Marketing Automation & CRM: Terrible Twosome or Dynamic Duo?


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No matter where you are in your marketing automation/CRM lifecycle, whether beginning your search, choosing a system, implementing and integrating or utilizing already existing systems, this webinar is presented with you in mind!
- Choosing a New System – Learn how to give your current process a thorough “once-over” and use this information to establish your shopping list
- Implementing / Integrating a System – Learn what to do – after you’ve made the big purchase
- Optimizing an Existing System – Learn how to maximize your current process approach and bring marketing and sales together – how to play “nice” and get things done

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Marketing Automation & CRM: Terrible Twosome or Dynamic Duo?

  1. 1. CRM and Marketing Automation: 
Dynamic Duo or Terrible Twosome?!
Presenter: Kathryn Honderd, Client Services Manager"
  2. 2. A Little About Me"•  #10 employee at Pardot"•  5 years of CRM &Marketing Automation"•  Ironman WorldChampionship (Kona, HI)"
  3. 3. What will we talk about today?"•  Evaluation"–  Your mission"–  What to look for in a sidekick"•  Implementation"–  Plan of attack"–  Keys to success"•  Optimization"–  Stay vigilant"–  Empower sales"–  X-ray vision through reporting"
  4. 4. Finding Your Partner In Crime…"The Evaluation !
  5. 5. The Team"•  Who needs to be involved? "–  Sales"–  Marketing"–  CRM Admin"–  IT"–  Client Services"–  Big Boss"–  Finance""
  6. 6. Identify Your Mission"•  What are your goals?"•  What are the company’s goals?"•  What are other people’s goals?"""**Superhero Hint: rank them**!!
  7. 7. Sales & Marketing Alignment Begins…"•  Questions to ask"–  Goals or concerns about marketing automation?"–  How would sales want to use/interact with it?"–  What is a qualified lead?"•  Data to review"–  Won deals – where did the leads come from? "–  CRM reports – where are the gaps? "
  8. 8. State of Affairs"•  Start with goals…THEN look at current process""
  9. 9. Dynamic Duo Checklist #1"q  When is a lead assigned & why?"q  What does the “handoff” look like?"q  How does sales follow up with leads?"q  What if they aren’t ready to buy?"q  What data are you collecting?"q  What data is mission critical?"q  How are your sales reps using the CRM?"q  Who else uses the CRM & how?"q  What are you reporting on?"q  What custom set ups or workflows do you use?"q  Other tools or integrations with your CRM?"
  10. 10. Ask The Hard Questions"•  Why do we do it this way?"•  Where can it be improved?"•  What’s working? (And what’s not?)"•  How do we want it to work?"•  How do we measure success? "•  What are we going to report on?"
  11. 11. Wants"•  100% accurate address info"•  Swanky interface"•  Lead assignment happensexactly how you picture it"•  Mobile app"•  Instantaneous syncing"•  Every report"""Needs"•  First name, last name"•  Working interface"•  Lead is assigned to correctperson"•  Alerts to reps"•  Speedy syncing"•  Certain reports"**Superhero  Hint:  You  MUST  have  some  nego8ables!**  Wants vs. Needs"
  12. 12. Sidekick Considerations"•  CRM campaign sync"•  X-ray vision"•  Webinar connector"•  Real time alerts"•  Flame throwing"•  Custom integrations"•  Invincibility"•  Location look up"•  Data validation options"•  Reporting"•  Superstrength"•  Individuals or companies"•  Email sending by sales"•  Morphing"
  13. 13. Terrible Twosome vs. Dynamic Duo"< 90%"> 90% "
  14. 14. Dynamic Duo Checklist #2"q  What version/type/plan of CRM do you have?"q  What plan/package of Marketing Automation is needed? "q  Set up? ""q  How long?"q  Who helps?"q  Documentation? "q  Additional cost?"q  De-duplication?"q  What syncs? Modules, data, fields…"q  What does “sync” mean? "q  Screenshots, please!"
  15. 15. Harnessing Your Superpower"The Implementation!
  16. 16. Spoiler Alert: Not This Easy"      
  17. 17. Sales & Marketing Alignment: The Sequel"•  What really makes a qualified lead?"–  Anecdotal"–  Look at won deals"–  Assigned leads with no follow up"•  What data does sales need? "•  What new data could sales leverage?"•  When and how to nurture?"•  Data delivery"–  Within CRM or marketing automation tool?"–  Fields or embedded?"–  Email or real time notifications? "–  Mobile app? Phone call alerts?"–  CRM tasks? "
  18. 18. Mobilize The Team"•  Who needs to be included?"•  What are you responsible for?"•  What is your vendor and/orimplementer responsible for?"
  19. 19. Hatch Your Plan"•  Revisit your mission"•  Rank from most important toleast important"•  Give a rating"–  Urgency or deadlines"–  Amount of work needed"–  Complexity"–  Value to company/expected ROI"
  20. 20. Consult Your Vendor""""""""""""**Superhero Hint: They are usually right.**""
  21. 21. Map It Out"•  Overall lead flow betweenMarketing & Sales "•  CRM & MarketingAutomation specific"** Superhero Hint: Get visual – whiteboard, Visio, napkin**"  
  22. 22. No, but seriously…"
  23. 23. Flowchart: Dynamic Duo Example"Win  Deal  Opportunity  Pay-per-click"SEO"Trade show"Webinars"Forms"Emails"Lead  Genera3on  &  Marke3ng  Automa3on  Cold Lead "Score <100"  Hot Lead"Score >100"Nurture"Marke3ng  Automa3on   CRM  
  24. 24. Dynamic Duo Checklist #3"q  Which system will be the master?"q  What fields and modules sync?"q  How do you configure or map the syncing?"q  How does lead assignment and ownership work?"q  What happens on the initial sync? "q  How will it work after that? "
  25. 25. But Bad Data Is Still Trapped Inside…"This  is  not  what  I  meant  by  data  cleanup  
  26. 26. It’s Time To Clean Up This Town…"**Superhero Tip: The Super-Intern**"
  27. 27. Action Plan: Going Live"•  Do it in phases"•  What is going happen?"•  Who does what?"•  What order?"•  When is this magic taking place?!"
  28. 28. Communicate The Plan"•  Visual, written, verbal"•  Dates"•  Benefits to the company"•  Benefits to individuals/teams"•  Changes to expect"•  Big picture & details depending on personnel"
  29. 29. 3…2…1…Blastoff!"•  Phase 1"–  Show value asap"–  Sales buy-in"–  Only 1 first impression"–  General/broad is okay"•  Phase 2"–  Advanced scoring"–  Deeper segmentation"–  More drip programs"–  More granular ROI reporting"
  30. 30. Be Brave!"•  0% of integrations are perfect"•  100% of integrations thatdon’t happen are not helpful"•  Time = money"•  Start somewhere"
  31. 31. To Infinity…and Beyond!"The Optimization!
  32. 32. Return To Your Roots"•  Nurture your team for feedback"•  Evaluate every 3-6 mo"•  Use fresh eyes"•  Account audit"•  New features"•  Put it on your calendar NOW!"
  33. 33. Sales and Marketing Alignment: Part Three"•  How are the leads?"•  Favorites vs left behind"•  What is closing?"•  Nurturing needs"•  Content suggestions"•  Meeting swap"
  34. 34. Superpower: Sales Engagement"•  Sales = best budget advocate"•  Sales = world’s greatest efficiency test"•  What are they using? "•  What are they not using?"•  And…WHY?"""
  35. 35. Superpower: Sales Enablement"•  But my sales team isn’t using it…"–  Adjust the process or set up"–  Train them (again)"–  Train one rep à more $$ is contagious"•  Sales = world’s greatest evangelist"
  36. 36. Stay Vigilant (With Your Data) "•  Better form experience = more accurate data"–  Error messages in real time"–  Fewer form fields, progressive profiling, conditional fields"–  Validate email addresses"–  Dropdowns"•  Import Validation"•  Internal Data Guidelines"•  Required Fields & Dropdowns"•  Data Cleanup Tools ""**Superhero Hint: Team effort – must use CRM and Marketing Automation Tool** "
  37. 37. X-Ray Vision Through Reporting"
  38. 38. Questions?"
  39. 39. Contact Info!Kathryn Honderd"Client Services Manager"  @PardotKathryn  """""Pardot™, An ExactTarget® Company
950 East Paces Ferry Road, Suite 300, Atlanta, Georgia 30326"  404.492.6845 | 877.3B2B.ROI |"