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Social buzz around U.S Elections 2012 [SERIES]


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Contributing to the intense discussion and debate around the U.S Presidential elections 2012, our weekly analysis on the social buzz around the candidates running for president

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Social buzz around U.S Elections 2012 [SERIES]

  1. 1. Social buzz around U.S Presidential elections 2012[SERIES]Analysis of the social media buzz for candidates running forPresident between 22nd Dec to 28th Dec 2011
  2. 2. Candidates Analysed*… BARACK OBAMA RICK PERRY NEWT GINGRICH MITT ROMNEY RON PAUL MICHELE BACHMAN*Candidates were chosen purely on the basis of maximum social buzz
  3. 3. BarackObama, who 9%flaunts a figureof 24, 345, 887 31% 11% Michele Bachmann Newt Gingrichfans on Ron PaulFacebook also Rick Perryhad maximum 21% Mitt Romneyshare of 17% Barack Obamaconversation at 11%31%, followedby Ron Paul at21% Overall Share-of-voice
  4. 4. Chatter across social media sites declined consistently till 25thDecember, 2011 which marks a turning point since the chattershot up subsequent to that 3500 3000 2500 Michele Bachmann 2000 Newt Gingrich Ron Paul 1500 Rick Perry Mitt Romney 1000 Barack Obama 500 0 22-Dec 23-Dec 24-Dec 25-Dec 26-Dec 27-Dec 28-Dec Day-wise break-up of chatterSocial buzz for Barack Obama was consistently higher forall the seven days, as compared to the other five candidates
  5. 5. Compared to other100% channels, blogs and90% videos attract80%70% comparatively lesser60% Social Networks discussions around the50% Forums U.S elections40% Images30% Blogs20% Videos News contributed10% News significantly to online 0% Microblogging discussions around the six candidates, all except Barack Obama for whom predominantly Break-up of chatter across channels microblogs such as Twitter contributed toRon Paul , most popular in social networks such as the overall chatterFacebook compared to his contenders who had insignificantbuzz compared to him
  6. 6. Underlying sentiment behind online conversations gives insightinto the perceptions of people… 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% Neutral 50% Negative 40% Positive 30% 20% 10% 0% Newt Michele Ron paul Rick Perry Mitt Romney Barack Gingrich Bachmann Obama Break-up of sentiment Conversations about Newt Gingrich mostly neutral by sentiment, with a minoramount of negative commentsThe negative comments around Michele Bachmann outnumbered the positive onesRon Paul garnered mixed sentiments since the volume of positive and negativecomments were almost the same Surprisingly large amount of positive chatter about Rick Perry, which is consideringnegativity aroused due to alleged anti-homosexuality advertisement endorsed by him
  7. 7. Incident when Gingrich told ‘gay’ people to vote for Obama instead of him was a popular topic of discussion pertaining to him. Other topics include ‘Iowa’ and ‘Romney’ who happen to be hisTopical Trends for Newt Gingrich competitors Michele Bachmann’s toughest competitors as reflected by the topical trends happen to be Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Rick Perry and Mitt RomneyTopical Trends for Michele Bachmann
  8. 8. Sizes of trends ‘love’ and ‘hate’ the same conveying mixed emotions about candidate Ron Paul Negative sentiment around him attributed to newsletters sent out Topical Trends for Ron Paul under his name allegedly containing racist undercurrents Rick Perry’s new stance on abortion, a crucial topic of discussion His primary competitors as perceived by people include Newt Gingrich and Rick PerryTopical Trends for Rick Perry
  9. 9. Mitt Romney unwillingness to release his ‘tax’ returns was a popular topic of discussion Another interesting trend to be noted is ‘Gingrich’, who capitalised on this and Topical Trends for Mitt Romney openly attached Mitt Romney for doing so Barack Obama’s last minute christmas plans were also discussed by a curious and intrigued audience onlineTopical Trends for Barack Obama
  10. 10. Last week, Democrat candidate Obama was the mostpopular across social media sites, with maximum buzzcontributed through microblogsCatch our update for next week as we analyse the socialbuzz around your favourite candidates…
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