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Newsletter of Picanol focusing on weaving machines

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Picanol News May 2013

  1. 1. PICANOL NEWSwww.picanol.bePicanol NEWSMAY 2013Picanol at ITM Texpo Eurasia,p 2Focus on four Indian Picanolcustomers, p 6New headquarters for Picanolof America, p 10Technical seminars for fieldtechnicians, p 12SpecialITM Texpo Eurasia2013
  2. 2. Turkey is one of the world’s key textilemarkets. The country earns about 5.7% ofits total foreign exchange through textileexport and the textile industry realizesnearly 30% of the country’s total industrialoutput. The Turkish textile industry is alsothe country’s largest industry in terms ofemployment – it currently employs morethan 2 million people. It is obvious thatthe Turkish textile industry is of crucialimportance to Picanol and that Picanol willbe prominently present at the ITM show inIstanbul.Picanol has been serving the Turkish textile industryfor more than 50 years. In 1998, Picanol set up aTurkish subsidiary, in order to more actively supportits local activities. Today Picanol is the leadingprovider of weaving machines in Turkey. At theITM show, Picanol will present two of its mostadvanced rapier weaving machines.Winners are the ones who get the most out ofevery single opportunity, who grasp every singlechance. The ones who dare to reach out and seizethe moment. Those who go for growth and actfast, with a long-term future in mind. So, are you awinner? Have you got the plans, the objectives, thetalent and the stamina to make you a winner? Good.Because in that case, Picanol will be there for you.Meet us at ITM!Picanol at ITM Texpo Eurasia 2013Istanbul, 29 May - 1 June 2013Hall 8, booth 805Artist impression of the Picanol booth at ITM Texpo Eurasia 2013
  3. 3. 2OptiMax 4-R 190 – denimWarp yarn count Ne 8.6material cottondensity 24.8 ends/cmWeft yarn count Ne 12/1 (corespun)material cottondensity 19 picks/cmDrawing-in width 184 cmPicanol weaving machines on display at ITM Texpo Eurasia 2013A 10oz denim style with corespun filling yarn iswoven on this advanced rapier weaving machinewith Guided Gripper system (GC), which is thestandard solution for spun yarns. The rapier tapeof the light-weight GC system is perfectly guidedby one-piece hooks. This weaving machine runs atindustrial speeds that were never reached before.The Electronic Disc Cutter (EDC) cuts the fillingyarn always at the right moment, while clampingthe filling.The machine is executed with a split frame – readyfor the Picanol Quick Style Change system. Thequick harness connections, the roll-away fillingcreel, the hand-operated quick snap locks for warpbeam and cloth rolls, and a microprocessor formodifying crossing time settings for selvedges andshed are all standard on the Picanol OptiMax loomsand keep machine downtimes ultra-short.OptiMax 8-R 340 – fancy voileWarp yarn count dtex 22/1material polyesterdensity 37 ends/cmWeft yarn count dtex 78 up to Nm 4material PES, PES/CO,chenilledensity variesDrawing-in width 314 cmThe Free Flight system (FF) is specially designedfor weaving delicate fabrics, providing maximumfilling versatility and warp friendliness. The systemis covered by raceboard for gentle treatment of thefilament warp yarns.The Electronic Selvedge System (ELSY) fullleno selvedge motions are electrically driven byindividual stepper motors. The selvedge crossingand pattern are programmed on the microprocessorindependently of the shed crossing, even while themachine is in operation, so the result of a resettingcan be checked immediately.The Electronic Filling Tensioner (EFT) is acompletely new active brake. By using longlamellas, the braking force is distributed over a longfilling length. The combination of the long brakingplates and the damping properties of the springsystem allows to decrease the static tension to anabsolute minimum.With the SmartEye, Picanol launches a fillingdetector with extra functionalities. The SmartEyefilling detector allows individual sensitivity settingper eyelet and verification of a correct channelinsertion.Picanol NEWSMAY 20133
  4. 4. As the bi-annual Techtextil in Frankfurtbrings together the whole industry oftechnical textiles, Picanol is lookingforward to meeting its customers,prospects and fellow suppliers during thismajor event.Together with SYMATEX, the BelgianAssociation of textile machinery manufacturers,a large info booth will be organized, called theBelgian Lounge. Looking at exposure, it makessense to march together under the Belgiancolors.With the introduction of positive guidedgrippers and the OMNIplus Summum atthe ITMA Barcelona show, Picanol hasachieved major breakthroughs in segmentssuch as carpet backing, wide coating fabricsand conveyor belts, amongst others. Picanolhas also made further advances in alreadyestablished segments thanks to innovationssuch as its ECOFILL wasteless system, the EFTprogrammable weft brakes and the new DWCbackrest for industrial yarns.As it is not allowed to show running machinesduring this event, Picanol will prepare cut-away demo displays so the visitors can getan idea of the technology Picanol is offeringfor this market segment. Exemplary finishedproducts, woven on Picanol machines, will alsobe on show.Sales managers and representatives responsiblefor technical textiles at Picanol will bemanning the booth in order to welcome Picanolcustomers, prospects and fellow suppliers.Picanol at Techtextil 2013Frankfurt, 11 - 13 June 2013Hall 3, booth D05
  5. 5. 4It goes without doubt that the INDIA ITME2012 fair in Mumbai was the major eventfor the Indian textile industry last year. Atotal of 820 exhibitors from 51 countriestook part in the 6-day fair. It attractedmore than 100,000 visitors, includingmill owners and senior executives froma number of leading mills, and seniorgovernment officials.Picanol took the opportunity to underline itsprominent position in India by presenting fourhightech weaving machines at INDIA ITME.Besides the recently introduced OMNIplusSummum airjet, also state-of-the-art rapierweaving machines like GTXplus and OptiMaxwere on display in the Picanol booth. Inaddition, one Picanol TERRYplus 800 terryweaving machine with jacquard was on displayon the Stäubli booth, and a Picanol OptiMaxjacquard weaving machine on display on theBonas/Van De Wiele booth.India is not only one of the key textile marketsin the world, it is also a market of crucialstrategic importance to Picanol. The textileindustry in India plays a major role in theeconomy of the country. It contributes nearly14% of the country’s total industrial output.The Indian textile industry is also the largestin the country in terms of employment, as itcurrently employs more than 35 million people.Picanol has been serving the Indian textileindustry for more than fifty years now, witha leadership position. In 2008, we achieveda milestone on the Indian market with thecreation of our own organization, in order tomore actively support our local activities. Inrecent years, Picanol India has seen a steadygrowth in its market share, which has led to itbeing the leading provider of weaving machineson the local market today.TestimonialsWe have recently asked several of our Indiancustomers to explain their choice for Picanol.They all pointed to different features andaspects of the Picanol weaving machines: energyfriendliness, time saving capacity, flexibility...And yet these Picanol customers all have onemain thing in common: they are winnerswho are determined to maintain their leadingposition. We present some of the most strikingtestimonials on the following pages.Picanol at INDIA ITME 2012Picanol NEWSMay 20135
  6. 6. “We chose Picanol OptiMaxrapier machines for theirFree Flight technology, whichoffers many advantages.”“GM Fabrics, established in 1972, is one of thelargest vertically integrated mills in India today,producing decorative jacquard fabrics for drapery,upholstery, wide width sheers, embroidery and made-ups. The key to success is that all the manufacturingprocesses are installed under one roof to ensure timelyand reliable delivery. We have a complete verticaloperation, which includes the preparation of noveltyyarns, chenille yarns, yarn dyeing, weaving, finishing,embroidery and made-ups.The manufacturing plants are located at Tarapur,about 100 km from Mumbai and at Sarigam, nearVapi, producing high-quality furnishing and fancycurtain fabrics. We chose Picanol OptiMax Rapiermachines as they offer Free Flight technology, whichoffers many advantages. We run mono filament yarnsof count 20 D and various fine yarns up to a countrange of 50 D for the production of fancy curtainfabrics. Currently our company produces around 1million meters of fabric per month, with an annualturnover exceeding EUR 40 million per annum, ofwhich 60% is exported to more than 25 countries, allover the world.”“We have installed 74 OptiMax rapier machines in differentwidths with dobby and jacquard doing a fantastic job.”Mr. Gurcharan Singh, Managing Director &Mr. Gurvinder Singh, Director – GM Fabrics
  7. 7. “With an installed base of more than 1,200 Picanolweaving machines, Alok focuses on world-classinfrastructure, best-in-class technology, uncompromisingquality and dynamic product innovation.”Alok Industries Limited (Alok) is India’slargest diversified and vertically integratedmanufacturer of world-class home textiles,apparel fabrics, garments and polyester yarn.Established in 1986, Alok had a turnover in2011-2012 of EUR 1,310 million and employsover 30,000 people.Alok’s domestic presence is boosted by a chainof stores named H&A which offer garments andhome textiles at attractive prices. Alok’s overseaspresence includes value-for-money retailerGrabal Alok (UK) Limited and one of Europe’slargest integrated textile companies, Mileta,in the Czech Republic. Alok’s more than1,200 Picanol weaving machines produce over20 different types of fabrics, in widths up to300 cm.Alok’s vision is to be the world’s best integratedtextile solutions enterprise, with a leadershipposition across products and markets, exceedingcustomer and stakeholder expectations. Picanolis proud to be associated with Alok as a partnerin its growth.“By demonstrating environmental leadership, thecompany is emerging as a model in the region for wastemanagement.”Mr. Dilip Jiwrajka,Managing Director – Alok Industries Limited6Picanol NEWSMay 20137
  8. 8. “With a market share ofover 60% in India, we arenow the largest integratedmanufacturer of worstedfabric in the world.”Raymond Group is vertically & horizontallyintegrated to provide total textile solutions forcustomers. Few customers globally have such adiverse product range of nearly 20,000 varietiesof worsted suiting. Raymond manufactures thefinest fabrics for the entire world, from wool towool blended worsted suitings to specialty ringdenims as well as high-value shirting. Raymondhas also forayed into garmenting through highlysuccessful apparel brands and has an expansiveretail presence established through its exclusivechain of “The Raymond Shop” and stand-alonebrand stores.Raymond is weaving its high-end qualities on80 Gamma, 192 GamMax and 68 OptiMax and24 OMNIplus airjet machines.“The Chairman’s Collection of suiting, a 220s pure wool andfine cashmere blend, is a fabric so exclusive that only a fewmills in the world manufacture it. We are currently weavingour high-end qualities on 80 Gamma, 192 GamMax and68 OptiMax rapier and 24 OMNIplus airjet machines.”Mr. H.K. Chatterjee,Vice President – Raymond Limited
  9. 9. “We integrate the bestEuropean technicalexpertise with qualityIndian manufacturing,creating a mostattractive propositionfor our buyers.”SKNL is a EUR 1 billion vertically andlaterally integrated fashion, apparel and retailconglomerate with a global presence. It is oneof the world’s fastest growing fashion and retailpowerhouses with a large global footprint and awide distribution network of more than30,000 agents and dealers.Baruche Superfine Cottons, a division of SKNL,is a modern, design-led manufacturer of superfinecotton fabrics. Young, responsive and dynamic,Baruche aims to be the fabric partner of choicefor top brands around the world. With specificemphasis placed upon design and development,Baruche’s design resources include a design teambased in Venice and another in Mumbai. It isnoticed at major global industry events due to itshigh fashion designs and innovative displays.Apart from providing design inputs tocustomers, Baruche also innovates to improveproducts and the production process. Since itslaunch, Baruche has been benchmarked on a parwith the best in the world and its new, ultra-modern yarn dyeing, weaving and finishingfacility matches the highest standards today. Setup in Jhagadia, Gujarat, India, the plant relieson 60 OMNIplus 800 and 70 OptiMax weavingmachines equipped with QSC to produce12.5 million meters per annum.“Our plant relies on 130 Picanol machines equipped withQSC to produce 12.5 million meters per annum.”Mr. Haresh Israni,COO – S. Kumar Nationwide Limited(SKNL)8Picanol NEWSMay 20139
  10. 10. Picanol of America inauguratesnew headquarters in GreenvilleOn 21 March Picanol of America opened itsnew headquarters at 65 Kitty Hawk Roadin Greenville. The official inaugurationceremony of the new U.S. headquarterstook place in the presence of more than150 customers. As 2013 sees Picanolcelebrating more than 50 years of Picanolin America, the opening of the newheadquarters in Greenville representsyet another milestone in its long historyin the United States. Picanol of Americais focusing on sales of Picanol weavingmachines and original Picanol spare partsand accessories, as well as machine repairand training services.The first appearances of Picanol weaving loomsin the United States date back to the late 1950s.As far back as 1959, Picanol entered into anagreement with an agency to represent Picanolin the United States and Canada in view of thepotential and expected growth of the Americanmarket. However, based on a strong belief indeveloping customer partnerships over the longterm and to provide a more proactive and highlevel of service to local customers, Picanol setup its own organization – Picanol of America– on 1 February 1966. Since then, the UnitedStates has always proven to be a market of greatstrategic importance as Picanol has installedtens of thousands of weaving machines atAmerican weaving mills.“In recent decades, both thanks to and in tandemwith our American customers, we have constantlypushed our limits with regard to the performanceand versatility of our weaving machines. And it wasalso due to the confidence and belief of our Americancustomers that Picanol has been able to grow intothe world leader that we are today. With our newheadquarters in Greenville, we will make sure thatwe continue to deliver the very best weaving machinesand the highest levels of service to our valued U.S.customers,” said Luc Tack, Managing Director ofthe Picanol Group, at the inauguration.“We are excited to expand our operations and move toour new facility. The opening of our new headquartersrepresents another milestone in our long history in theU.S. It is further proof that Picanol of America nowmore than ever is committed to providing outstandingcustomer service, the exceptional levels of quality thatPicanol is renowned for, and high added value to meetthe needs of our U.S. customers,” said Cyril Guérin,President Picanol of America.The best way to judge how you perform isto simply ask your own customers. Recently,we asked Mr. Doyle Kidd, Vice Presidentpurchasing at Greenwood Mills, what washis opinion about Picanol’s performance. Hisanswer is quite clear: “…In today’s changingmarkets, we are required to run a wide variety ofstyles, many of which we have never attempted to run.It would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, if wecould not call on the expertise and quick response fromthe service technicians at Picanol of America. In myopinion, the service technicians at Picanol of Americacontribute the most in placing the Picanol weavingmachines out front of the other weaving machines onthe market.”Following the sale of Steel Heddle in September2011, Picanol had to look for a new site forits gravity point in Greenville. In June 2012,Picanol of America acquired 18,500 sq. ft.of space at the South Carolina Technology &Aviation Center (SC-TAC) to accommodate aspare part warehouse, a mechanical workshop,a training room, a show room, an electroniclaboratory and an administration department.Picanol of America is a 100% subsidiary of thePicanol Group. It currently employs 19 people.From left to right: Stefaan Haspeslagh, Presidentof the Board of Directors of the Picanol Group,Luc Tack, Managing Director of the Picanol Group,and Cyril Guérin, President of Picanol of America
  11. 11. 10IGATEX 2012 exhibition and SYMATEX roadshow2012 was a very active year for Picanol inPakistan. Sales of both the OptiMax rapierand the new OMNIplus Summum airjetmachines were strong.Picanol strengthened its commitment to thePakistani market last year by participating inthe roadshow organized by the Belgian TextileMachinery Association (SYMATEX) and byparticipating in the IGATEX Textile machineryexhibition in Lahore. The SYMATEX roadshowtook place from 8 to 12 October and coveredthe cities of Karachi, Multan and Lahore. Itshowcased Belgian textile machinery technologyfrom seven companies, with a seminar andB2B meeting sessions. In the seminar Picanol’sweaving machines sales manager TanimChowdhury provided an overview of some of thelatest technical innovations on Picanol weavingmachines. Picanol’s spare parts sales managerRobert Brown and representatives from ourlocal agent, MOONACO, gave additionalinformation on Picanol’s sales and services inPakistan.The IGATEX exhibition in Lahore took placefrom 11 to 14 October and Picanol was glad towelcome many of its customers and prospectsin its dedicated information booth. During theexhibition, Picanol was invited to give a speechat the TEXTALKS Magazine Annual Dinner.Mr. Tanim Chowdhury gave a speech on theparticular considerations and requirementswhen selling textile machines to Pakistanitextile companies. Although Pakistan facesmany severe problems which hamper the textileindustry, entrepreneurs see a clear need to keeptheir operations competitive by using the latesttechnologies.Picanol enjoyed good sales in Pakistan over thelast years. Considering the current enquiries andorder in-take the company is quite optimisticabout the Pakistani market.Picanol NEWSMay 201311
  12. 12. Picanol places great emphasis on thetechnical and service skills of its fieldengineers. In September and again inOctober 2012 it organized two technicalseminars for local service teams all overthe world. The seminars were held at thecompany’s headquarters in Ieper, Belgium,and each lasted a full week. Since therewere two seminars it was possible forlocal service staffs to send some oftheir field engineers at a time, whilemaintaining the required level of servicefor customers.Around 25 field engineers came to Ieperfrom as far afield as the US, Mexico, Brazil,Venezuela, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Egypt,Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Indonesia, Indiaand Pakistan. An incredible mix of languagesand cultures! But everyone got on very welltogether, using English as the shared mediumof communication. In December 2012 Picanolorganized the seminar for its Ieper-based serviceteam and in January 2013 the seminar wasorganized in Suzhou for its China based staff.The topics discussed on these four seminarscovered technical matters as well as serviceaspects. On the technical side, people were taughthow to handle new features and options on ourmachines. Off course, refresher courses were alsogiven so that the engineers could keep theirknowledge up to date.On rapier machines attention focused on theGuided Positive Gripper and the new widemachines (up to 540 cm), which open up newprospects in technical segments such as coatingfabrics, primary and secondary carpet backing andgeogrids. The airjet and electronics people weregiven training in the details of Picanol’s BlueBoxsystem, the advanced new electronics platformfor Picanol weaving machines. On the serviceside, a lot of attention was given to our processesand procedures and the use of our IT platforms.Maintaining the technical and service skills of ourpeople at a high level will ensure that the qualityof the services offered to our customers remains atthe same high standard.Technical seminars for Picanol field engineersPicanol field engineers at the seminar in October 2012The Picanol field engineers team at the seminarin Suzhou in January 2013
  13. 13. 12A lot of time was also devoted to the fieldengineers themselves: during testimonial sessionsthey discussed technical topics with their peers.This might be a particular issue they hadencountered on one of their many customer visits.But it could also be a success story concerning arecent installation. In any case, by telling theirstory the technicians were encouraged to interactand to share their knowledge and experiences intheir job of delivering highly specialized, high-level services.Although our field engineers often work alone inour customers’ mills, they need a good network(a “virtual team”) to share experiences. Duringbreaks and lunches the field engineers were ableto renew old contacts and to form new ones. Onceagain, the technical seminars were a great success.Field engineers from all over the world gathered at the seminarin Ieper in September 2012The Ieper-based service team at the seminar in December 2012Picanol NEWSMay 201313
  14. 14. The Indo-Intertex textiles & textile machineryexhibition was held in Jakarta, Indonesia, from18 to 21 April 2013. Picanol participated in asignificant way with two weaving machines ondisplay, the new OMNIplus Summum airjetmachine and the OptiMax rapier. This was thefirst time that Picanol displayed its high-endairjet and rapier machines at an exhibition inIndonesia. The OMNIplus Summum 190 cmwas shown running a bottomweight article at1,200 rpm, while the OptiMax rapier 190 cmwas shown running a yarn dyed shirting dobbyarticle at 725 rpm.The Picanol booth was the highlight of theshow, considering Picanol was the only high-end weaving machine supplier to be presentwith its own with machines. Picanol operatesa local subsidiary in Indonesia, PT PicanolIndonesia, which sells new Picanol weavingmachines directly and provides after-salessupport for Picanol customers. According toits General Manager, Mr. Tanim Chowdhury,“Picanol’s presence at the exhibition not only allowedus to showcase the latest weaving technology andhigh performance of Picanol weaving machines, butalso is testament to our commitment to the Indonesiantextile industry and our unwavering support for ourcustomers in Indonesia.”Picanol at TecnotextilPicanol was present at the recent Tecnotextil2013 that took place in Sao Paulo, Brazil, from15 to 18 April. 18,600 visitors attended theshow and some of the most important textileplants owners and managers visited the Picanolbooth. We welcomed visitors not only fromBrazil, but also from Argentina and Ecuador.On 16 April, Picanol organized a specialseminar about terry towel weaving to morethan25 executives of various plant from the Brusquecity (Santa Catarina). On attendance on thePicanol Booth were the sales and technical teamof Picanol do Brasil as well as managers fromPicanol NV.Picanol at Indo-IntertexThe Picanol Indonesia teamAttendants at the seminar about terry towel weaving
  15. 15. Please put me on the mailing list for the paper version of Picanol News. Please put me on the e-mailing list for the electronic version of Picanol News.If you want to receive Picanol News, pleasefill in this form and return it to us.Mr./Mrs.:Company:Job title:E-mail address:Postal address:Please fill in and return by mail to Picanol News, Steverlyncklaan 15,8900 Ieper, Belgium or by fax to +32 57 222 001, or send your request andcontact details by e-mail to info@picanol.be.14Picanol obtains AEO certificationAs of December 2012 Picanol is certified asan Authorized Economic Operator (AEO),the European standard for companies thatmeet certain norms for customs inspectionsand financial ratios. The Customs departmentgrants AEO status so as to distinguish betweentrusted consignments on the one hand andunfamiliar consignments on the other. Thismakes it possible to concentrate inspections onthe latter category, which speeds up the entireflow of goods.“Thanks to AEO status we obtain preferentialtreatment from Customs, with fewer physicalinspections and document checks. Where there areinspections we get priority, and enjoy secure storageof our goods,” explains Carl Delaere (OperationsManager Picanol). Picanol is the first weavingmachine manufacturer in Europe to obtain thisstatus. The internationally recognized AEOcertification offers competitive advantages forPicanol, including greater efficiency thanksto shorter transit times, better planningand greater transparency with traceabilitythroughout the logistics chain.Picanol NEWSMay 201315
  16. 16. Picanol News is the newsletterofPicanol nvSteverlyncklaan 15BE-8900 IeperBelgiumTel. + 32 57 222 111Fax + 32 57 222 001www.picanol.bewww.picanolgroup.cominfo@picanol.beChief editor: Erwin DevlooSubscriptions: Picanol News is free; if youwant to be added to our mailing list, pleasefill in the subscription form and return it tous, or subscribe on-line at www.picanol.be.ITS ALLITS ALLITS ALLABOUTABOUTABOUTWINNINGWINNINGWINNINGPicanol has always had, since its existence,one main objective: to help make you“fit to win”. We want to give you all thenecessary tools to be successful in yourmarket and win: machines, services, theknow-how and dedication of our team andour people.We’ve all had tough years to strugglethrough. At Picanol we know the only cureto fight this is to work even harder. Ourmotivation and determination have broughtus to where we stand today.By now our knowledge and expertise is widerand sharper than ever. And it’s to you to takethe advantage.Let’s say we’ve gathered more than enoughfuel to be in pole position. Want to keepahead of the competition? Buckle up!