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Picanol NEWS
            PICANOL NEWS
                  APRIL 2010

Weaving spinnaker and
parachute fabrics
on Picanol’s OMNIplus 800
high-speed airjet machines

Leonardo Da Vinci is said...
APRIL 2010 Picanol NEWS

Proferro invests heavily in new mold line

Proferro, the foundry and mechanical                we also go actively in se...
APRIL 2010 Picanol NEWS

How a mold line works                               The core, which is also made of sand, is s...
“Zero degree” eye design
                         beats competition
APRIL 2010 Picanol NEWS

Why original Picanol
                                                      Mr. Mustafa Seker,
Picanol reveals technical innovations
at Comptex 2009

The Confederation of Indian Industries
recently organized a one-da...
APRIL 2010 Picanol NEWS

Jet Funnel makes conical reeds obsolete

           The Spare Parts division of               ...
Customer focus – India

Raymond Ltd.

The history of Raymond reads like an                New heights of achievement
APRIL 2010 Picanol NEWS

Currently the chairman and managing director
is Gautam Singhania, son of Vujaypat. He
is conti...
Customer focus – India

Alok Industries Ltd.

Alok Industries Limited (Alok) is India’s
most diversified and vertically...
APRIL 2010 Picanol NEWS

                                                    From left to right: Mr. Lieven Engelbeen,
March 2010 Steel Heddle® highlights

Steel Heddle® accessories offer excellence
and reliability for technical weaving,
APRIL 2010 Picanol NEWS
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Picanol News April 2010


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Picanol News April 2010

  1. 1. Picanol NEWS PICANOL NEWS APRIL 2010 www.pic Focus on parachute and spinnaker fabrics, p. 2 Proferro invests heavily in new mold line, p. 4 Why Picanol Original Quality Parts are the better option, p. 7 Customer focus: Raymond (India) and Alok (India), p. 10-13
  2. 2. Weaving spinnaker and parachute fabrics on Picanol’s OMNIplus 800 high-speed airjet machines Leonardo Da Vinci is said to have designed permeability and consistency. Many weavers have the first parachute, but it was between the therefore adopted the Picanol OMNIplus 800 two World Wars that the technology was high-speed airjet machines in widths of 190, developed by air forces as a means of 250 and even 340 cm. escape from aircraft, and subsequently by armies wishing to get large amounts of Thanks to the sturdy construction of the troops and materials behind enemy lines. machine and the standard use of Sumo direct drive, the OMNIplus 800 equipped with Parachute designs called for light-weight Stäubli dobby reaches speeds of over 900 rpm fabrics that could be folded into small volumes in 190 cm widths. This machine has the further and were sufficiently resistant to shearing advantage of low maintenance and consumption and puncturing to be used safely in adverse of spare parts. When equipped with positive conditions. Soon, ultra-fine, strong nylon cambox, the speed can be over 1100 rpm. multifilaments were used, woven in rip-stop Starting marks are avoided by keeping stopping fashion using an intricate weave pattern that positions constant over time thanks to Sumo prevented ripping of the fabric by introducing direct drive, which does not require friction barriers of yarns arranged in a typical brakes to stop the machine. rectangular structure. Although the yarns are lightweight, they are In the 1960s and 70s, a large demand developed not necessarily ‘air-friendly’ and are therefore for leisure and sports use of parachutes, with quite demanding for the insertion system. Air hang gliders, balloons and spinnaker sails using consumption is greatly reduced by the use of very similar yarns and weave patterns, although advanced showerhead relay nozzles and main generally in much brighter colors than the nozzles. Further reduction is achieved by the typical military versions. AirMaster system, in which the insertion system is kept in optimum shape. Today, producers of these fabrics demand high- speed weaving machines that guarantee first At these high speeds, fine weft materials require quality and outstanding values of strength, precise detection. The ARGUS weft detector is
  3. 3. APRIL 2010 Picanol NEWS 2 3 capable of sensing 33 dtex multifilaments and even 10 dtex monofilaments flawlessly thanks to its detection zone covering the entire insertion channel. Dobby-woven, rip-stop patterns require a particularly large number of harness frames, with high heddle density on some frames alternating with low density on others. Stable performance at high speeds, without heddle wear, can be achieved thanks to hybrid frames developed in-house together with patented heddle damping strips. Hybrid frames are amongst the stiffest and lightest frames on the market, thanks to a combination of smart engineering and the use of lightweight materials such as carbon fiber.
  4. 4. Proferro invests heavily in new mold line Proferro, the foundry and mechanical we also go actively in search of new customers finishing division of the Picanol Group, put in other sectors. By combining casting, a new production line for molds into mechanical finishing, assembly and co-design operation at the beginning of 2010. With we are able to successfully respond to the rising this 16 million euro investment Proferro is demand for larger, technically more difficult and responding to the demand for larger and core-intensive parts.” more technically difficult castings. In achieving its aims Proferro makes full use of During the past few decades Proferro has technological innovation. In 2007 it approved developed into a leading player in the foundry an ambitious investment plan for renewal and world. Its history is closely bound up with growth. This included among other things that of Picanol itself, dating back to 1936. construction of a new mold line in the existing Ever since then it has been casting parts for production unit in Ieper, Belgium. With this Picanol weaving machines. But over the years investment spread over the period 2008-2010 the foundry increasingly worked also for outside Picanol aims to meet the demand for larger, customers, eventually generating two thirds of technically more demanding parts, and to its turnover outside Picanol. Accordingly, at the significantly expand its market potential with end of the 1980s the foundry was split off from existing customers as well as in sectors which it the other Picanol activities and formed into a is not yet active. separate company: Proferro NV. The new mold line with automated transport Proferro currently employs more than 500 people of cast iron for larger moldings has been fully and produces lamellar and nodular cast iron operational since the beginning of 2010, thus parts for among other things compressors, giving Picanol an ultra-modern facility with a pumps, agricultural machinery and of course higher degree of automation and productivity. also Picanol weaving machines. When it comes The new mold line also performs well to mechanical finishing the company has environmentally, as it is fully encapsulated. various in-house abilities for both prototyping Moreover, the use of very precise molds makes and series production using a wide range of it possible to obtain part surfaces that are much technologies including CNC machining, gear smoother, which in turn increases the quality of cutting, grinding, thermal treatment and the cast iron parts of our weaving machines. welding. “Our ambition is to offer engineered casting solutions for medium-sized series of 500 to 20,000 items, in a value-driven, long-term partnership,” says Cathy Defoor, Vice-President of Industries Picanol Group. “We aim to be the preferred partner for applications in which the customer focuses on modules and components with high added value. Proferro currently operates mainly in the Benelux, France, Germany and the UK. We supply original equipment manufacturers in various market segments such as agricultural machinery, earth-moving equipment, compressors, textile machinery and general engineering. However,
  5. 5. APRIL 2010 Picanol NEWS How a mold line works The core, which is also made of sand, is slightly Proferro currently has two mold lines (Taccone smaller than the pressed mold, so that the cast + HWS) in which molds are made by pressing iron can flow evenly into the space between the sand against the model plate in a mold box. To core and the mold box. The principle is simple: cast a part you first need a mold box. The mold everywhere there is no sand, we eventually get box consists of two parts, namely a top part and cast iron. The new mold line is located in one of a bottom part. In each of these two parts sand is the existing Proferro production halls, alongside 4 pressed against the model. The resulting mold the Taccone line which continues to operate at corresponds to one half of the casting that will full speed. 5 eventually be made. The two halves fit perfectly together, so we obtain a block of sand with a hollow that has exactly the shape of the casting to be produced. If the casting itself has to be hollow, then the mold box also includes a core.
  6. 6. “Zero degree” eye design beats competition 27° 9° 0° Regular Special eye JET EYE® competitors An independent study conducted in 2009 The study set-up compares the JET EYE® with the specially An independent weaving mill was selected as shaped eye heddles offered by a close the location for this comparative study. Stainless competitor. It reports the weaving efficiency steel heddles with identical eye sizes and made and number of warp stops on three types of identical material were acquired from both of fabric woven with JET EYE® and with the manufacturers for comparison with each other. competing eye. The study confirms that the The heddles were tested on the same machine, Steel Heddle JET EYE® heddle achieves the with the same settings and with the same weft best weaving performance with minimum and warp material. filamentation. The results Specially shaped eye Based on the data compiled in this research, it Steel Heddle® was the first company to was determined that the weaving efficiency with introduce an eye design specially shaped for the JET EYE® is on average 6% better than the reduced filamentation. This unique heddle competition. design, called JET EYE®, was already patented Additionally, the number of warp stops with in 1994, the first patent for such a heddle eye JET EYE® is on average 40% lower than type. The special feature of the JET EYE® is with the special eye from the competition. that it has a “zero degree” eye, whereas a regular Many weaving managers will consider this heddle has a 27° angle and competitors’ special difference in warp stop levels to be a practical heddles have 7 to 9° heddle eyes. improvement, particularly if currently purchasing replacement heddles or specifying Minimum filamentation heddles for new weaving installations. This makes the Steel Heddle JET EYE® the only heddle in which the warp yarn is 100% Do you want to experience this difference parallel with the heddle, and thus ensures too? lowest friction on the warp yarn. As a result it Our technical experts and agents will gladly handles the warp yarn more gently, resulting discuss with you further about the benefits of in fewer warp stops, less filamentation and the JET EYE®. Call or e-mail us at better fabric quality. It also makes it possible to to check the increase the heddle density by up to 32%. trial conditions. Weaving performance of JET EYE® versus competing specially-shaped eye 16 86% 14 84% 82% 12 80% 10 N° of warp stops 78% 8 76% 6 74% 4 72% 2 70% 0 68% Fabric type 1 Fabric type 2 Fabric type 3 Warp stops with competitor’s special eye Warp stops with JET EYE® Weaving efficiency with competitor’s special eye JET EYE® is a registered trademark Weaving efficiency with JET EYE® of GTP Greenville Inc.
  7. 7. APRIL 2010 Picanol NEWS Why original Picanol Mr. Mustafa Seker, head technician at Tanriverdi Mensucat spare parts are (left), and Mr. Koray Sezen, the better option weaving manager Conditions in the weaving industry are Tanriverdi Mensucat difficult for everyone at the moment. We With an annual output of 65 million square often hear from customers that due to meters of woven textile, 24 million meters their economic situation they are forced of guipure, 10 million meters of embroidery to use alternative sources of spare parts. and 2 million meters of readymade curtains, While these counterfeit parts may seem Tanriverdi Mensucat is known as a reliable to do the job, invariably they are inferior manufacturer and holds an important place 6 to genuine Picanol parts, lacking the strict in the world markets. It exports to over 80 quality control in terms of raw materials countries and constantly invests in state-of-the- 7 and manufacturing process. art technology and continuous renewal. Sadly, what seems to be a quick win is in fact At Tanriverdi Mensucat they believe in the more expensive option. Cost savings in preventative maintenance. Since 2002, our 72 manufacturing and materials usually come at OMNIplus machines installed in the company’s the cost of quality. With low quality parts your Corlu plant have played an important role in machines cannot function at their best, and weaving of curtain and voile items. Mr. Koray more breakages and downtime will inevitably Sezen, weaving manager, and Mr. Mostafa occur. Seker, head technician, both agree that during the 8 years of using Picanol Original Quality We have asked a number of our loyal customers Spare Parts the results in terms of constant why they continue to buy Picanol Original high quality and long lifetime of the parts Quality Spare Parts. In this issue we feature are very satisfying. By investing in original the answers of two customers in Turkey: CAN quality parts, the company manages to keep its Tekstil and Tanriverdi Mensucat. spare parts consumption at a minimum level. Mr. Sezen also mentions the fast and effective CAN Tekstil response by the Picanol sales & service team to CAN Tekstil is an integrated textile deal with problems and questions, and so keep manufacturer and loyal customer of Picanol. the plant running efficiently. It produces approximately 1 million meters of fabric per month, exporting some 70% of its He emphasizes that every day is a new challenge output. Its weaving facility, established in 1989 and that just like many others, they have been and equipped with rapier and airjet machines, approached by counterfeit producers but have supplies the likes of H&M, C&A, ZARA, found that the quality levels offered cannot be Adolfo Dominguez, Mango, Esprit, S. Oliver trusted. Even when the counterfeiter arrives and many more. with improved quality parts, they still don't compare to the superior and dependable quality The CAN Tekstil weaving manager, Mr. Tamer of original Picanol parts. Kayrak, mentions reasons such as the price/ quality ratio and excellent service provided by Quality In = Quality Out our sales & service team as good reasons for Picanol urges you, our valued customers, to continued loyalty to Picanol. The Picanol team keep your eyes open for counterfeit parts being is always ready to intervene with full resources sold as OEM replacement parts. The safest and whenever difficulties are experienced or advice only option to ensure the quality of your spare is needed. In order to stay ahead of the rest in parts and the productivity of your plant is to the industry, CAN Tekstil insists on using only buy through Picanol N.V. or our agents directly. Picanol Original Quality Spare Parts.
  8. 8. Picanol reveals technical innovations at Comptex 2009 The Confederation of Indian Industries recently organized a one-day meeting The focus in the second part of the presentation in Coimbatore on “Evolving Trends & was on new market segments for technical Challenges in Textiles.” Picanol was invited textiles. Mr. Kasiviswanathan showed that with to present its knowledge of technical its latest Optimax rapier weaving machines innovation and to highlight promising new Picanol has excellent solutions for producing market segments in the textile industry. technical fabrics such as glass fiber, filter cloth, More than 150 people attended the airbag, medical fabrics, parachute, tire cord, meeting. nets, sail cloth, aramids etc. More specifically he focused on fabrics such as glass fiber and Mr. P. Kasiviswanathan, Head of Operations aramids, using a weaving machine equipped of Picanol India, provided a well documented with Optileno to produce coated fabrics and presentation on technical innovation in weaving ballistics (Kevlar and Twaron). in simple and clear terms. Since most of the textile mill technicians come from a spinning In conclusion, Mr. Kasiviswanathan announced background, focusing on fabrics was a revelation the successful completion of two years of for them. In response to a request to explain operation by the Picanol India team by the what Picanol’s experience in China can offer end of December 2009, with increased direct small weavers in particular, a cost/benefit relations with customers and improved service analysis was carried out with Picanol’s Chinese levels achieved through the dedicated efforts GTXplus & GT-Max rapier looms. of 30 people working in Delhi, Mumbai and Coimbatore. Mr. Kasiviswanathan then presented new market opportunities in the apparel sector. He also explained about the importance of energy saving, waste reduction etc. in order to be cost effective, as power costs in India are expected to increase by 10 to 15% or even more in the next few years. He outlined how Picanol is able to achieve energy efficiency by: - reducing the number of gears, bearings, belts and other mechanical parts by 25%, - using the Picanol-designed Sumo direct drive on its new OMNIplus 800 and OMNIjet airjet, and Optimax and GT-Max rapier weaving machines, - more efficient insertion systems in the airjet looms, - transfer of energy between let-off and take-up systems, - water cooling, leading to energy savings of 1.2 kW per machine, - perfect control of waste length in rapier looms, thanks to the ERGO system.
  9. 9. APRIL 2010 Picanol NEWS Jet Funnel makes conical reeds obsolete The Spare Parts division of The aim of the Jet Funnel is to weave four Picanol has come up with an colors while using a two color reed design. This innovation that lowers the cost recent development brings the weft yarn from of four-color weaving on airjets the movable main nozzle close enough to the considerably. ideal insertion position, so that a conical reed entrance is no longer required when running a When weaving with two weft insertion four-color machine. A clear cost saving! 8 channels, the reed normally has the same shape of dents over the entire width. The weft The Jet Funnel is positioned at the tip of the 9 channels (pipes running from the movable movable main nozzle. In the photograph below main nozzle) can be positioned close enough you can see it between the movable main nozzle to the ideal insertion position for the reed and the reed entrance. channel. For four-color designs, however, the situation is different. The four weft channels Besides the obvious cost saving, the Jet Funnel make it difficult to get close enough to the has also been shown to have a positive impact ideal insertion position. It is therefore necessary on the running of the machine in terms of stop to have a bigger entrance at the left hand side level and sensitivity to fabric defects. Customers of the reed, otherwise known as the conical who have carried out trials were impressed by entrance. The cost of this conical entrance its performance. depends on the design of the reed itself (number of dents), but on a standard reed the extra cost is easily from 100 to 150 euros. The cost of a reed depends on several parameters, as determined by the user: the number of dents per meter, the reed dent material, the right hand side reed design and Contact your spare parts salesperson or the left hand side reed design. CSR for a quote today!
  10. 10. Customer focus – India Raymond Ltd. The history of Raymond reads like an New heights of achievement adventure book. It goes back to the In 1954, Kailashpat Singhania handed over end of the 18th century and is the saga to his nephew Gopalkrishna Singhania, who of the Singhania family, a mixture of set the pace for opening up new markets entrepreneurs, visionaries, daredevils and and adding value. One by one he began philanthropists. With a market share of refurbishing the spinning, weaving, dyeing over 60% in India, Raymond Ltd. is now and finishing divisions. He further took far- the largest integrated manufacturer of reaching decisions that would make Raymond worsted fabric in the world. not only a name in India but also a respected brand in overseas markets. The Singhania family was originally active in the banking business, but in the 1920s it In January 1980, Vijaypat Singhania, son of began to take an interest in trading and acted Kailashpat Singhania, took over as chairman as the sole selling agents for Kanpur’s three of Raymond. He was a high-flier in deed as major textile mills. The next logical step was well as spirit (his solo flight in a microlight to venture directly into textile production, and aircraft won him the honorary rank of Air this was accomplished with the start of a textile Commodore from the government of India mill in 1921. and an entry in the Guinness Book of Records in 1988). Vijaypat Singhania led the group Meanwhile, in the thick of a jungle infested into diversification and transformed it into a with man-eating panthers, near Bombay, a modern, industrial conglomerate. During the small woollen mill was set up by a certain two decades that he was at the helm, the group Mr. Wadia. This mill changed owner a couple expanded to be 20 times larger than he had of times and eventually took the name “The inherited from his predecessors. New areas such Raymond Woollen Mills.” as polyester filament yarns, denim, cold rolled steel, latex prophylactics and chartered air When the Singhanias were looking for new services were added to the group’s activities. regions to establish their presence and new fields to invest in, they concluded that woollen World leadership textiles appeared to hold some promise. The Today, the Raymond group is vertically and information that a woollen mill was for sale on horizontally integrated to provide total textile the outskirts of Bombay clinched the issue. solutions for customers. Few companies Lala Kailashpat Singhania, grandfather of the globally have such a diverse product range of current chairman and managing director Shri nearly 20,000 varieties of worsted suiting to Gautam Singhania, took over Raymond in cater to customers across age groups, occasions 1944. The mill at that time primarily wove and styles.Raymond manufactures the finest cheap, coarse woollen blankets and modest fabrics for the entire world, from wool to quantities of low-priced woollen fabrics. Fired wool-blended worsted suiting to specialty by Kailashpat’s spirit of enterprise, Raymond ring denims as well as high value shirting. As embarked upon a constant series of technical well as making its mark in textiles, Raymond upgrades and modernization, resulting in a has forayed into garmenting through highly superior quality of woollen fabrics. successful apparel brands. The Raymond Group also has an expansive retail presence established through the exclusive chain of “The Raymond Shop” and stand-alone brand stores.
  11. 11. APRIL 2010 Picanol NEWS Currently the chairman and managing director is Gautam Singhania, son of Vujaypat. He is continuing the work of his father, both as an adrenaline-fired sportsman and as an entrepreneur with a vision. His urge to see Raymond excel in textiles and readymades has prompted him to launch several new products. 10 The Chairman’s Collection of suiting, a 220s pure wool and fine cashmere blend, is a fabric 11 Mr. S.K. Singhal, President of so exclusive that only a few mills in the world Textiles Raymond (on the right) and manufacture it. The Picanol OptiMax does the Mr. Chetan Londhe, Sales Manager of Picanol India job. As we write, Raymond is weaving its high end qualities on 80 Gamma, 192 GamMax and 68 OptiMax rapiers and 24 OMNIplus airjet machines.
  12. 12. Customer focus – India Alok Industries Ltd. Alok Industries Limited (Alok) is India’s most diversified and vertically integrated manufacturer of world-class home textiles, apparel fabrics, garments and polyester yarn selling directly to manufacturers, exporters, importers and retailers in over 90 countries. Alok made a turnover of over 29 billion rupees (439 million euros) in 2008-09, employing World-class manufacturing some 19,000 people. It was established in 1986 Alok focuses on world-class infrastructure, best- as a private limited company and became a in-class technology, uncompromising quality public limited company in 1993. Alok has since and dynamic product innovation. It has just expanded into an integrated textile enterprise installed its 1000th Picanol weaving machine with its operations spanning the entire spectrum along with a new batch of 100 OptiMax rapier from spinning, weaving, knitting and processing and 100 OMNIplus 800 machines. In the to home textiles, garments and partially oriented apparel line these machines produce twills, yarn and polyester texturized yarn. voiles, cambrics, Lycra, poplins, gabardines, jacquard, satins, matte, canvases, buta dobby, Alok has won several prestigious awards some lawn, yarn-dyed and workwear fabrics. In the of which include the Gold Trophy for highest household line the Picanol machines produce exports of bleached/yarn dyed/printed fabrics, sheets, duvet comforters, blankets, quilts, Gold Trophy for highest export of made ups, bed-in-a-bag and curtains in solids, dobbies, Silver Trophy for highest global exports from jacquards and printed (thread count range TEXPROCIL as well as “Outstanding Exporter 150 – 1000), in widths up to 300 cm. of the Year – Textiles” presented at the International Trade Awards 2007-08 by DHL Social and environmental responsibility CNBC TV 18 and powered by ICRA. Alok is seriously committed to “greening” the textile business and promoting fair trade Alok recently entered the domestic retail practices. The cotton growers get a fair price for segment with a chain of stores named H&A their products. In return Alok gets a consistent which offers garments and home textiles at supply of quality raw material. Today Alok is attractive prices. Alok’s overseas presence among the largest producers of organic cotton (through acquisitions) includes Grabal Alok products in India and has extended its support (UK) Ltd. which owns over 220 stores across for this cause into other cotton growing areas England, Scotland and Wales retailing value- such as Africa. for-money ranges of men’s wear, women’s wear, children’s wear, footwear, homeware, Alok strongly believes in women’s empowerment. accessories and jewelry. These stores operate It trains tribal women intensively before under the names of QS and Store Twenty One employing them on looms and stitching and are expected to rake up growth this year of machines at its plants at Silvassa. The ratio of close to 38% over last year’s turnover of GBP male to female workers in these plants is about 91 million. Alok’s other recent acquisition is 70/30. Mileta in the Czech Republic which is amongst Europe’s largest integrated textile companies. To help the core manufacturing activities Mileta makes high-end, yarn-dyed shirting operate at the highest level of efficiency, Alok fabric, table linen, batistes and damask and has extensive support infrastructure. Each of posted around USD 27 million in 2008-09. the plants has its own dedicated generating
  13. 13. APRIL 2010 Picanol NEWS From left to right: Mr. Lieven Engelbeen, Sales Manager of Picanol, Mr. Dilip Jiwrajka, Managing Director of Alok Industries, and Mr. Chetan Londhe, Sales Manager of Picanol India 12 station to ensure uninterrupted power supply, stations, participation in “Mid-Day Meal” 13 which in turn reduces stoppage and consequent schemes and proposals to open a school and wastage. The world-class effluent treatment hospital at Silvassa. plants ensure that no pollutants are discharged into the environment. Work safety practices are Vision continuously inculcated into the workforce, so In the words of Mr. Dilip Jiwrajka, Managing that safe working practices become a habit. Director of Alok Industries, “Alok’s vision is to be the world’s best integrated textile solutions Some of Alok’s other corporate social enterprise, with a leadership position across responsibility (CSR) activities include using products and markets, exceeding customer and natural gas instead of heating oil, reverse stakeholder expectations.” Picanol is proud osmosis plants for recycling water, rain to be associated with Alok as a partner in its harvesting measures at all plants, public-private growth. partnerships (PPPs) with the local governments in Vapi and Silvassa to turn their Industrial Training Institutes into centers of excellence, construction of tar roads in adjoining villages and renovation of bus shelters and police
  14. 14. March 2010 Steel Heddle® highlights Steel Heddle® accessories offer excellence and reliability for technical weaving, delicate weaving and high-speed weaving. Based in Greenville, South Carolina, Steel Heddle forms part of GTP Global Textile Partner. Introducing Silk Weave, Dura Weave & Power Weave heddles Using advanced materials and new high-tech processes Steel Heddle® has introduced the Silk Weave for highly delicate fabrics such as silk where the surface has to be as smooth as possible. This heddle also features the special zero-degree eye, the JET EYE®. New record – longest frame without center support The Dura Weave is a new tempered stainless Steel Heddle® is the first weaving accessories steel heddle. This heddle has the best producer to introduce a frame 5475 mm strength to corrosion ratio compared with wide without center support. Designed for other suppliers, as well as the best heddle eye weaving at high speed to produce technical smoothness. The Dura Weave is the standard fabrics, this frame outperforms any other design for guaranteeing reliable weaving model in the market in terms of efficiency and performance. reliability. The unique HybridPower 158 frame with carbon strips is able to work in extreme The Power Weave is a dedicated tempered conditions. Over 40,000 HybridPower 158 stainless steel heddle with superior tensile frames have already been supplied to customers strength, tailored for heavy duty applications. around the world.
  15. 15. APRIL 2010 Picanol NEWS Drop Wires Reach the TOP Rely on STEEL HEDDLE 14 15 If you want to receive Picanol News, please fill in this form and return it to us. Mr./Mrs.: Company: Job title: E-mail address: Postal address: Please fill in and return by mail to Picanol News, Ter Waarde 50, 8900 Ieper, Belgium or by fax to +32 57 222 001, or send your request and contact details by e-mail to Please put me on the mailing list for the paper version of Picanol News. Please put me on the e-mailing list for the electronic version of Picanol News.
  16. 16. Picanol News is the newsletter of Picanol nv Ter Waarde 50 BE-8900 Ieper Belgium Tel. + 32 57 222 111 Fax + 32 57 222 001 Chief editor: Erwin Devloo Subscriptions: Picanol News is free; if you want to be added to our mailing list, please fill in the subscription form and return it to us, or subscribe on-line at