate the work with your partners In all industries, here is the current challenge companies have to reach. Your capability to develop innovative products and remain competitive is increased with industrialization of your software engineering processes. An ALM can help to stay ahead of the curve.Tuleap, Open ALM* is an industrial solution forsoftware development. DevelopTuleap provides an integrated engineeringenvironment that will make your developmentpredictable and controlled. Control AutomateThey work with us : Trace *Application Lifecycle Management, solution also calleds “software forge”
  2. 2. Software Industrialisation Tuleap includes tools for each step of the lifecycle of an application: Projet Management suiteScheduling and monitoring project progress withgraphics, change management (requirements,tasks, incidents…), collaborative document creation Software Development suiteSource code control and versioning, continuousintegration (compilation, automatic test...)deployment, maintenance. More info Who we are & download Enalean is the software provider of Tuleap Open ALM. We are a team of consultants and engineers who have been working for years in the deployment of critical solutions in large industrial companies. We help companies such as yours to industrialize software development. We provide services for an Customer Success Story efficient implementation and exploitation of your ALM solution. STMicroelectronics 8 000 users in 23 countries Our guarantees « Tuleap has emerged as the best solution, both in terms of features Ready to use: we help you to configure Tuleap to match your business requirements and corporate processes and in terms of costs. » Implemented step by step: we will guide you throughout Denis, Delivery Tools Manager the implementation, inviting key stakeholders and One of the world leaders in semiconductor industry, showing them how Tuleap will make their work easier STMicroelectronics, which implements CMMI Ready for large scale deployment: with Tuleap, you can requirements, works with Enalean to improve the efficiency of its R&D software manage tens to tens of thousands of users and projects Satisfaction: we provide solutions that perfectly match our customers’ expectations for a rapid ROI Agile: each project is managed with agile methods that make project implementation faster and more efficient Enalean SAS Tél : +33(0)9 81 41 77 82 Email : 18 Allée du Lac de St André – BP 253 - 73370 Le Bourget du Lac- France Enalean ©2013 All right reserved. Tuleap and Enalean are registered trademarks and logos of Enalean SAS. All other trademarks, logos and copyrights are property of the respective owners.