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Picanol News September 2012


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Newsletter of Picanol focusing on weaving machines

Published in: Technology, Business
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Picanol News September 2012

  1. 1. Picanol NEWS PICANOL NEWS september 2012www.pic Passing away of Emmanuel Steverlynck, p. 2 New HQ for Picanol of America, p. 3 and Picanol India, p. 8 Pushing the limits for energy- efficient weaving, p. 4 5,000th GT-Max, p. 14, and 10,000th OptiMax rapier weaving machine, p. 15
  2. 2. Passing away of Emmanuel Steverlynck The Board of Directors, the Management Committee and the employees of the Picanol Group express their deep sadness following the passing away of Mr. Emmanuel Steverlynck on 14 April 2012. Emmanuel Steverlynck was born in 1922. He was the second son of Charles Steverlynck (1888-1984), who founded Picañol in 1936. In 1952, Emmanuel took over the commercial management of the company and the sales of Picañol weaving machines. Under his leadership and with the help of his father Charles and his brother Bernard Steverlynck (1920-1976), the company overcame all of the difficulties of the early years and became a world player. Familiar with the world of textiles thanks to the family weaving mills in Vichte, and blessed with an enormous commercial talent, Emmanuel succeeded in building up a worldwide sales organization and thus truly putting Picañol on the world map. As an Honorary President of our group he remained connected to the company, its employees and its customers until the very end.
  3. 3. september 2012 Picanol NEWS 2 3Picanol of America moves to new headquartersAfter the sale of Steel Heddle in committed to providing outstanding customerSeptember 2011, Picanol had to look for a service, exceptional Picanol quality, high value, andnew site for its gravity point in Greenville. rapid delivery to meet the needs of our customers inIn June 2012, Picanol of America Inc. the United States.”acquired 18,000 square feet of space at theSouth Carolina Technology & Aviation Picanol’s new operations required the completeCenter (SC-TAC) to accommodate an upfitting of an existing building to provide customexpanded sales, machine repair and space for administrative and sales offices, a trainingreplacement parts operation serving its center for customers and employees, an electronicUnited States markets. and mechanical workshop for equipment repairs and customization, and a warehouse of spare parts“Our goal with this initiative is to send a clear for rapid-response customer support. Upfitting ofsignal about Picanol’s commitment to the North the building is being carried out and the move-in isAmerican marketplace and to our customers here in scheduled for October 2012.the United States, many of whom are concentratedin the South-East and Texas, that we are here tosupport them and to help them grow and prosperas they emerge from the challenges that the textile In addition to this, Picanol’s Brazilian subsidiaryindustry has experienced over the last decade,” said GTP São Paulo will continue its activities under theCyril Guerin, president of Picanol of America at name Picanol do Brasil. This reflects its real vocationthe announcement of the move. “We are absolutely of assisting Picanol customers with sales and services for their Picanol weaving machines. Visit us at Igatex Lahore 11-14 October 2012 Hall 2, booth 294 and 295
  4. 4. ESTOMAD, pushing the limitsfor energy-efficient weavingTogether with a European consortium of Research institutes and engineeringresearch partners, Picanol is developing a companiesnew method for designing machinery with As a partner in the ESTOMAD project, Picanol islower energy consumption. collaborating with the research institutes FMTC (Belgium), KU Leuven (Belgium) and CNR-ITIAImportant from ecological and economic (Italy) and the companies EC Engineering (Poland),point of view FIDIA (Italy), JOBS (Italy) and LMS.ImagineGrowing social awareness of the need for efficient (France) to develop a new method for designingenergy management is leading to increased energy-efficient machinery.pressure to reduce energy consumption in as manydomains as possible. This also applies to weaving Energy as a design parametermachine manufacturers. Demand for machinery The next machine generations will have to includewith "green" labels and low ecological footprint is mechatronic concepts that reduce the ecologicalrising, while energy prices are increasing. The total footprint without losing machine performance.cost of ownership of a machine includes not only However, to improve the energy efficiency ofthe purchase cost but also the maintenance and machines the manufacturers must have a clearoperating costs, and so is substantially influenced by understanding of where energy is consumed or lost,the machines energy consumption. Thus, both from and must be able to reduce the consumption andthe ecological and from the economic point of view, losses by optimizing the control parameters of thethe energy efficiency of the machine is an important machine.performance characteristic that helps to differentiatethe product from the competition. The ESTOMAD project ("Energy Software Tools for Sustainable Machine Design") therefore adds the parameter "energy" to the existing methods for computer-aided design of machinery. This enables the designer to reproduce all the relevant energy OptiMax main drive line Get the most out of your energy
  5. 5. september 2012 Picanol NEWS 4 5Energetic model of the OptiMaxmain drive lineflows in the machine in a simulation environment, Picanol will integrate the knowledge gained withinwhere the energy losses in the machine can be the ESTOMAD project into its new applicationsquantified and analyzed. Furthermore, the energy and developments, so as to remain an innovationefficiency both of a single component and of the leader in energy efficiency as in other machine during a specified work cycle maybe examined. Once this analysis has been done, More information about the ESTOMAD project canalternative ways of reducing the energy consumption be found at be examined and their effect can be easilyevaluated in the simulation environment. In this ESTOMAD is funded by the European Unionway ESTOMAD speeds up the design process. Seventh Framework Program FP7/2007-2013, grant agreement N°247982.OptiMax rapier weaving machine as abenchmarkTo simulate the energy flows in the machine,the energetic behavior of different machinecomponents under varying operational conditionsis implemented in a software environment. The 10% 10%pairing of all the components has to be checked,both during the drafting of the ESTOMAD gearboxmethodology and after the delivery of the projectresults. The Picanol research department therefore 26% 28% sleycontributed a challenging benchmark application 10% 10%in the form of an Optimax rapier weaving machine. 3D mechanismAlthough the overall energy consumption of gearboxOptimax is already low, the forces and energy flows 3D mechanism 26% 28% sleyinside the machine are very high, causing changes in 26%the machine design to immediately produce results dampers 3D mechanism leftthat can be accurately measured. This allows fast Energy consumption 3D mechanism rightand clear evaluation of new steps in the ESTOMAD sub-mechanisms of the26%project. OptiMax main drive line dampers
  6. 6. Picanol atITMA-ASIA +CITME 2012Since 2008, a combined fair known as Barcelona Picanol presented the OptiMax in a‘ITMA ASIA + CITME’ has been held in guided positive gripper version. Although availableChina, scheduled to take place every two in all widths (up to 540 cm), this especially opensyears. This year’s fair took place from 12 to new perspectives in technical segments such as16 June in Shanghai. Picanol presented a coating fabrics, primary and secondary carpetwide variety of weaving machines, both backing, geogrids etc. Other rapier machines onairjet and rapier, at the fair. display were the GT-Max with jacquard and the GTX-plus, both produced in Suzhou.For the first time on the Asian continent the newOMNIplus Summum was shown. This weaving Innovation is a constant at Picanol. An R&D teammachine will be the new platform for further of over 150 researchers works constantly to extenddevelopments in the airjet segment. The main the performance, efficiency, user-friendliness andhighlights of this machine are the new insertion versatility of the Picanol weaving machines, sosystem and the Picanol BlueBox system – the new that the weaving industry can get the most out ofelectronic platform for Picanol machines. its energy, time, material, market and talent. This makes the Picanol machines the most innovative inAs for rapier machines, the highlight was an the world.OptiMax, weaving a technical fabric. At ITMA
  7. 7. september 2012 Picanol NEWS 6 7New insertion system Picanol BlueBoxThe new insertion system of the OMNIplus Summum, Picanol BlueBox is the new electronic platformwith fully electronic pressure regulators, a separate for Picanol weaving machines. It features superiorand integrated air tank for each weaving channel microprocessor performance and memory capacity,and a unique triple air tank set-up for the relay a design constructed to meet the hardest working ITMA Asia + CITME 2012nozzles, offers many advantages in terms of user- conditions, with state-of-the-art components andfriendliness and flexibility. The integrated BlueBox detection technology, remote check-up possibility, aconcept, which translates all the available data modular build-up and offering the user manyinto optimal settings for maximum performance monitoring tools. This new platform is superior toat lowest possible air consumption, allows all this any existing system on the market.without making compromises when it comes toperformance, flexibility and energy.
  8. 8. New HQ forPicanol IndiaAfter reviewing various options, Picanol and major cotton growing area. LocalIndia has gone ahead and purchased new state subsidies for electricity, theoffices at a prime location in the centre of availability of cotton and theNew Delhi, at DLF Tower, Shivaji Marg. The proximity to seaports are some ofofficial inauguration of the new offices the main reasons for high growthtook place on 3 August 2012 in the rates in Maharashtra state.presence of H.E. Mr. Didier Reynders,Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of The South of India is handled byForeign Affairs, Foreign Trade and the regional office in Coimbatore,European Affairs of Belgium, and Mr. Pierre another textile centre with majorVaesen, Ambassador of Belgium to India. spinning mills and other composite mills.Picanol India Private Ltd. has a presence throughout Picanol India has a team of field technicians speciallythe country with a total of 30 people. There trained by Picanol Belgium in installation andare three offices operating a full sales & service trouble-shooting of all airjet and rapier looms, withnetwork from the major cities of Delhi, Mumbai the necessary experience to work independently.and Coimbatore. The company carries out sales Furthermore, they can count on the support fromof Picanol weaving machines, Picanol spare the Belgian Picanol headquarters. There are also fiveparts, GTP frames, Burcklé reeds and complete members of staff for sale of machines, three sales staffservicing of Picanol looms including installation, for spares & accessories, and three service managers,commissioning, trouble-shooting and print repair. one in each of the offices.The head office is located in Delhi, the capital of That fact that Picanol has its own local organizationIndia, and covers textile clusters such as Punjab, for sales and service gives it a distinct advantageHaryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat etc. These regions are over other suppliers in the same field, somethingsome of the main cotton growing states. This office much appreciated by customers. Having its ownhas a repair centre for printed circuit boards serving property in India marks a new milestone in theall Indian customers. history of the company.The regional office in Mumbai serves the importantmarket of Maharashtra state, a very fertile region
  9. 9. september 2012 Picanol NEWSFirst OMNIplus Summum in Indiadelivered to OswalPicanol launched its new OMNIplus In 2012, Oswal placed an order with Picanol forSummum airjet weaving machine at the 200 OMNIplus Summum airjet weaving machines forITMA fair in Barcelona, Spain, in September denim. This is the first OMNIplus Summum order in2011. In August 2012 the first of these India, and one of the largest orders in the world foradvanced airjet weaving machines was these highly innovative weaving machines. Deliveriesdelivered in India to Oswal Denim of the started in August and will continue for the next sixNahar Industrial Group. This delivery was months. 8the first of an order of 200 new OMNIplusSummum weaving machines. Mr. Kamal Oswal declared that Picanol’s best-in- 9 class technology is definitely one of the keys to theirPicanol has been associated with Nahar since 1995, success, keeping them ahead of competition. Thewhen it installed 72 Delta weaving machines for OMNIplus Summum, the new world standard inthem. Several other Picanol machine types followed airjet weaving technology, will contribute to thein the next few years. At the Nahar plant in Lalru, further growth of the Nahar Group. We at Picanolmore than 310 Picanol looms now weave top-class are proud to be associated with this very successfulshirting fabrics at a rate of 150,000 meters of fabric player in the Indian textile industry.every day. At the Oswal denim plants in Lalru andin Bhopal, Nahar uses OMNIplus airjet machines toproduce denim cloth. Nahar weaves about 26 millionmeters of denim every year, which will be increasedto 40 million meters by the end of 2012.Luc Tack, Managing Director of Picanol,hands over a memento to Mr. Kamal Oswal,vice-chairman of Nahar Industrial Group
  10. 10. Picanol at ITM Texpo Eurasia 2012The fourth International Textile Machinery are increasingly important. This means that oldExhibition was held from 21 to 24 April in equipment has to be replaced, which is what TurkishIstanbul, Turkey. For the first time this event textile manufacturers are doing.teamed up with the annual Texpo EurasiaInternational Textile, Weaving, Yarn, The ITM Texpo Eurasia 2012 Exhibition once moreFinishing, Knitting, Hosiery Machines, Side proved that Turkey is a textile country. In order toIndustries and Chemicals Exhibition. The meet demand and keep pace with the developmentscombined event is now named ITM Texpo in the world, Turkish weavers are renewing theirEurasia 2012. As Turkey is currently one of production equipment in a big way. In the past,the world’s leading textile investment Turkey mainly catered for the mass market, butcountries, Picanol naturally took the nowadays it has a reputation for high quality andopportunity to show off its advanced innovative, niche products.weaving systems at this importantexhibition. Picanol values the Turkish market highly and has been present with its own local organization for years,The Turkish textile industry has been one of the providing the right products for the Turkish textilequickest to recover after the worldwide recession. industry. As a result, it was able to make several largeEspecially in Turkey, the investments that stalled deals for new machine projects at ITM.during the recession picked up again at the end of2011, increased in 2012 and are now going strong.They are driven in particular by textile manufacturersseeking new technologies to meet more varieddemand. Nowadays speed, low cost, efficient useof resources and environment-friendly technology
  11. 11. september 2012 Picanol NEWSBelgian customer day in Ieper 10 11On 22 March Picanol welcomed a large (up to 5.40 m) OptiMax positive rapier machinegroup of local weavers at its headquarters premiered at ITMA Barcelona once more stolein Ieper, Belgium. Due to the hectic crowd the show, along with various features such as theat the Picanol stand during ITMA DWC (direct warp control) backrest, the EcofillBarcelona we were worried about not no-left-hand-waste system, and the EFT (electronicgiving enough attention to our own filling tensioner). And of course the latest star ofdomestic customers. To make up for this Picanol technology, the OMNIplus Summum airjetwe decided to give them the opportunity machine was presented in detail. After a guided tourof discovering the new features presented of the production facilities there was a technicalat ITMA, combined with a guided tour of presentation and a chance to view the variousour facilities. machines in the demonstration room.The response was wide and highly varied, with To round off the day in a friendly fashion therevisitors including technical weavers and interior was time to chat over snacks and a beer, whereweavers as well as textile professors and technical both customers and their Picanol attendants couldsupervisors. They came from rapier and airjet socialize.weaving mills, both Picanol and non-Picanolcustomers. It was a unique chance for them to getinformed on the new Picanol products. The wide
  12. 12. Chinese Ambassadorvisits Picanol headquartersOn Thursday, November 24, 2011 we were own manufacturing and service operations in thehonored with a visit by H.E. Liao Liqiang, the People’s Ambassador of the People’s Republic ofChina to Belgium. In his speech of welcome, During his first official visit Ambassador Liao wasManaging Director Luc Tack emphasized given a guided tour of our production facility inPicanols close links with Chinese industry Ieper, where he was able to see among other thingsstretching back over many decades. Indeed, the assembly hall and demonstration room.Picanol is a leading supplier of weavingmachines to Chinese textile companies. We take this opportunity of thanking the ambassador for his visit and for the interest that heAs far back as the early 1950s, when China was has shown in us, and look forward to many morestill emerging from many years of war and heroic decades of beneficial collaboration and profitablestruggle, the Picanol management was well aware growth in China.that the Chinese textile industry was potentiallythe greatest on earth and would eventually assumeworldwide significance. The company now has its
  13. 13. september 2012 Picanol NEWSBangladesh,strong in textilesSeminar in Dhaka, 19 MarchThe region of Bengal was historically the After a short break, Picanol took the floor. Startingsource of rich silk fabrics and the cotton that with a company profile, special attention was given tofuelled the industrial revolution. Today, the new features recently introduced on the OptiMaxtextiles are still the greatest source of (wide 540 cm OptiMax, Positive Guided Gripper,economic growth for Bangladesh, and the Direct Warp Control, Ecofill and Electronic Fillingcapital Dhaka is the centre of textile Tensioner). The presentation ended with the Omniplusproduction. Summum, our latest airjet machine, introduced 12 at ITMA Barcelona last October. By that time theOn 19 March Picanol held a seminar organized jointly audience had grown to over 200 people. 13in Dhaka with Stäubli and Seydel International. Thelink between these companies is our common agent The seminar as such was a good opportunity for directSpintex Technology Ltd. which represents us in this interaction with many of our customers. All organizingcountry. The chosen venue for the seminar was the participants were very pleased with the attendance byRadisson Blu Water Garden hotel in Dhaka, near the existing and potential customers. Many people hadinternational airport. travelled for hours to be part of this seminar. After the technical presentations there was plenty of time for aThe seminar opened at 5 p.m. with a welcome speech chat over dinner and drinks, and the session closed atby Mr. Abu Sayeed, managing director of Spintex. First around 10 line to give the technical presentation was SeydelInternational, an American company well known With the participation of Picanol and other textilein the textile world for its full range of chemicals in technology leaders such as Stäubli and Seydelall fields of application related to textiles. Stäubli’s International, Bangladesh will continue to be a majorpresentation was twofold, dealing first with all force in the fabric industry for many years to come.machinery involved in weaving preparation (knotting,leasing and drawing-in machines) and secondly aspecific presentation on jacquard weaving.
  14. 14. Visit us at INDIA ITME 2012 2-7 December Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre Mumbai5,000th GT-Max delivered to Chuangfeng, ChinaIn May 2012, Picanol installed its 5,000th GT-Max The delivery to Chuangfeng was celebrated withrapier weaving machine in China – a denim execution a banquet in which some 80 PST customersdelivered to Chuangfeng Textile Co., Ltd. This is located in Xintang, one of the majordenim producing areas in China. Chuangfengcurrently runs 84 GT-Max looms and has ordered The photo depicts, from left to right, Mr Zhang (Head of theanother 84, which will be installed by August 2012. Xintang Branch of Guangdong Rural Commercial Bank, which provides financing for Chuangfengs GT-Max project), Mr Liu Ming (General Manager of Picanol Suzhou Machinery Co.), and Mr. Xie Jianqiu (General Manager and owner of the Chuangfeng factory).
  15. 15. september 2012 Picanol NEWS 10,000th OptiMax rapier weaving machine 14 15 From left to right: Luc tack (Managing Director Picanol), Johan Verstraete (Vice President Marketing, Sales & Service), Ghislain Delombaerde (Area Service Manager), Kurt Lamkowski (Customer Relationship Team Manager) and Stefaan Haspeslagh (Chairman Board of Directors) posing in front of the 10,000th OptiMax weaving machine produced in Ieper, Belgium If you want to receive Picanol News, please fill in this form and return it to us. Mr./Mrs.: Company: Job title: E-mail address: Postal address: Please fill in and return by mail to Picanol News, Steverlyncklaan 15, 8900 Ieper, Belgium or by fax to +32 57 222 001, or send your request and contact details by e-mail to Please put me on the mailing list for the paper version of Picanol News. Please put me on the e-mailing list for the electronic version of Picanol News.
  16. 16. ITS ALLABOUTWINNINGPicanol has always had, since its existence,one main objective: to help make you“fit to win”. We want to give you all thenecessary tools to be successful in yourmarket and win: machines, services, theknow-how and dedication of our team andour people.We’ve all had tough years to strugglethrough. At Picanol we know the only cureto fight this is to work even harder. Ourmotivation and determination have broughtus to where we stand today.By now our knowledge and expertise is widerand sharper than ever. And it’s to you to takethe advantage. Picanol News is the newsletterLet’s say we’ve gathered more than enough offuel to be in pole position. Want to keep Picanol nvahead of the competition? Buckle up! Steverlyncklaan 15 BE-8900 Ieper Belgium Tel. + 32 57 222 111 Fax + 32 57 222 001 Chief editor: Erwin Devloo Subscriptions: Picanol News is free; if you want to be added to our mailing list, please fill in the subscription form and return it to us, or subscribe on-line at