Common Time M Design Datasheet


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Common Time M Design Datasheet

  1. 1. mDesign CommonTime mDesign Design, develop, deploy and manage dynamic enterprise mobile applications quickly and easily. The Challenge Organizations worldwide increasingly understand the need to mobilize their workforces. In a bid to achieve the many business benefits an effective mobile strategy can deliver, many companies are looking to mobilize multiple business processes. At this stage complexity, security, time and cost become valid concerns. Mobilizing business processes with the development of mobile applications can be a lengthy and costly process. Furthermore, an organization’s ability is often restricted to working within the coding capabilities of its IT department rather focusing on delivering a solution best suited to the particular business process. Well implemented mobile Traditional mobile application development approaches are no longer applications can deliver many appropriate in the face of fast moving mobile technology trends, nor do business benefits including: they provide the best solution for addressing the mobility challenges of a varied workforce. “By taking a strategic approach to• Improved productivity• Business process efficiency mobile application requirements with• Timely and accurate information CommonTime mDesign, organizations can capture realize the significant business benefits of• Better informed decision making enterprise mobility.”• Staff satisfaction and retention• Customer experience The Solution - CommonTime mDesign improvements CommonTime mDesign is a comprehensive yet simple enterprise• Improved internal and external mobility solution which allows the rapid design, development, deployment communications and management of cross platform enterprise mobile applications.• Enhanced corporate image The solution features a zero code design environment which allows you to mobilize any business process on almost any mobile platform quickly and easily. The solution also provides full application deployment and a range of flexible back office integration options. mDesign allows you to produce fully functional and integrated mobile applications at fraction of the time and cost compared to traditional development methods. 1
  2. 2. mDesignHow it worksCommonTime mDesign provides a simple drag and drop business process modelling interface and an intuitiveapplication building process that can be used to mobilize complex business processes quickly and easily. Our libraryof customizable business process templates can be modified and adapted in hours, and complex business process canbe built from scratch in days.Completed applications are securely deployed over the air to devices in the field and the information your mobileworkforce captures is seamlessly integrated with your back office systems. CommonTime mDesign - Mobilizing Business Processes mDesign Studio mDesign Manager mDesign Client mDesign ServerRapid Application Design & Application Deployment, Mobile Application Back End SystemDevelopment Environment Management & Full Execution Environment Integration Version Control HTML5 CSS3 Java Script Field Service & Complete Mobile Windows Mobile SQL Server Inspections Enterprise Symbian Domino Survey & Data Capture Application Windows Phone 7 Oracle SalesForce Automation Complete Mobile iOS SAP Retail and POS Enterprise Android Various CRM Other Templates Application Blackberry Other Mobile Device Management: Security and Encryption Mobile VPN Software Distribution mDesign StudioCommonTime mDesign Studio includes a library of pre-designed business process templates and components(called process snippets) which are provided for users to customise and adapt using simple drag and dropfunctionality.Users create applications by adding process snippets to a new workspace or by amending existing process templates.The configuration of snippets can be changed; new fields can be added and captions, labels and other attributescan be amended. There are existing snippets for authentication, customer information, surveys, questionnaires,inspections, remote data lookup, workflow, photographs, voice memos, and location information. New snippetscan be created manually and added to the library for reuse. CommonTime is continually developing both businessprocess templates and snippets, which are available to download online. 2
  3. 3. mDesign mDesign ManagerCommonTime mDesign Manager allows application deployment, management and full version control from acentralized location or console.Once an application has been created, it is crucial that it can be tested and deployed efficiently to get mobile workersoperational. mDesign provides secure over the air deployment of applications, as well as ongoing management afterthe initial deployment. Changes to applications can be made quickly and easily within mDesign Studio and instantlypushed out over the air to the devices in the field. mDesign ClientCommonTime mDesign Client allows the applications to run on mobile devices and make the most of theindividual device’s hardware capabilities such as a camera or GPS receiver.mDesign Client also allows applications to run “offline” should a field worker be in an area of poor mobile signalcoverage. mDesign ServerCommonTime mDesign has flexible and tiered integration capabilities that range from simple direct integrationwith existing SQL data and Web Services to using bespoke elements such as stored procedures to ensure dataintegrity can be tightly maintained and controlled by its owners.Any information your mobile workforce captures is integrated with your back office systems, removing the need forre-keying or further data integration work. Integrate Design CommonTime Capture mDesign Deploy 3
  4. 4. mDesign The mDesign Studio Interface CommonTime mDesign Studio’s simple drag and drop interface makes application development quick and easy. The screenshot below shows business process snippets and the way they flow together for a typical inspection process, in this case, housing inspection. The structure of snippets in a typical inspection process, displaying individual process elements and their relationships. The Benefits CommonTime mDesign provides a number of tangible benefits for organizations and their workforces. • Reduced Costs – The cost of mobilizing applications with CommonTime mDesign is up to 70% less compared to traditional development approaches. • Speed to Market – mDesign provides the ability to roll out business processes to the mobile workforce in a matter of hours. Mobile workers can have immediate access to the resources they need to make them more productive. • Future Proof Investment – mDesign creates applications that work across multiple platforms and device types. As new devices are released and your mobile infrastructure changes our compatibility grows with you. • Easy to Use – mDesign allows drag and drop creation of mobile applications, which provides a simpler, faster and more efficient way to create and modify applications. • Better Applications – mDesign is designed to build applications around your business processes and not around the IT capabilities needed to build them. The easy to use design tools allow business process managers to be more involved, leading to better applications.Contact Us About CommonTimeFor more infotmation about CommonTime mDesign please visit our website We are experts at mobilizing workforces, contact or call us on: with experience in developing and deploying line of business applicationsUK: +44 (0) 1332 542 028 for mobile devices. Our customersUSA: 866 706 0609 (toll-free) range from local businesses to large multinationals, across the public and private sectors. 4