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Performics Presidential Election Candidates Infographic


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Twitter Statistics and Data for 2016 Presidential Candidates

Published in: News & Politics
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Performics Presidential Election Candidates Infographic

  1. 1. 2ND MOST ENGAGING (comments on competitors) BUSHLESSIGHUCKABEECRUZFIORINAPAUL 1ST MOST ENGAGING (conversational -style) SANDERSCARSONRUBIO 3RD MOST ENGAGING (varied posts including Spanish & gifs) CLINTON 929,19123% NUMBER OF TWITTER FOLLOWERS AND INCREASE SINCE JULY 843,659129% 791,381605% 705,94111% 607,10962% 556,83731% 419,72613% 356,4850.5% 354,61562% 4,586,13821% 4,696,09752% Who’s winning the Twitter Race? TAXE S IM M IGRATION SAME-SEX MARRIAGE EDUCATION - 2% ECONOMY - 1% TRUMP CLINTON RUBIO CARSON SANDERS PAUL FIORINA CRUZ HUCKABEE LESSIG BUSH Huge and Divisive Trump comments more on IMMIGRATION than any other GOP candidate, and sporadically mentions TAXES in response to other candidates. Sanders shares timely commentary on topics at the same rate the US population discusses them. He frequently comments on TAXES, IMMIGRATION, and the ECONOMY. Covering all Bases Clinton touches on all the major topics of interest, reinforcing her stand on SAME-SEX MARRIAGE, the ECONOMY, and IMMIGRATION – often in English and Spanish. Laser-Focused Paul keeps his commentary primarily focused on TAXES and the ECONOMY, with a nod to IMMIGRATION in response to Twitter users. Ground to Cover People are hardly tweeting at Lessig about any of the major topics, with Lessig mainly addressing TAXES. Small and Managed Plays to His Strengths Like other GOP candidates Bush reinforces his stand on TAXES and IMMIGRATION but differentiates himself as one of the few GOPs discussing ECONOMY. Man of the People? Despite people tweeting at Rubio about immigration more than other topics, he doesn't bite - among the major topics discussed, Rubio only posts about TAXES. Silence is Golden Though he doesn’t tweet often, he keeps topics varied – one of the few GOP candidates also posting about SAME SEX MARRIAGE in addition to the ECONOMY and IMMIGRATION. Knows His Audience 48 % 17% 31% Top Candidate Chatter on Twitter These candidates are hardly tweeting about the main topics people discuss; keeping the conversation mostly to TAXES and occasionally IMMIGRATION. § Source: Social listening around candidates and main topics of concern among the US Population. *Sources include Brandwatch and Socialtools. Socialtools is a global proprietary app deployed by Performics as part of Publicis Groupe to extract insights and create benchmarks to build presence in the social space and drive high-performing brand experiences. Twitter data from July 1, 2015 – October 31, 2015. Note: Some candidates have been omitted due to insufficient volume for analysis. 2ND MOST ENGAGING (comments on competitors) TRUMP Top US Population Chatter on Twitter