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TenXLabs Brochure

  1. 1. Creating Business Value through Frugal Innovation TenXLabs uses innovative technology and out-of-box strategies to build solutions that deliver demonstrable business value
  2. 2. About UsTenXLabs delivers best in class technology solutionsfor its clients at lower Total Cost of Ownership(TCO). Frugal EngineeringBased on the principles of frugal engineering,TenXLabs creates highly optimized solutions that Approachdeliver meaningful stakeholder outcomes. Thecompany leverages lean cross - functional teams and Frugal Engineering describes the competency ofyoung talent to promote new ideas, encourage Indian engineers to develop products for emergingcreative thinking and bring about technological, markets. The philosophy behind frugal engineering isprocess and organizational innovation. to maximize value to the customer while minimizing non-essential costs.The TenXLabs team has diverse backgrounds withyears of domain and technology experience. They Frugal engineering is a philosophy and a approachhave pooled their industry experience to develop aunique, multi-faceted approach to creating solutions that is visible in everything we do. We use anfor global organizations. innovative process to understand client needs and create solutions that focus on only that feature andOur Value Proposition: function that provides value.u Consultative approach with an overall We have made deep investments in people, assessment of value, risk and cost before the processes and technology through each of our start of the project. advanced competency centers. We offer solutions and service offerings that not only deliver on theu Incremental approach with short delivery cycles promise of frugal engineering, but also aim to delight to reduce risk and increase effectiveness. our clients and their customers through unwaveringu High clarity on essential requirements early in focus on the 10x quality commitment. the process.u Laser sharp focus on delivering meaningful stakeholder outcomes.u Lean process with minimal overheads. minerva Talent Development and Management Solutions Human Resource Learning Paygenie Management Suite Management Suite Payroll Suite
  3. 3. TenXLabs has developed competency centers in the areas ofProduct Transformation, Specialized Testing and eLearning. Each ofthe competency centers combine strong domain expertise withproven practices, processes, delivery assurance frameworks andtraining mechanisms to rapidly deliver high quality solutions. Centers of ExcellenceProduct TransformationTenXLabs brings best practices in high productivity engineering toclient organizations seeking rapid results in the areas of full-cycleproduct engineering, IP re-engineering and productmodernization.Product Management: This is an essential part of the softwaredevelopment process which requires a combination of businessand technology acumen to understand market needs and translatethem into a well defined roadmap of product features andfunctions that will help a company create a unique product. Product ValidationTenXLabs has a well defined approach to product managementwhere it helps its clients get customer feedback, use them to Software testing is a critical part of any software developmentelaborate on requirements and effectively manage the product lifecycle. TenXLabs leverages practical processes that it hasrelease cycle. perfected over the years to deliver improvement in the software testing process through specific tasks, roles, techniques,Full Cycle Product Development: TenXLabs has developed activities and deliverables that mitigate risk and enhance clarity.solutions to help its clients through the entire product The integration of the product development process and thedevelopment lifecycle. Its strong focus on innovative technology test development process is clarified using our uniquesolutions allows it to drive its client’s vision from development of methodology. Our consulting and implementation servicesquick prototypes to test feasibility to create sustainable IP solutions focus is in the areas of software test process automation, riskwith flexible architectures. assessment, measurement and standards definition.Be it writing use cases to designing flexible architectures and Our consultants are industry veterans with excellent technicaldelivering innovative engineering services, we are able to provide and communication skills. Their pragmatic, hands-on approachexpertise at every stage of the software development and testing enables clients to realize improved quality results more quicklyprocess. By acting as an extension of our client’s R&D team and and cost-effectively.understanding their time pressures and constraints we add value inthe process from gathering requirements, creating designspecifications, to implementation, testing, release engineering, eLearningdocumentation and training. Leveraging eLearning to provide quality yet cost effectiveProduct Re-engineering and Modernization: Software training is a mandate at most global organizations today.development companies often need to re-engineer existing TenXLabs brings an innovative approach to content digitizationproducts to make them more maintainable and user friendly. We where we combine it with simulations and gaming modules towork closely with our clients to understand user requirements, enhance and improve the learning experience. This not onlysystem limitations, time constraints and other strategic makes learning fun but also improves retention and increasesconsiderations to develop solutions that provide a more flexible understanding for the individual.and modern architecture while reusing strategic assets. By focusingon usability and performance of the end product, we are able to TenXLabs provides unique eLearning solutions and dedicateddeliver productivity and quality improvements while increasing services for corporations. Our experience ranges from providingsystem maintainability. consulting services for LMS implementation, content digitization to developing product simulations. The beauty ofA combination of automated tools and manual techniques are used working with TenXLabs is that your SMEs (Subject Matterfor software inspection, reorganization and reverse engineering. Experts) have to spare only review effort for story boardRigorous testing is carried out on the re-engineered solution to walkthroughs as we bring in the relevant industry expertise inensure robustness. World class documentation services are the field of Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Insurance,provided as part of the re-engineering solution. Software Engineering and Software Testing.
  4. 4. Delivering Value to ClientsMinerva HR Suite is one of the simplest Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS) available in the markettoday. We at Pearson Group have been using it and are very happy with the product and its features. The best part ofthis product is its scalability. We have some unique requirements as far as our policies and practices are concerned,and Minerva was able to help us bridge these gaps and run our People Function efficiently.Be it generating reports or filling up of vacancies or planning a training calendar, this product does it all. Backed by anable and very dedicated team of software professionals, help is always close at hand. Araktim Saikia Manager - Compensation & Benefits People Function, Pearson Group IndiaTenXLabs analyzed our testing processes and measured our test maturity level. They also developed a roadmap fortest automation and helped us roll out a metrics program to measure product quality. This helped us reduce thelength of our testing cycles and deliver a high quality product to our clients with greater confidence. Sasi Paul Director Engineering Cura SoftwareTenXLabs leveraged its advanced testing competencies to help us create a robust, reusable automation testingframework to identify defects early in the product lifecycle. The automation testing framework, built using Seleniumand performance testing framework built using JMeter, will allow us to reduce the length of our testing cycles for thecurrent and subsequent releases of the product. James Wright General Manager, Test Service Operations Software Development Technologies www.tenxlabs.com 66, Lakshmi Arcade, Goudia Mutt Road, Royapettah, Chennai - 14Email: minerva.info@tenxlabs.com Phone: 9322593505, 9225105331, 9908070888, 9899197194 Hyderabad | Pune | Chennai | Delhi | Mumbai