Tecnomatix 11 para simulação e validação


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Saiba como o Tecnomatix permite que você teste, simule e valide toda a a sua fabrica ainda no planejamento!

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Tecnomatix 11 para simulação e validação

  1. 1. SummaryUsing Tecnomatix® digital manufacturingsolutions from Siemens PLM Software, youcan verify the methods and resources beingdefined and selected during manufacturingplanning, resulting in proven “right-first-time” manufacturing plans.Production interruptions that result fromintroducing new or updated automationprogramming and late-stage changes areextremely costly. Such events present risksoften difficult to overcome during imple-mentation and launch as the start ofvolume production approaches. A signifi-cant number of such changes can bediscovered and resolved early in the processwhen they are easier and less costly to fix.Through the use of simulation, you can trywww.siemens.com/tecnomatixvariations of the manufacturing processwith a high degree of accuracy, to deter-mine which variation will provide the bestresults. You can carry out these engineer-ing studies and what-if analyses quickly,easily and at low cost during preproductionplanning and process development phases.This process simulation reduces the needfor subsequent physical tryouts and ensuresthat any required physical tryouts can beexecuted faster.As part of the Tecnomatix 11 release, theManufacturing Simulation and Validationsolutions enable smart, fast, lean manufac-turing through the validation of productionprocesses, equipment and systems duringmanufacturing planning. This validationcan occur long before implementation onAnswers for industry.What’s new for Tecnomatix 11 –Manufacturing Simulation and ValidationSmart, fast, lean manufacturing with Tecnomatix 11Benefits• Simplify human modelposturing• Improve ergonomic analysis• Improve human modelscaling• Save time• Improve performance• Increase simulationefficiency• Leverage Teamcenter• Reduce system energy usage• Improve communication
  2. 2. the shop floor and can easily be sharedwith others using visual displays showingthe exact operations, resource layout andusage, resulting in a right-first-time manu-facturing plan.Human factors and ergonomics (people)Jack™ software in the Tecnomatix portfoli-enables you to improve the ergonomics ofyour product designs and to refine indus-trial tasks. Jack and optional toolkitsprovide human-centered design tools youcan use to perform ergonomic analysis ofvirtual products and virtual work environ-ments. This analysis enables you toseamlessly integrate human factors andergonomics into the planning, design andvalidation stages of your product lifecycle.Task simulation builder revisionThe task simulation builder is entirely new,including a “simulate-as-you-go” authoringparadigm to match typical authoring sce-narios. The new user interface enables amore efficient and less cluttered experi-ence. Together, the features in this releaseoffer an expanded breadth of capabilitiesfor broader application to differentscenarios.Posturing andanalysisimprovementsIn this release,braced posturingenables you to pre-dict postures insituations in whichbracing surfacesare available and to predict the most likelybracing strategy, including the exertionforce direction and magnitude changes dueto bracing (based on University of MichiganHumosim program research). Step footfallprediction enables you to predict footfallsfor turns, shuffle steps and transitions; tosimulate walking along defined paths; andto visualize work cell congestion andimproved ergonomic analysis through morerefined foot position prediction. Cumulativelower back analysis functionality enablesyou to analyze low back injury risk due toFeaturesHuman factors andergonomics• All new task simulationbuilder interface• Braced and seatedposturing, step footfallprediction and cumulativelower back analysis• Advanced anthropometryscaling for Jack humanmodels• Integrated Kinect forWindows module andpartial body motion trackingsupport• 64-bit support for largegeometry environmentperformance improvement• European AssemblyWorksheet (EAWS)integrationRobotics and automation• Advanced robotics andcommissioning available onTeamcenter• Enhanced mirrorfunctionality• Enhanced swept volumeand interference zonecalculation• Re-project and mergefunctionality for continuousfeature operationscumulative exposure over a task sequence(based on model of Norman et al. 1998Clinical Biomechanics, 13, 561-573).Advanced anthropometry scalingThis enhancement enables you to gain con-trol over a wide range of anthropometricdimensions beyond what was previouslypossible and to take advantage ofUniversity of Michigan 3D Bodyscan datamodels (PCA).Motion captureenhancementsThis release supports partialtracking so you can trackonly critical body areaswhile predicting others,including support for opti-cal marker cluster plates topotentially reduce motiontracking complexity usingsimpler setups. The motioncapture feature is integrated with MicrosoftKinect for Windows, providing a naturalinterface to control posture and behavior ofthe virtual human through the use of yourown movements and voice commands.Performance improvementsIn this release, 64-bit support dramaticallyimproves performance within large geome-try environments.Process Simulate Human software in theTecnomatix portfolio is an add-on applica-tion to Process Simulate on Teamcenter®software configuration from Siemens PLMSoftware that enables you to realisticallysimulate human tasks, assess human per-formance (e.g., to avoid injury) and createeffective ergonomic studies. You can useProcess Simulate Human to optimize thelayout of your operator work areas and vali-date the feasibility of manual assembly byvirtually developing and verifying processplans for your manufacturing systems in a3D collaborative environment.What’s new for Tecnomatix 11TECNOMATIX
  3. 3. Posturing and analysis improvementsIn this release, Process Simulate Humanprovides step footfall prediction and cumu-lative lower back analysis functionality asdescribed above.Seated posture predictionThis enhancement, as previously releasedwith Jack software, enables you to predicthuman postures for seated reaches whilerealistically modeling pelvic roll behavior(based on University of Michigan Humosimprogram research).Textured human supportThis enhancement provides the infrastruc-ture you need to display textured, smoothskin human figures for added visual realismduring human simulation and ergonomicstudies. This functionality also allows fortextures to be displayed on previously tex-tured, meshed figures.Motion capture enhancementsIn this release, Process Simulate Humanenables you to take advantage of the inte-gration to Microsoft Kinect for Windows, asdescribed above.European Assembly Worksheet (EAWS)integrationEAWS is a comprehensive physical ergo-nomics risk evaluation tool supported bythis enhancement that enables you to auto-matically fill many of the inputs from theexisting scene within the simulationenvironment, incorporating OWAS, RULA,NIOSH, SNOOK, OCRA, Strain Index andHAL-TLV (hand) analysis data.Robotics and automation (machines)Process Simulate Robotics is an add-onapplication to Process Simulate that enablesyou to emulate realistic behavior of roboticand automated processes and optimizationof cycle times and process sequence.Process Simulate Robotics facilitates simula-tion of assembly and welding, as well ascontinuous processes, such as gluing andsealing, and mechanical procedures oftools, devices and robots.Advanced robotics and commissioningon TeamcenterTecnomatix 11 offers full support ofadvanced robotics and commissioning func-tionality in Process Simulate on Teamcenterenabling you to execute a complete roboticworkflow on the Siemens PLM Softwarebest-in-class data backbone.Enhanced mirroring functionThis enhancement enables you to mirror acomplete station, including tooling. Roboticoperations within a station with all requiredelements can be mirrored, includingresources and operations, external axis val-ues, I/O signals and logic blockconnections, and machine data files.TECNOMATIXFeatures continuedLogistics and throughput• Energy usage calculationand analysis for machinesand systems• Improved modeling andsimulation of conveyorfeeding• Full Unicode support fordirect, native usage of alllanguages• Improved interface forsupport of Teamcenter as asimulation model repository
  4. 4. Interference/swept volume enhance-mentsThis enhancement delivers improved stabil-ity and performance of swept volumegeneration through execution of the calcu-lations by a separate process.Merge function for continuousoperationsThis release includes the ability to re-proj-ect continuous feature and arc weldingoperations along with the robotic mergefunction to copy required parameters fromthe original operation locations to thenewly projected operation, preserving anypreviously defined location information.Logistics and throughput (systems)The Plant Simulation solution enables simu-lation and optimization of productionsystems and processes. Using PlantSimulation, you can optimize material flow,resource utilization and logistics for all lev-els of plant planning from globalproduction facilities, through local plants,to specific lines and operations.Energy (power) consumption evaluationMachines and conveyors now have severalenergy states, such as operational, stand-byand off, with specific energy consumptionvalues that are tracked and summed duringa simulation run. This simulation makes itpossible to predict energy consumption forsingle machines up to full production linesand evaluate out-of-the-box test scenariosfor various energy saving strategies.Feed-in-gap converter object parameterThis enhancement extends the converterobject to include feed-in-gap capabilitywhere a new part is introduced into a con-veyor system only if there is a gap orwindow of sufficient size and enables youto move parts into a running conveyorsystem in your simulation model withouthaving to stop the main line.Full Unicode language supportObject naming, notes and comments cannow be written in any language, with fullmulti-byte character support (e.g., Chinese,Russian, etc.), including native languagenaming/labeling and descriptions in amixed mode.Teamcenter load/savePlant Simulation interface improvementssupport the use of Teamcenter as a directsimulation model repository. The new func-tionality allows management, sharing andversioning of simulation models directly inthe Teamcenter data repository.TECNOMATIXContactSiemens Industry SoftwareAmericas +1 314-264-8499Europe +44 (0) 1276 413200Asia-Pacific +852 2230 3308www.siemens.com/plm© 2013 Siemens Product LifecycleManagement Software Inc. Siemensand the Siemens log-are registeredtrademarks of Siemens AG. D-Cubed,Femap, Geolus, G-PLM, I-deas,Insight, JT, NX, Parasolid, Solid Edge,Teamcenter, Tecnomatix and VelocitySeries are trademarks or registeredtrademarks of Siemens ProductLifecycle Management Software Inc.or its subsidiaries in the United Statesand in other countries. All otherlogos, trademarks, registered trade-marks or service marks used hereinare the property of their respectiveholders.Y9 33831 4/13 B